Inktober Day 31

Inktober 2020

Day 31: Crawl

Happy Halloween!

This is the last prompt for Inktober. I think I managed the challenge fairly well. I really enjoyed doing the entire month of challenges. I think the final piece came out nicely as well. Now, let’s hope the Inktober Challenge has sparked some creativity for my writing. Fingers crossed.

Inktober Day 30

Inktober 2020

Day 30: Ominous

I really wanted to create a creepy smile as possible. Something about a creepy smile that screams, “RUNAWAY”. I think I accomplished that. 

Inktober Day 29

Inktober 2020

Day 29: Shoes

Not very imaginative but it’s the best I could do after a long day of repairing things that Hurricane Zeta broke.