So, as you might have noticed I am making changes to the appearance of the blog. Though what I want to do is giving me a ton of headaches mainly because any solution I find requires some coding and I hate coding. I mean is it so hard to ask for a simple way to …

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The more things change

As some of you have noticed by now I have changed the theme of the site. With the untimely loss of Zander, I felt it was time to change everything up. So, I will be focusing on that for a little while before I begin work on the next phase of the blog. While I …

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Who Do You Think You Are?

This week on "Who do you think you are?", Tamriel edition, we uncover some interesting photos and journal entries from one Xavier Andros, the ancestor of Elspeth Sigeweald. Let's step into the time machine as we go on an adventure to the year 582 of the 2nd Era. We begin our journey in Coldharbour of …

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