Chapter 1

Please allow me to introduce myself

Beneath the Northwatch Prison, hidden behind a false stone wall, where no one can hear their screams, a select few prisoners await torture for their perceived crimes against the Aldmeri Dominion. In small cells, prisoner’s sit, their hands bound in spellbinding shackles, chained to the walls. Horrible shrieks of pain echo off the damp walls of the torture chamber followed by the demented laugh of their Thalmor Interrogator, not a typical Altmer man, he was shorter than most, much more gaunt and thin with a shaved head. His mouth grew wide, parting his thin lips, with an evil fanged smile as he took great pleasure in his work.

The “Interrogation” lasting for hours before the weak and fearful voice of the prisoner, a small Bosmer woman could be heard begging for him to stop. The Interrogator’s beady, pale yellow eyes gaze into the woman’s caramel eyes, filling her with fear as he caresses her cheek softly. Brushing a few of her long raven locks from her face before running his long nails over her check creating a small cut then placing his finger over her lips shushing her, “Oh Talyah, my sweet, little wood elf.” Softly stroking her cheek, “Dear, sweet Talyah, yes, of course, I will stop.” He smiled sinisterly, looking into her eyes, “After all, you have become my favorite plaything over the last few weeks.” Leaning down quietly whispering in her ear, “Besides, there really is no sense in having all the fun at once, now is there?” he queried, “I want this to last for as long as your body can hold out.” grinning, he forced her mouth open, “And with this little concoction I have created, I can heal all of these unsightly wounds without removing any of the pain. Isn’t that wonderful?” he asked gleefully pouring the potion into her mouth covering it with his hand, forcing her to swallow the elixir. “Luckily for us, I have recently been given a generous gift. Perhaps you might have noticed them before coming to play with me today. I do so enjoy new toys. But, no need to fret my dear; you will always be my favorite.” He mused with a smug grin on his face as he watched the potion heal all of her wounds. The sound of stone moving could be heard. He glanced over his shoulder to the entrance of the chamber where a Thalmor guard stands in the doorway. “Ah. Good. Just in time. You can take her back to her cell.” The Interrogator said with a smile on his face, “And bring me another one of our special guests will you, please.”

“Yes sir, Interrogator Uulenendor.” The guard said. Grabbing Talyah by her arm and dragging her to her cell, and chaining her to the wall. The guard made his way to another cell, looking in at the prisoner he smirks. An Imperial man with dark hair looks up from the ground at the guard with silver-blue eyes piercing a hole in the guard. Opening the cell the guard stepped in, unchaining the man and forcing him to his feet, walking him at sword point into the chamber. “You keep glaring at me like that and I’ll make sure you never look at anyone else with those eyes.” the guard threatened as he held up a dagger to the man’s eye. Strapping the prisoner to a chair the guard looks at him and smiles “Don’t worry. This will only hurt a lot.” He laughs and stands at the doorway once more. Uulenendor looks at the guard and motions for him to leave. “Come back in a few hours. You know I like to be alone with our special guests.” He stated. Acknowledging Uulenendors command the guard nods and leaves. Uulendor waits and listens to hear the sound of the false stone wall moving to know he is alone with the prisoners.

Uulenendor turns and looks at the prisoner and smiles. “That’s better. Now I can work uninterrupted, for a while at least.” He commented, stepping closer to the prisoner placing his fingers upon his skull. “Now, Lady Elenwen has requested something special. While I find it boring to extract information this way, I am reassured knowing this will be excruciating for you.” grinning evilly as his hands began to glow and his fingers phased through the prisoner’s skull and into his mind. The pained screams of the prisoner quickly filled the room bringing a wicked smile to the face of Uulenendor. After a few hours, the smile had faded and had been replaced with a look of frustration and anger. Uulenendor removed his fingers from the prisoner’s mind and began cursing at the prisoner just as the guard returned.

Standing in the doorway the guard watches as Uulenendor glares at the prisoner, lightning crackling off of his fingertips. He begins to send waves of lightning through the prisoner, shocking him relentlessly. “How dare you! You insignificant human! No one resists my anamnesis spell!” he screamed.

Rushing over and stopping Uulenendor, “Sir! Stop! If you kill him we will not be able to give Lady Elenwen the information she wants!” the guard pleaded as he pulled Uulenendor away from the prisoner.

Uulenendor pulls his arms away from the guard and straightens his clothes, regaining his composure. “Yes. Of course, you are right. I do not know what I was thinking.” he says glancing over the guard’s shoulder at the prisoner, his anger rising as he looks at the prisoner.

The guard moves into Uulenendor’s line of sight, “Sir? What’s wrong?” the guard asked attempting to calm Uulenendor down.

Uulenendor turned away from the prisoner once again trying to compose himself as he continued to speak. “That …that worm… He somehow managed to resist my spell.”

“The prisoner resisted your spell? Is that even possible?” the guard questioned with a bewildered look on his face.

“It should not be possible. Not while he wears those shackles at least. Even if he wasn’t wearing them, he shouldn’t be able to resist the spell for more than 10 minutes, let alone hours!” Uuleendor exclaimed, frustration dripping from every word. “I need to know more about this prisoner. Bring me everything Lady Elenwen sent with him.”

