It’s Coming

I made mention some time ago about taking Zander back to Cyrodiil. Well, it's coming! The progress looks amazing. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Bruma  I can't wait for this to happen.


New Mods?

I have come across a couple of mods that have really piqued my interest. The first one I am going to show you is something I wanted in all Elder Scrolls games, and it is finally here in Skyrim! It is an addition to a mod I already use, Wet and Cold, the add-on if …

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They Don’t Die…They Multiply!

In my last post, I made a vague reference to something I found creepy. I think I should elaborate. It might help with some confusion. So what do you find so creepy you had to install a mod to fix it? Well... Oh, wait let me guess. Okay... Necromancers? No... Bandits? Not even close... Giants?? …

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