I have decided to revamp the mod list, I have removed several old mods and added many new mods to the list. I have separated the mods by category, the categories used are that of the Nexus Mod Manager. I have installed a lot of mods, and I do mean A LOT of mods significantly more mods than previously used. The mods being used are being used for a reason and I will list that reason next to each mod. The over all reasons I am using these mods is to enhance the game play of Skyrim making it prettier or harder to play. There are some mods that are not needed, however, while they are not needed or required, I personally enjoy them for whatever reason, and yes I do know its lazy or sloppy but in the end if I’m not able to have fun neither will you and then no one will read the blog. So having said that below you will find all of the mods I will be using as well as some mods I am not using but think they are worth mentioning and I might very well use them in the future.

All these mods can be found at the majority of which are in the overall top 100 list. For further information on any of the mods listed below just check them out for yourself by clicking on the links.


Build Your Own Home: Pretty self explanatory. Adds the ability to build your own home in Skyrim at a certain location. This is being added as a potential way for Zander to own his own home without becoming a Thane.

Animals, Creatures, Mounts & Horses:

Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack: This retextures the animals of Skyrim to make them look better.

SkyTEST – Realistic Animals and Predators: Gives new AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Animals & Predators.It overhauls Vanilla Skyrim Animals behavior to act much more realistic while leaving the Original Design of the Animals and remain lore friendly.


Feminine Running and New Dash Animation: The name says it all really, but this adds a new running animation for women.

Victorias High Heel Walk Animation: Before you ask, no I didn’t add high heels to Skyrim. This just alters the female walking animation to be more feminine. Basically Women now walk like women.

The Dance of Death – A kill Move Mod: Adds new kill cam animations making killing more fun to watch.


Armor of Yngol: A new armor set that may or may not make it into Zander’s misadventures. it just depends on what turns are taken in the future.

Immersive Armors: An armor set that increases the amount of armors one can find and craft in the world of Skyrim.

Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE Armor Replacer: I am a guy. I make no apologies for being a guy and enjoying skimpy cloths and armor on women. Is it realistic? Absolutely not.

Masters of Death – Rise of the Brotherhood: The Dark Brotherhood now has armor that is worthy of them.

No Helmet Mod: I don’t like the vast majority of the way helmets look in Skyrim so this makes most of them invisible.

Skyforge Shields: Adds new Skyforge shields to the game.

Remodeled Armor for CBBE: Yes it is another skimpy armor and cloths mod. Again I make no apologies for enjoying the female form.

Town Guards Armor Retexture: Making town guards look good.

Bug Fixes:

Smithing Perks Overhaul: Makes changes that make sense for blacksmithing perks.

Cities, towns, villages and hamlets:

Dawn of Whiterun: A redesign of Whiterun to make it more lore friendly and more of the trade capital it was supposed to be in vanilla Skyrim.

Dawn of Windhelm: A redesign of Windhelm to make it more lore friendly and more of the historically significant city it was supposed to be in vanilla Skyrim.


Cloaks of Skyrim: Skyrim is a cold place this adds cloaks to help protect against the harsh environment of Skyrim.

Elaborate Textiles: This makes cloths look nice.

Jewel Craft: Adds the ability to craft all types of jewelry. Who knows maybe Zander will become a Jeweler.

Monk Robes Revamp: I think this one is self explanatory.

Winter Is Coming: Different cloak types for better protection against the weather of Skyrim.


Followers can Relax: I don’t know about you but I think followers deserve a break sometimes too.

My Home Is Your Home: Gives the ability to invite your follower to live with you.

Spouses Can Live Everywhere: Because it would be awkward to live in separate houses if you get married.


Enhanced Distant Terrain: Making the distant terrain look nice.

Lush Trees and Grass: Making nature prettier.

Gameplay effects and changes:

Achieve That!: Because it is nice to achieve things.

Alternate Start – Live Another Life: More options to start the game.

Bounty Gold: Because killing giants should give you more than 100 septims. Not that Zander will do such things.