Walking to a large cabinet, the guard pulled an old blood-stained, and crumpled letter from it, “This is all that was found on him when the Justiciar brought him in for judgment.” handing the letter to Uulenendor.

Looking at the guard with a puzzled expression, “This…this is all? There was nothing else at all? This old ratty letter is all the information we have about this prisoner? What about the Judgement report?” Uulenendor inquired.

Shaking his head, “There was nothing else, sir. The Judgement report was not sent with him.” The guard stated.

“Of course it wasn’t. Disappointing.” Uulenendor seethed opening the letter. He began trying to read the document but could only make out a few words and sentences. “This letter is… useless! The only thing I can make out is that it was some sort of love letter, or perhaps, maybe, a letter of regret between two lovers. This is utterly useless!” he balked. Crumpling the letter in his hand and throwing it at the guard. “Put that thing back. And throw this worm back in his cell! I will figure him and all of his secrets out later. Right now, I need to relieve some stress. Bring me Prisoner W. I need to blow off some steam.” Uulenendor remarked as he left the chamber.

The guard nodded,  uncrumpling the note, placing it back in the cabinet. Releasing the prisoner from his bindings and dragging his limp body back to his cell, chaining him to the wall, and slamming the cell door shut before moving to an adjacent cell where he retrieves a large male Argonian. The Argonian struggled, using his thick scaled tail to strike at the guard. The guard shook his head and quickly struck the Argonian in the head with the hilt of his sword, knocking the large lizard man unconscious. A sinister smirk spreading across his lips, “How I do so enjoy when our guests try to struggle.” the guard declared, dragging the body of the lizardman to the chamber and locking him to a set of hanging chains. Smacking the leathery face of the Argonian a few times to wake him up, “Wake up reptile! Now, things could have been easy, but you decided to take a swing at me with this vile tail of yours.” the guard circled around to the back of the Argonian. Continuing, “Tell me, lizard, what were you thinking with that seed sized brain of yours? Well, it doesn’t matter, it will be the last time you do something that stupid.”

The Argonians eyes widened when he hears the sound of a sword being unsheathed. “P-please, I will not try anything ever again please don’t…” the Argonian stuttered and pleaded before the guard chopped off his tail with one quick motion of his sword.

The Argonian screamed out in horror and pain, the guard walked in front of him with some of Uulenendor’s potion, pouring it down the prisoner’s throat. “You are correct, you will not.” the guard stated bereft of any emotion.

Uuleendor walked back into the chamber, a puzzled look upon his face as he saw the Argonians tail laying on the floor. “Did you break my toy?” he asked sternly.

“Yes sir, I did. He attempted to…” Uulenendor cut the guard off before he could finish speaking.

“I have told you never to touch my toys!” Uulenendor screamed, before pausing a moment and sighing. “It is fine. This time. I mean, after all, it is only a filthy reptile. You may go.” waving his hand dismissively at the guard motioning for him to leave the chamber. Uulenendor picked up a whip from the wall and turned to the prisoner hanging from chains, taking great delight in seeing the Argonian crying. “Do not waste all your energy crying like that, lizard, there is still more fun to be had.” He told the Argonian just moments before sending an electric current through the whip. He began laughing maniacally while barraging the Argonians body with lashes from the whip and listening to the murderous screams that were coming from the Argonian.

An hour passed, the screams and Uulenendor’s laughter have ceased, “What is the problem lizard, have you passed out so soon?” he asked walking closer to the prisoner. Lifting the prisoners head and letting it drop from his hand. “I see. So, you have died. How disheartening.” He turned to summon the guard. Moments later the guard entered the chamber, “Remove this broken toy from my chamber at once.” He demanded. “Oh, and when you are finished disposing of that trash bring me prisoner Y, I still desire to have some…fun,” he said sitting down at his desk watching the guard as he removed the Argonians corpse.

Having disposed of the prisoner’s body the guard strode to the cells, he smirked looking at Talyah. She looked up at the guard, fear filling her eyes as she watched him enter her cell. She begged him to be left alone, struggling as much as her petite weakened body could as he dragged her back into the torture chamber and strapped her to a table. The sound of the false stone wall could be heard as the guard left, moments after that the chamber filled with the agonized screams of pain once again.

In the cells, an Imperial man sits on the stone floor calmly trying in vain to pull the chain from the wall. Stopping he sighs and glances over at the prisoner in the cell next to his, the Imperial man who was tortured earlier in the day. “Hey, you okay?” The other prisoner turned his head slightly acknowledging the question. “Well, that was a dumb question. I mean, I know you’re not okay. What I meant was…nevermind.” He said in hushed tones. “It sounded like you gave that Thalmor asshole a hard time. That’s sure to piss him off.” smiling and pausing a moment his smile faded, “That’s probably why he took the others. For more of his “fun”.” He looked down at his shackles and then back over to the other prisoner. “Looks like that High Elf really did a number on you. Can you speak?” he asked pausing for a moment waiting for some kind of reply. “No, I didn’t think you could, not after everything you went through. Well, my friend, my name is … well, everyone just calls me Bear, or at least they used to anyway. Now you know my name, just in case you find your voice again and want to talk. Unfortunately, I have a feeling we will be here for a long time.” lowering his eyes back to his shackles.

