I didn’t disappear

I haven't vanished, the death of my dog hit me harder than I thought it would. So, instead of forcing myself to write, I decided to step away. I don't know why his passing has hit me so hard but it has. I still have ideas for future chapters pop in my head I just …

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It’s never easy

It's never easy to say goodbye. Tonight I had to say goodbye to my dog, Noctis. He was hit by a car when he ran out the front door because of a delivery. The person who hit him just kept going. I rushed him to our Vet, she did all she could and recommended he …

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I have been making some steady progress on the next installment of the story. I am liking the direction it is going in so far. Though I might like it, it doesn't mean it is easy by any means. I am petrified to be writing this character as the main focus point. Petrified might be …

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