So Mysterious!

I do love me some good fan art and this is right up there! Elspeth commissioned this piece and it came out looking amazing! The great artist is Memai, go check out the other really awesome work she has done and maybe get some work of your own from her. Thank You, Elspeth and Memai! …

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The more things change

As some of you have noticed by now I have changed the theme of the site. With the untimely loss of Zander, I felt it was time to change everything up. So, I will be focusing on that for a little while before I begin work on the next phase of the blog. While I …

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Back to Future…er Past

Back to ESO! Depending on if my computer can still handle ESO I plan on taking full advantage of the free weekend of ESO since, you know, I was invited back and it's free and all. Since I am forced to start over, I will be remaking 2 characters. Garemon, Zanders distant great-grandfather, and Elspeths distant great-grandfather …

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