Sundas, 24th Last Seed, 4th Era

Mammoths gone wild!

I wake early in the morning, I am still so very tired from the events of yesterday my body is so sore and stiff, it kind of reminds me of…CRAP. I know this feeling; those mangy mutts gave me Rock Joint again! This is just great, I can’t afford the near five hundred septim for a tonic from the old crone, and I surely don’t think I will run into those lovely Vigilants of Stendarr again. What am I going to do now? I can’t even think straight my stomach won’t shut up it’s almost as bad at singing as Karita is.

I put my armor away in the chest and put on my town clothes, No sense in wearing armor today since I have to figure out how I am going to get a cure for this Rock Joint. I belly up to the bar and talk to Thoring about getting some breakfast.

I’d like one apple and a door, please…What, fine just the apple then.

I wait for my breakfast, though I am not sure how long it takes to prepare apples, it sure seems to take forever! Sorry, Thoring I am just cranky. There is no room to sit at the bar this morning, apparently being a priest of Dibella means drinking all the damn time as Erandur is on my favorite stool and the other stool is occupied by a wood elf I have never seen before. I get my apples and before I leave both the wood elf and Erandur make comments about how I look sick. Thanks for your opinion guys but unless you can heal me I don’t want to…what’s that? Thoring tells me that a traveling apothecary just checked in this morning. Thoring points to the apothecaries’ room; I thank Thoring for the heads up.

I walk over to where the Apothecaries room is and knock politely on the door frame since he has no door either. The apothecary rudely asks,” What do you want Imperial?” How do people know I am an Imperial and what the hell is the hostility for? I didn’t kick anyone’s puppy, sure I killed a ton of wolves but c’mon they started it. I approach the Apothecary and he offers to cure me for fifty septims. That is a bargain compared to the five hundred for a tonic. He cures me and I give him the money, well worth it if you ask me.

With that crisis solved, I am free to go about my normal day. Thinking on that a moment I decide it is better if I maybe not go about my normal day and strive for a day where I am not in danger of being eaten, squished, or dying in general. Well with those options gone what is there left to do? I sit at a nearby table and eat my apples while I contemplate my options. I know one thing for certain I am in dire need of money, Thoring may have let me sleep in the room for free last night but I doubt his generosity will extend to today.

I head to my room and sit in my chair looking through my bag. I do have some stuff I can sell. Mainly the stuff I liberated from the bandits yesterday. I also need to check my survival guide and see what else I need to make my own campsite. First things first off to Rustliefs’ shop to see if I can get a good price on some of this stuff, it’s not likely but I can dream, can’t I? Before I head out I double check the items I want to sell; maybe I can get some better stuff and sell my old. I know for a fact I need arrows, I just hope I can afford them.

As I step outside I notice two things, first it is still too early for Rustlief to be open and two it looks like either I missed a snow storm or one is about to start; either way, I don’t think I will be going out hunting today. Which means I need to make money the old-fashioned way, with manual labor.

Ummm, Abelone, I think you forgot your pants again…

I walk over to the chicken area and talk to Abelone about doing some wood chopping for Thoring; she gives me a strange look and tells me I can use her ax. I thank her and make my way to the designated wood chopping area. I am telling you Thoring is one savvy businessman; he has thought of everything even his own private wood chopping station.

As I round the corner to the station I notice a caravan has made its way in the night. I put the chopping on hiatus for a bit and go see what is going on. As I approach I am greeted by a Khajiit named Dro’marash, wow that’s a mouthful I will now call you Marsh from now on. He gives me a strange look, I don’t think he likes his new name, he tells me the caravan will be staying here for a little while and to check out their wares. He then offers to teach me the fine art of speech; well I have been talking since I was a baby, so I think I am OK, besides he wanted over two hundred septim. Can you believe it? Two hundred septim for him to “teach” you to talk, no thanks Marsh I can talk just fine.

You mean for two hundred septims you can teach me to talk? Wow, that’s a bargain…Oh, shoot looks like someone already taught me to talk…Crazy Khajiit!

