Turdas, 21st Last Seed, 4th Era

Giants, Mammoths, and Bandits oh my…

I awaken to the sound of Karita singing. As if I needed a headache to go with my body being sore from my skirmish with the imposter legionaries. Aside from her screeching and sore muscles, I am feeling rather good. I think today will be a good day, well as good as they can get seeing as Skyrim is trying to kill me.

I walk over to Thoring to get my breakfast, interestingly enough his prices have gotten better. I wonder what has gotten into him. In any case, I am starving and his prices while better are still extremely overly high. I buy my breakfast and some items for lunch and head back into my room to eat. Now would be a good time to figure out what I am going to do with my day and the stuff I got off the orcs’ imposter gang.

While I eat I look through my bag and see what all I…erm…liberated, yeah that’s the ticket liberated. Oh! A longbow; now if I had some arrows I could go hunting.  This is some nice armor but I would feel bad if I used it, I should at least try to hand it into the authorities. Well at least now I think I have a plan; I’ll head over to the authorities and try to drop off this armor. Then I will head to the blacksmith and see if I can afford arrows because I am keeping this bow….and these bracers….and this leather helmet.

I walk outside and am surprised. It is a nice day out, no harsh wind smacking me in the face, very little snow. Maybe Skyrim has decided I am no longer worth its time. I walk down the road to the Dawnstar Barracks; I try to speak to the guards about this armor but they don’t seem interested. I decided I should probably talk to the count if there is a count in this small village; I am sure someone has to be in charge. Before I leave one of the guards warns me about some giants roaming around some area, like I know where the hell anything is but thanks I’ll keep an eye out. Giants yeah sure whatever.

I make my way down the road a bit more and come to the White Hall. This is the place I saw those old people arguing, I bet the count lives here. Before I can walk in the guard tells me they wished more bandits would attack. Well, that’s just being a bad guard, wanting your village to be attacked, bad guard, that’s a bad guard.

Bandit raids are not Cow Bell you do not need more of them! Bad Guard!

I walk in and bingo, an old man on a throne wearing a goofy crown. If that doesn’t say I’m in charge, nothing does. I walk up to him and he tells me he is Jarl Skald,  that’s an odd first name but whatever.

That is a lovely circlet you have their ma’am…I MEANT SIR!

I try to tell him about the incident and the armor I have in my bag but rather rudely he tells me that unless I am here to fix the nightmares he won’t speak to me. Again with the nightmare stuff? Seriously? I tell Jarl the same thing I told Erandur, talk to that Dragonborn guy about it not me. He just ignores me and carries on with his conversation to his housekeeper.

Well the count, if you can call him that, was no help, now what? I walk by a door and I notice a woman at a counter, behind her are some potions. What is this a gift shop; I should check it out. I walk in and introduce myself. She nods and tells me her name is Madena, she is the court wizard, that’s cool, so, that is a no to the gift shop. I notice she will sell me stuff I wonder if I can sell these gems I have; every little bit helps.

One “I went to Dawnstar and all I got was this crappy T-shirt!” please…What? You say you’re a wizard? That’s fine, I’ll wait while you conjure one up.

I show her the gems and she tells me she won’t buy them. Guess I am stuck with them for a while, oh well it was worth a shot. I notice she sells spells and such, I’ll keep note of that just in case I need something like that. Oddly enough she doesn’t sell the potions I see behind her, I guess I have no choice but to talk to that old lady in the alchemy shop. I’ll do that later, much…much later.

Well, no one is interested in me returning this stuff, I suppose I could sell it, and I was going to see Rustlief about some arrows anyway. I’ll kill two birds with one stone so to speak. I step outside and get hit in the face by a gust of snowy wind. Well, I guess Skyrim just wanted to sleep in; the weather has gotten bad again. I bundle up in my cloak and start to walk to the blacksmith’s shop.

I pass Beitild, she reminds me how good a friend I am to her… creepy. I would stop at the smelter to warm up a bit but she is starting to freak me out a bit. I continue down the path to Rustliefs’ shop passing the Alchemy shop, I really do need to stop in for some potions but that old lady just pissed me off; I don’t wanna see her or give her any of my business.

I make it to Rustliefs’ shop and take a look at his wares. Wow, he dropped his prices as well; maybe everyone just needed to get to know me. Even with a discount, he is still pretty expensive, let’s see if I can get a good deal on this stuff or not. I haggle with Rustlief a bit and we come to an agreement on the wares. I still feel I am getting the raw end of the deal here but he is the only merchant in town I can sell this stuff too. I make a good bit of coin though so I can afford to buy some iron arrows. I would get the steel but I just can’t justify the extra gold; especially when I know I will be missing a lot. I look through the rest of his wares, I would love to buy a shield but it is way too overpriced.