Character Creation Overhaul: This brings back birthsigns, classes, specializations, favored attributes, and major/minor skills to Skyrim. Because people are beautiful snow flakes.

Harvesting Animation: Adds an animation for harvesting.

Move it Damn it: Makes followers move out the way.

Run for Your Lives: When Dragons attack the proper reaction is to run the hell away not stand there and die. This makes people respect Dragons. Not that this is an issue for Zander.

SkyRe Helmless Warrior: Allows you to not wear a helmet and still get the full armor buff.

SkyRe – Skyrim Community Uncapper: Raises the level cap.

Timing is Everything: Allows me to choose when DLC quests start.

Trade and Barter: Enhances the trade and barter system.

Guilds and Factions:

Enhanced Skyrim Factions – The Companions Guild: Makes some much needed changes to the Companions guild.

Thieves Guild Requirements: Stops Brynjolf from thinking you are a thief without actually being a thief.

Hair and face models:

Apachii SkyHair: More hairstyles!


Blacksmith Forge Water Fix: No longer is the water at a forge static and jello like, it is actually water. Yay!

Dovahkiin Relaxes Too: You gotta know when to kick back and chill.

Enhanced Hotpools: I like soaking in hot pools too, and with this I can.

Even Better Quest Objectives: Makes quest objectives easier to understand.

Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival: Making the environment of Skyrim a thing to be feared.

Guard Dialog Overhaul: Making guards not say stupid stuff or be disrespectful jerks.

Height Adjusted Races with True Giants: Gives the proper heights of the various races as well as making giants…well giant.

Horses Gone Wild: Adds wild herds of horses to Skyrim.

Hunterborn: Adds a new skinning system.

Immersive Beds: Cause watching my character sleep is not creepy at all.

Immersive Patrols: Adds a lot of patrols to roads such as vendors, mercenaries, and other such things.

Lanterns of Skyrim: Adding lanterns to roads.

Player Head Tracking: Now Zander can look at different things.

Pumping Iron: Changes your body type over time depending on your activities.

Realistic Needs and Diseases: Eating, drinking, and sleeping are a must.

Realistic Room Rental – Enhanced: Changes the room costs of Inns and taverns.

Reflection: Because I miss the thoughtful words you got when leveling in Oblivion.

Sit Anywhere: If I want to sit on a fence I will!

SkyFalls and SkyMills – Animated Distant Waterfalls and Wind Mills: Because distant waterfalls should move and not turn into ice.

Speed Revised: Changes the speed at which you walk.

Wet and Cold: Makes you look wet and cold when you are wet or cold.

Items and Objects:

Better Skill and Quest Books Names: Because knowing is half the battle.

Wearable Lanterns: Cause I get scared of the dark.

Long Lost Smelters of Skyrim: Adds smelters to places that should have smelters.

Wearable Lanterns for Guards: Cause guards get scared of the dark too.

Landscape Changes:

Terrain Bump: Makes the terrain pretty.

Magic – Alchemy, potions, and ingredients:

Harvest Overhaul: Because it makes sense to be able to harvest more stuff from stuff and not leaving stuff on stuff.

Magic – Spells and enchantments:

Enchanting Freedom: Free to enchant items the way you want.

Midas Magic: Adds new magic to the land of Skyrim. I doubt Zander will notice.


Better Sorting: Because vanilla sorting sucks.

Useable Sawmills: Giving a real purpose to sawmills.

Models and textures:

aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Armor: Making armor look damn good.

aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Creatures: Making certain creatures look better.

aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Dragonborn DLC: Making Dragonborn textures look good.

aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Unique Items: Making unique items look good.

aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Weapons: Making weapons look good.

Armor and Other Rig fixes: Fixes issues with armor rigs.

Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack: Dragons got a make over they now look more terrifying.

Better Males – Faces: Because being super ugly is not an option.

Book Covers Skyrim: Even books deserve to feel good about themselves.