The caravans guard walks up to me, a nice fellow named Kharjo, wonder if he would like a new name, I am thinking probably not. That’s ok, Kharjo is easy enough to remember anyway. He tells me about the troubles they had with bandits. You don’t have to tell me; you are preaching to the choir Jo, err I mean Kharjo. He tells me some bandits stole his prize amulet, and that it was the only thing that reminded him of Elsweyr. He then asks me if I could retrieve it for him. What the hell man…err cat, do I look like some sort of brave adventurer or something? Sheesh! He apologizes and gives me the kitten eyes. Gah, not the kitten eyes, fine I’m not mad anymore. He walks off and starts to cook. I don’t know what it is but it smells good.

I am about to go check out their goods when Zaynabi bumps into me mumbling something about Elsweyr as she sits on the fallen tree. I would like to be elsewhere too but you don’t see me knocking people over…rude. I make my way to Ahkari he seems to be the man…err cat in charge here. I chat with him a bit; it seems they aren’t allowed to set up shop directly in cities because they are not allowed into cities. Something about breaking some rules and people thinking all Khajiit are furry pawed thieves and liars. Well with M’aiq running around I can sort of seeing how they would think that but I do not think it is really fair to the rest of Khajiit kind.

I ask Ahkari if he would be interested in purchasing some of my extra stuff. He obliges and makes an offer on the gems I have collected. This is great; those gems were collecting dust at the bottom of my bag. He doesn’t really see anything else he wants to take off my hands so I bid him farewell. Time to go begin my manual labor for Thoring.

I head over to the station and begin chopping after a few practice chops, I don’t want to make a mistake and accidentally chop off my leg or something. After a couple of hours of chopping wood, I feel I am making good progress and I will for sure make some coin from Thoring. After a bit more chopping I notice Abelone watching me. What the heck? Is this some sort of performance review?

Don’t you have chickens to choke or something? Chopping wood is not a spectator sport.

 I stop chopping wood and talk to Abelone about selling the wood. She tries to hide a snicker and tells me to go see Thoring. I can’t help but think she knows something and isn’t telling me. I head inside the Windpeak Inn and make my way through Karitas’ mid-morning crowd of drunken revelers and talk to Thoring.

Don’t you people have jobs?

When I ask for payment for the wood I chopped he just looks at me like he has no idea what I am talking about. After speaking with him at length it becomes abundantly obvious he has absolutely zero interest in buying this wood. This is apparently what Abelone was snickering at, well this is just great. What the hell am I going to do with twenty-four cords of wood? Damn you Abelone; damn you to Oblivion!

I storm out of the Inn and head straight for the chicken coop, I know she will be there, she is always there… she isn’t there. Damn it! Where did she go? I am going to give her a piece of my mind when I see her again. It’s not like she can hide from me, I know where she lives! Well I am not standing in chicken poop all day, I should head to Rustliefs’ shop to sell the stuff I…found…let’s go with found.

On my way to Rustliefs’, I almost bump into a guard. Before I can apologize she starts talking about some Ulfric Stormcloak person killing a man with his voice. I have heard of many things in my time my good woman, but never have I heard of something so ridiculous. Killing a man with your voice indeed. No one dies from being yelled at, it just doesn’t happen. He probably died from a stress-induced heart attack or poison or something of the sort. Now I bid you a good day madam.

Killed a man by yelling at him, right. What Skooma have you been drinking and where can I get some?

I take my leave of the gossipy guard and head to Rustliefs’. Getting to the shop I greet Seren; she looks sick and tired. I know this because she says as much. That is to be expected when pregnant, but I can’t believe she still works the forge in her condition, she is one tough lady.

I know you work the forge and all but it is still snowing out here, might want to cover up a bit more.

I chat with her a moment, she really does like talking about her homeland. I would too if it got my mind off how cold it is; I wonder why they don’t move. It would make sense; she is with child, and the town is apparently cursed with nightmares. Oh well, it’s their call I guess. I excuse myself and head over to the forge to speak with Rustlief about the merchandise I want to sell. Since I was able to sell my gems I have a little spending money so I might be interested in making a purchase as well.

