(Since starting the Misadventures of Zander, the original save file had become corrupted and unplayable, and since he did not die in the game, I decided to restart him and get him back to the last place he was at before continuing again. I have modified the rules slightly, mostly grammatical errors, but they are mostly the very same rules I began with.)

The rules are simple, for the most part I will be basing my rules off the way Christopher Livingston did his blogs, “The Elder Strolls“, and “Living in Oblivion“. Without him there would be no blog from me, or anyone else like me, so I highly recommend reading both of his blogs.

1. No reloading. If I happen to die, that’s it, the end, the fat lady sang and everyone goes home. NPC’s do not get a second life nor shall I. The only time a reload will be permitted is if there is an unforeseen issue, glitch or crash.

2. Eat, drink, and sleep on a daily basis. Since the game does not adjust time for eating I will be using the wait option when having meals.

3. Walk everywhere, as an NPC would, unless a life threatening situation arises, in which case I will either stand and fight, or more likely, crap my pants and run like a scared little child in a haunted house. I can also run if needed, for hunting purposes mostly. Other than that, it’s a walking I will go.

4. No fast travel, ever, for any reason. Walking every where will not only give me blisters, corns and/or bunions, but also adds more realism and danger into the game, which, in my opinion, fast travel basically destroys. So, “My boots were made for walking and that’s just what they will do.” is not just the lyrics of a song when it comes to Zander.

5. Adventure, excitement, intrigue, and quests, will, for the most part, be left to the professionals. With the exceptions of crafting tutorials, or mundane quests like “Spare a coin?” , “Buy me some random item.” , or a quest I made up for the purposes of story telling and progression. Forts, castles, caves and the like might be ok but not likely. (This is where my rule set will differ from the rule set that Christopher used in his blogs. While I will not go into the inner portion of forts or the like, unless I feel it needs to be done for the sake of progression or story telling. Anything in the outside realm of Skyrim however is fair game. While my character is not a coward he is also not stupid, this doesn’t mean I am going to go looking for these places but much like guards on patrol, if I get hit with an arrow, a spell or am ambushed by something un-savory, I might, and probably will, just have to say “F” it and go all Conan on their pansy arses. This might in essence bring the blog to a screeching halt, but such is life.

6. No stealing, and no joining guilds to take their stuff.(With the mods I have installed things may get…complicated.)

7. Find a way to make a living that doesn’t involve adventuring. Crafting or hunting are viable options with the mods I have installed.

8. Find a place to live, renting rooms does count to a certain degree, but a more permanent residence is preferable.

9. If the Nine so choose, find love, get married, maybe even adopt a little whippersnapper. But knowing my luck that probably will not be happening.

10. No using any bugs, glitches, workarounds, tricks of any sort for crafting. Just because you can level blacksmithing to 100 by making nothing but iron daggers doesn’t mean you should. Same goes for the alchemy/enchanting trick, or any other variation of tricks that might not have been fixed yet.

I will be following these 10 simple rules to the best of my ability, and I will try my damnedest to make it interesting and entertaining for everyone to read.

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