I put the twenty-five arrows in my bag, I look up to the check the position of the sun. It will be noon in a couple of hours. I was really hoping to get some hunting in today but I am not sure it will happen. No, I said I was going to hunt today and hunt I shall. If  I fail I fail but if I don’t try it will be a wasted day. I still have enough for a little bit of food and a room even if I do fail, so no harm in trying.

I make ready my bow and arrows and head up the path that leads out of the city. I see the horse and carriage and I know I am almost out of the city. I take a look back and do a mental check to make sure I am not leaving anything important. I make my way out into the frozen wasteland of Skyrim.

I have been walking for what seems like forever, but I know it has only been an hour maybe. The cold plays tricks with you like that. I continue on and notice in the distance there seems to be something going on.

Are those? Nah can’t be…can it?

Holy crap are those giants? And a Mammoth? Wow, that guard wasn’t joking around. They seem to be chasing after something. I crouch down and get a little closer, it looks like they killed something. I wonder what it was.

I watch as the giants slam the ground with their massive clubs of doom. They rush after something else, now is my time to investigate. I slowly walk over to where they were. It’s a bandit! They killed a bandit, I guess he tried to rob them, stupid bandit.

I guess no one ever told you that playing with Giants is a good way to contract a bad case of death.

I look through his belongings to see if he has any way of identifying him. Oh, arrows! And some weapons too. No sense in leaving these here to freeze I can use them. I strip the Bandit of his weaponry and go see where the giants are.

I peer around a tree and notice the giants have killed what looks like to be three more bandits. What the hell? Did these bandits really think mugging a couple of giants was such a good idea?

They can’t see me right? I R stealthy!

I look over and I see the mammoth seems to be guarding something. I get a little closer, another bandit, so not only did the giants kill four bandits but the mammoth killed one as well. The best I can figure is the five bandits were severely brain-damaged and decided to end their lives by trying to mug two giants and a mammoth. The intelligence of that plan is amazing.

I hear the mammoth roar, or whatever it is that mammoths do and I realize it is looking directly at me. Something tells me it isn’t looking for peanuts. As it raises its trunk I see the two giants looking at me as well. I’ll just back away slowly and…..RUN.

I high tail it out of their and back to town, leaving a trail of yellow snow behind me. I do not stop to chat with anyone I just run straight for the Inn. I get into the Inn and I go straight to the fire to warm up and thaw out. I wasn’t careful at all, I didn’t notice it at the time but I was close to becoming a Zander icicle. I can thank the giants and the mammoth for scaring the bejeebus out of me making me run back here.

I should stay here and thaw out a little, eat some lunch and head back out. I want to head back out because, well even though I got some weaponry I can sell from the bandit that had his skull crushed in, I didn’t even get a chance to try to hunt, I need to try or this whole day will have been a waste.

I head back out, following the same path I took last time. I come upon the giants again, I think they are waiting to see if I come back. Which I have but they don’t see me, I see one of the bandits far enough away from them I might be able to get to him without being seen, at least I hope that’s what happens. I slowly make my way to the bandit and search him quietly. Wow this guy must have been important he has a lot of stuff I can use.

It has been a rough day huh guy? Don’t worry your loss is my gain.

Normally I would feel really bad about this but he was a bandit, and they tend to be ass hats anyway. I take all his stuff and slowly back away from the two giants and mammoth. I continue on, I need to find something out here, you know besides certain death by a giant.

After a little while, I come across a campsite; it seems abandoned and I am getting cold; I think I will warm myself up here for a while. I notice a chest and a bedroll. I wonder who this belongs to. I am startled by the sound of rustling leaves nearby. I draw my sword and turn and I see…wild horses? Well, at least I found something. I am not sure hunting horses is something I want to do though.

Wild Horses are Wild.

I watch the horses playing and I know I should try to at least take one but they seem so happy. Well, this is just peachy. I guess today just wasn’t a good day. I stay near the fire for a little while longer and warm up. I should probably head back, I just hate giving up but the wind is picking up more and more and I really do not want to be stuck out here. I decide to head back, but I want to take a different route so I head towards the coastline. I leave the warm fire and make my way towards the coast.

Goodbye mysteriously abandoned campsite, I hardly knew ye.

Taking this route paid off; I spot a couple of wolves. I am going to have to approach this more cautiously than I did a few days ago, even though there is one less wolf to worry about, I don’t want to underestimate them.

I know you can’t see the wolves but I can and they look hungry!

I crouch down and ready my bow, I take aim as best as I can and I let loose an arrow. I hear the wolf yelp, I hit it and from the sound of that yelp I hit it hard. I stand and gather my sword and dagger as they charge me. The one I hit is mad and lunges for my throat, I swiftly dispatch it.