Once he hears this he smiles and takes a look at my goods and makes me an offer I can’t refuse. I can’t refuse because he is the only one willing to buy this stuff from me; I could have sold it to Ahkari but he was low balling me. Rustliefs’ offer was better, not much better but better none the less.

I sell Rustlief the things I no longer need nor want and make a fair amount of coin, well not really but something is better than nothing. I browse through his wares a bit and contemplate purchasing the appropriate arrows for my bow, but they are rather expensive. It would be one thing if he offered me a price on my old arrows but he doesn’t so I am stuck paying full price.

I decide to purchase a few arrows, and Rustlief lets me know I have what is needed to make a camping kit. He even offers to show me how to create the kit, as well as some other basics he feels I need to know, like how to make my own arrows and such things.

The teacher teaches and the student daydreams.

I watch as he shows me how to make these things then I get to work making them myself. Rustlief admits he is impressed with my work and that maybe I should find a master blacksmith to train under. I look at him and ask if he wants me as an apprentice. He chuckles and shakes his head and tells me he has no time for an apprentice. Well great, it’s probably for the best; if I were to apprentice with him I would have to stay in this city for far too long. I am left to wonder where I can find such a mentor until then I suppose I will just experiment with different things.

Judging by the sun it is a little past noon, I should probably head to the Inn and grab some lunch before I go hunting again for a few hours. No sense in wasting what seems like another pretty day. Besides I feel I am getting better at my bow skills and portions of my arena life are coming back to me slowly. With any luck, I should be able to not almost die today.

I walk up the road and towards the Windpeak Inn and run into Abelone. Finally decided to stop hiding I see. She explains to me that she never told me I could make money by chopping wood and that I just assumed I could. Well, that may be true but…well…erm…fine take your logic and leave. You’re still mean for letting me make a complete fool of myself. Not that I need your help doing that, I am more than capable of doing that on my own thank you very much. I know I shouldn’t be mad at her but it is just so frustrating; I was counting on the wood chopping to supplement some of my income issues.

Upon entering the Windpeak Inn I look around and the only people here are Erandur, who seems like he is always drunk. Karita who is setting up for her next show and Thoring. Apparently, they have a small lunch crowd. I order some lunch from the bar and sit to eat, enjoying the peace and quiet, right up to the point Karita starts to sing.

My appetite has been sated, time to get changed and go for a nice little hunt. I can even practice setting up my camping equipment, practice makes perfect after all. I gather my armor and try on my new hood before heading out. I only have a few hours before nightfall, better make it count.

My new hood makes me look like a badass.

With my income slowly dissolving to nothing I need this hunt to go smoothly, in a very short amount of time. Exiting the Inn I walk down the road and see Abelone, I give her the stink eye as I walk past her. I know it is my own fault but it is still a fresh wound, self-inflicted or not.

Passing the Kahjiit caravan I nod at them as I pass by; they still try to get me to buy their goods, but I just don’t have the time right now. I decide to head towards my base camp and see if maybe I can get lucky. It’s time to get something done and those horses seem to be fairly easy game. I make my way up the hill and looking in the distance I can see some commotion going on.

Again with the Mammoths? Skyrim you can do better.

I get closer and I see a mammoth and it is standing over something. A mammoth? Really Skyrim? I can see what you are trying to do and it will not work! I will not fall for such an obvious trap. But I really wanna see what the hell is going on. Damn you Skyrim peaking my interest like this, well played, well played indeed.

I watch as it trots off; I carefully get closer, but before I can get too close to where it was I hear it coming back. What in the name of all that is divine is going on? It, you know what I am gonna name this mammoth, his name shall now be…ummm….Stampy; Stampy keeps wandering back and forth as if it is on patrol for something. I circle around giving it enough space to see what it was hovering over. It looks like a saber cat, nope it’s not a saber cat it is two saber cats.

Random mammoth violence. Oh, the horror!

I can’t help but wonder what in the world happened here, and this is the first time I have seen a mammoth without a giant. Did they get separated? Is this the same mammoth that helped me out yesterday? Where is Stampys’ giant counterpart? So many questions so few answers. I watch the mammoth making its designated rounds and I figure if I can time things just right I can get in there and skin the two saber cats and run off before Stampy can get back and you know, stamp me to death.

