That’s Not Mead!

Finally! Got this entry posted. I really hope everyone enjoys it and finds it a little bit funny. It took me forever because I just kept re-writing the last page over and over again. I was never happy with it. I just decided to say screw it and post it. I just hope it is good …

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Homeward Bound?

OMG! I just finished watching one of my favorite YouTube Commentators, Gopher. He was informed of something that could make things for Zander very interesting in the future. Though it might actually undermine some of the cannon I have for Zander but I still think it is cool. What if Zander could return home to …

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28 Days of Character Development 2014!

As everyone knows tomorrow marks start of the writing challenge, "28 Days of Character Development". If you need more information on this challenge you can find what you need to know from Elspeth, who will be doing the challenge again this year. Also check out her new blog page which holds the rules of the …

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