The sound of screams stopped abruptly and was replaced with the sound of hurried footsteps. “Why am I hearing talking while I am trying to have fun?!” Uulenendor screeched rushing to the cells and staring at Bear. “Just what do you think you are doing worm! Who are you talking to? There is no talking while I am having my fun!” he snapped.

Bear looked up at Uulenendor, his silver eyes burning holes into Uulenendor’s and smirking at him. “Why don’t you leave them alone and have some fun with me you sick freak.” He demanded, antagonizing the High Elf.

“Leave them alone?” glancing at the other cells, “Are you serious? You…you are…” he snorted, “No, I will have my fun and you will shut your filthy mouth. If I hear even an utterance, or a rough breath escapes your mouth,  I will kill her!” Uulenendor maliciously smiled baring his fanged teeth. “You will learn your place worm.” He remarked as he turned his back to Bear and returned to the chamber.

Uulenendor stood there looking down over the sobbing Bosmer with disgust. He turned and pulled a lever on the wall summoning the guard and within minutes the guard returned. “Use the potion and remove this thing from my table, I can no longer enjoy myself. I am done for the night! Oh, and when you are done with that trash, send word to Lady Elenwen, I want those Judgement Reports, ASAP!” he bitterly exclaimed, storming out of the chamber.

The guard nodded, “As you wish sir.” he affirmed, confused as to what all had happened. He then gave Talyah the potion and watched as it healed all her wounds. He unstrapped and drug her back to her cell chaining her to the wall. closing the cell door, he watched a moment as she sobbed, her hands trembling as she held them close to her chest. The guard turned to leave, stopping in front of Bears cell when he noticed a grin on Bears face. Looking at Bear with a puzzled look on his face, “What in Oblivion happened in here?” mumbling to himself as he left the chamber for the night.

Bear looked over at Talyah, lowering his eyes away from her, he sighed, then he looked at the other Imperial prisoner. Closing his eyes and lightly tapping his head against the stone wall in frustration before again tugging at the chains on the wall for a short time. After some time he noticed she had stopped crying. Looking over at her, she was curled into a small ball on the stone floor. He felt a need to say something to her, he knew nothing could be said to comfort her or relieve her pain but he had to try.

Hesitating slightly before he spoke, “I don’t know where your strength comes from but you are definitely one tough woman.”

Struggling to sit up Talyah looks over at Bear. “A-are you talking to me?” she stammered, inhaling through her teeth from the pain of moving.

Talyah’s accent took Bear by surprise. It was subtle and sweet, not as pronounced as most Bosmer from Valenwood. “I was, yes. I was just saying, that I think you are one very tough woman to withstand so much pain.” He responded.

“W-what?” she replied slightly confused.

Bear looked at her, “I was…I mean, I heard your screams but I never heard you give him an answer. To not give in to him, that makes you a pretty strong person.” he said lowering his eyes from her.

“I heard what you said.” she paused trying to breathe through the pain, “What I don’t know is why…” she swallowed hard, “Why in Oblivion, you are even talking to me?” she responded brusquely.

“I-I was just trying to be of some comfort. I mean, I don’t know what all he did to you, but from what I heard, a lesser person would have given in to the pain or died.” Bear said not really knowing what else to say and regretting opening his mouth.

“That was your attempt to comfort me?” she hissed back at him, wincing in pain. “We are chained to the walls of a Thalmor torture chamber.” She paused, coughing up a bit of blood and trying to catch her breath. “No one knows where we are, and we are nothing but playthings for a psychopathic High Elf…” she grimaced “And you think saying I am tough is going to comfort me? Bloody hell, what is wrong with you?” she groaned before laying back down.

“I was only trying to help. I’m sorry.” Bear murmured softly.

Talyah lifted her head from the floor, pain visible on her face, “You want to help?” hesitating slightly, “Get us out of here!” she recoiled in pain, “But, I see no way, that you can do that. So, just… just leave me alone.” she mumbled starting to cry, laying her head back down wiping tears from her eyes.

Bear sighed heavily, looking at both his fellow prisoners before closing his eyes. “You’re probably right, I don’t think I can get us out of this either.” muttering to himself, trying to rest knowing that soon it will all begin again and there was no way of knowing how long any of them could last.



11 thoughts on “Chapter 1

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  2. “Brushing a few of her long raven locks from her face before running his long nails over her check creating a small cut then placing his finger over her lips shushing her….”

    OH GODS, THIS IS SO CREEPY (nicely done)

    omg, Uummaluenadingdong’s a right prick, eh.

    Also, BEAR!!!!

      1. Uummaluenadingdong !!!!!!!

        Py, you *need* to use it! If they ever – EVER – cross paths with Cicero, that’s totally what he’d call this altmer!

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