I rush over and manage to skin the two beasts and pluck an eye from each before Stampy returns. I watch a little bit more as Stampy stomps around back and forth. Something is really wrong here, I just don’t know what, nor do I really want to know, I am just going to leave Stampy alone before he turns his attention to the squishy Zander animal wandering around.

I remember seeing a piece of stone that looks like I can mine for some metal ore, so that’s where I am going to go. I determine the time and figure I still have a few hours before I should head back to Dawnstar. Making my way to where I think the ore is I come across the giant and mammoth from yesterday. Well, I guess this means Stampy is an orphan. Poor Stampy, now I kind of feel bad for the rampaging behemoth.

I wonder if I should inform them of the rogue mammoth………Nah.

I make my way into the hills, looking around I really have no idea where I am. Continuing on deeper into the forested area and there it is the Promised Land or Promised ore so to speak. Ok, so it is not really the Promised Land so much as a single mine-able piece of rock. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers and such; time to mine. I get my trusty pick ax out and go to town, I don’t collect a lot of ore but it is enough to help pay my bills.

Judging by the sun I really need to head back to Dawnstar, but I also realize I am slightly lost. Forging on I finally make my way out of the forested area and I notice what seems to be a city in the hills.

New city, new people, new hope…I hope.

I hope they are as friendly as Dawnstar if not more friendly, and maybe they have some better prices; that would be nice. I make my way to the new city and I see a guard sitting out front of what seems to be the gates. As I approach the guard stands up and draws a weapon. I walk slowly closer and the guard starts pointing and waving his sword. I have a feeling that they don’t like visitors. I am just going to walk away slowly.

Well at least I found a road I can follow back to Dawnstar; though I do wonder why that city didn’t like me, they don’t even know me. Well, I am not about to ask so there is no sense in worrying about it. I stay on the path for awhile and I can see Dawnstar in the distance. I glance over to where Stampy was patrolling but it seems as if he has moved on. Farewell Stampy I hope you find a nice giant and live happily ever after.

I make my way into town just as it is getting dark out. Well, another day another failed attempt at hunting. When am I going to learn that I suck at hunting, maybe I can find someone to train me to be a better hunter. Just something else I will need to think about for tomorrow. I belly up to the bar and order dinner from Thoring, I can see Karita setting up for her night show, the hardest working bard in Dawnstar, granted she is the only bard but still I do admire her persistence.

I rent my room for the night and as usual, Thoring insists on showing me where it is like the layout has changed in the few hours I was gone but whatever. I sit at my table and enjoy my meal, finishing just before Karita starts her concert. I dig through my bag and see what all I was able to scavenge from the tundra. Not a bad haul really, in fact, I have been lucky enough to make ends meat off the things I have scavenged, but I don’t want to just be a scavenger, that is not how I want my new life to be. I just don’t know any other way really, I don’t really have a trade, the only thing I used to be good at was fighting, that and I made a decent enough merchant in my families little shop, then again I am the one who lost the shop to the Thalmor.

I came here to start over, but to do what really. I remember Rustlief telling me I had some skill as a blacksmith and that I should look for a mentor. I could also follow in my great uncles’ footsteps and learn alchemy, but I think I need a mentor for that too, but then again I did manage to make those potions I sold a few days ago. One thing I do know is I really want to learn to hunt better, there has to be someone who can teach me to use this bow better.

I ponder on the few options I have before me and I realize that staying in Dawnstar was never really the plan. If I want to remake myself I need to get out of this town and the sooner the better. I don’t want to be stuck here like the rest of the town. Don’t get me wrong they are nice enough, well with a few exceptions, I just think if I want a new life it is somewhere beyond this little town.

Well, that settles it. Tomorrow I will head out in search of my new life. Who knows what is waiting for me out there, but it has to be better than being stuck here. I have a few septims surely it should be enough to travel the roads. Maybe I can convince the caravan to let me tag along, safety in numbers and all that. It has gotten late and I have an early day tomorrow. I have to pack up my stuff and hit the road to the next town, wherever that might be.

Good night Skyrim, I have a plan and nothing you can do will stop me!


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