Freaking AWESOME

I got fan art! Woo! And it is the best thing since sliced bread! Okay, well, maybe not for anyone other than myself. After a shitty week, this brought a huge ass smile to my face. Thank you to the artist, Iris Septim, for this amazing depiction of Zander as a Knight. This is so awesome, …

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Lookie Lookie

Best present I have gotten in a very long time! Some awesome art from Spice Monster! You can view her Deviant Art page, IrisSeptim, to view more wondrous pieces of art.


I am very pleased to present my very first official piece of Fan Art for Zander. This awesome piece of work was commissioned by Elsepth Aurilie and created by  Dovakiir. It features Jon Battle-Born, Onmund, and Zander all having good time singing and drinking. Be sure to check them both out!