The other one keeps circling me, apparently, something has been teaching the wolf tactics…I hope it didn’t learn this from watching me yesterday.

HAVE AT THEE! OW, OW, OW, no fair biting!

I slash at it with all I have, trying my best not to become a Wolfie snack. It lunges at me quickly and before I know it my foot is in the air kicking it I take advantage and chop at its head killing it.


This day wasn’t wasted after all; I kneel on the blood-soaked ground and skin the wolves with my dagger. This is great I feel like a real hunter now. I managed to skin both wolves for their hide; I bet I can get Seren or Rustlief to teach me how to make these into strips. There is no time to really celebrate, the wind is picking up and it is getting colder, judging from the position of the sun I would say there are only a few hours until dark. Definitely, time to head back to Dawnstar.

I follow the coast to Dawnstar, I notice some interesting grass so I pick it as I walk along the coastline. I also make a mental note of the different rocks I could potentially use to mine some ore from.

Today wasn’t as big of a waste as I thought it would be a few hours ago, all in all, it did turn out to be a decent day. You know if you don’t mind being terrified by a couple of giants and a mammoth.

I finally make it back to Dawnstar, just in time too; the sun will be completely set in a little less than an hour. I should get some food I am quite hungry, I wish I could have carved some meat off those wolves but I can’t quite figure out how without ruining the meat, oh well I will figure it out someday I guess. I go over to Thoring buy my dinner and refill my water and head to my room for some privacy.

I sit and I grab a light snack and some water to wash it down with. I feel different, my joints hurt and I am stiff. Oh well, I will just chalk it up to being in the cold weather all day, I am certain I will be fine tomorrow. I dig through my bags and spread everything I found out on the floor, time to take note of what I have to sell and what I will keep. Who knows if I can hurry maybe I can make it to Rustliefs’ before he closes up for the day.

This armor is nice, I will keep it, it is better than the fur I am wearing. Let’s see an extra dagger I can sell that along with one of the shields. Ok, I think I have a rough idea about what I want to keep and what I can sell. Now to just try this stuff on to make sure everything fits.

Feeling all manly and making Iron look good.

It’s a bit rustic but it all fits well enough, though I am still going to keep my walking around clothes; I don’t need the guards thinking I am raiding the place, that could get ugly.

I put on my casual clothes and store my new armor in the dresser so I don’t get tempted to sell it at Rustliefs’ shop. I walk out of the Windpeak Inn and make my way to Rustliefs’. I get there and speak with Seren, she asks if I am feeling well. I tell her aside from the stiffness and soreness I feel fine, she looks concerned. I ask if they are still open they assure me they are. I take a look at their stock and sell off everything I came to sell, still getting a pretty raw deal but somehow I think I am communicating with everyone better.

I was going to ask Rustlief if he could show me how to turn the pelts I have into leather strips, but as it turns out he was already doing that so I just watched and listened to him as he complained about the nightmares again. I am really starting to get annoyed, if everyone is so upset why don’t they do something about it themselves instead of waiting for some adventurer or mythical savior to help them. Rustlief finishes up and I mimic what he did, I must be pretty good at this I turned those two pelts into eight strips in no time at all.

The sun has gone down and Rustlief and Seren head inside closing their shop. Time to head to the Inn; I need to make a plan of attack so to speak about what to do tomorrow. I make my way up to the Inn and I see Abelone sitting outside talking to someone, I overhear her tell the man she works for Thoring as I walk into the Inn.

That’s right I forgot all about that I can chop firewood for him tomorrow, well maybe, I still want to go hunting; I need more supplies in order to make everything I need for traveling. Then again I could always take the Carriage, but I don’t know how much that will cost or where there is a good place to go. I’ll put that on the maybe pile with chopping wood. I sit down at the table and have a small snack and some water, listening to Karita sing, as I go over more plans in my head.

Going out today; while it did end up with me getting a new, well slightly used, armor set, new cutlass and a shield,  was pretty careless of me. If I had gone in the morning like I planned it might have been better. But, as it turns out, it ended up being a blizzard. I can’t do that again if it is storming like that, I think I will just stay close to the Inn, if not I will try to go hunting. I will have to double-check the survival guide to see what else I need to make a camp for traveling.

I pull out the book and read it, taking a mental note of the stuff I still need. Well, it seems I might have to go out and find some more wolves, and I definitely need to chop some wood, though I’m not sure where to find a wooden spoon or a cast iron pot. I’ll focus on what I can find, the wood, and I will go hunting tomorrow for some more wolves., but for now it is getting late.

I go rent my room again from Thoring, I don’t know why he insists on guiding me to the room but I guess some customer service is better than none.

Good night Dawnstar, it seems you have sunk your hooks in and aren’t letting go.


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