Calientes Female Body Mod: Again I make no apologies for being a guy. I like the changes this makes to the female form.

High Quality Eyes: Eyes are the window to the soul.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul: Flowers make the world pretty.


Inconsequential NPCs: More people added to Skyrim.

Interesting NPCs: Interesting people added to Skyrim.


Climates Of Tamriel: Making changes to the environment of Skyrim. Making nights darker and such things.

Enhanced Lights and FX: Changes the lighting of Skyrim.

Lock Overhaul: Changes how locks work in Skyrim.

SkyRe – T3nd0s Skyrim Redone: Making vast changes to Skyrim.


Sharlikrans Compatibility Patches – JaySuS Swords: Adds more swords to the world of Skyrim.

Sharlikrans Compatibility Patches – Vals Crafting Meltdown Alpha: Now able to melt things down in the smelter.

Unofficial Dawnguard Patch: Fixes stuff in Dawnguard.

Unofficial Dragonborn Patch: Fixes stuff in Dragonborn.

Unofficial Hearthfire Patch: Fixes stuff in Hearthfire.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch: Fixes stuff in Skyrim.

Skills and Leveling:

Tanning and Smelting Experience: Because tanning and smelting should give experience.


Housecarl Sandbox Fix: Unfortunately there is no link to this mod anymore. However This mod basically gives the housecarls something to do when at home and lets Lydia sleep in her own damn bed instead of watching you sleep. I do not know if this is fixed by the unofficial patches or not so I am keeping it just in case.

User Interfaces:

A Quality World Map: The world map now has roads and is generally better.

Better Dialog Controls: No more misclick responses to NPCs and quests.

Immersive HUD: Makes the HUD more, you know, immersive.

Race Menu: Gives greater control of the character creation process.

SkyUI: Making the User Interface usable.

Unread Books Glow: Because reading is fundamental.


Auto Unequip Ammo: Self explanatory I think.

Follower Trap Safety: Making followers smart enough to avoid the traps you avoided.

SkyRe – ReProccer – Automated SkyRe patch Generator: Changes the value of items to match the adjustments made by SkyRe.

Visuals and Graphics:

Dynavision – Dynamic Depth of Field: Makes the background blurry almost like real life.

Footprints: Adds footprints to the ground when walking.

Glowing Ore Veins: Because I am blind when it comes to finding ore.

No Guard Helmets: Did I mention I don’t like helmets?

Pure Waters: Making water look good.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod: Improves the meshes of a lot of things in Skyrim making it a nicer place to live in.


Immersive Weapons: Even more weapons added to Skyrim.

Lore Weapon Expansion: Add new lore friendly craftable weapons throughout Skyrim.

Insanitys Ebony Sword Replacer: Different variation of a Ebony sword.

Skyforge Weapons: Enhances the look of Skyforge weapons as well as adds more tiers of Skyforge weapons. 

Unique Uniques: Making the unique weapons of Skyrim look unique.

Weapons of the Third Era: Even more weapons to craft.

Weapons and Armor sets:

SkyRe – Balbor and Steelsouls SkyRe ReProccer Project: Balances weapons and armor for SkyRe.

The following are mods I am not using but are worth mentioning:

Convenient Horses

UFO – Ultimate Follower Overhaul

W.A.T.E.R – Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux

Hunters Cabin of Riverwood

Touring Carriages


Xvision Children

Deadly Dragons

Moonlight Tales

Realistic Lighting Overhaul

Adal Matar the Stronghold – Fight against the Thalmor I

The Cyrodiil Frontier – Fight against the Thalmor II

The Aldmeri Domain – Fight against the Thalmor III

South Dragon Bridge – Fight against the Thalmor IV

Recruit More Blades- Sky Haven Temple Enhanced

Helgen Reborn

Civil War Overhaul

Armor of Intrigue

Predator Vision

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  1. I play with the open cities mod, which I think is the best thing ever. If you dont know what it is I think Gopher has a video over it and it is an amazing mod.

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