Day 17

Welcome to “Inside the Character Studio” please give a warm welcome to our host; Oliver Clozeoff!


Ladies and gentlemen please, would ya bring yer attention to me. Welcome to the show, please come inside! Today we will continue our in-depth look into the life and mind of Zander Bearach, on: “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am your host Oliver Clozeoff, let’s get this show on the road!

Zander mi’boy, are you ready for the show today?

Not that I really have a choice but yes, I am. What will it be today? Want to know what the weirdest thing I ever ate was?

No, though I am sure it was disgusting. Today we want to know what ya think yer spirit animal is.

Oh, is that all?

Aye. You seem oddly confident in this. Why?

Oh, because I was told my spirit animal when I was fourteen.

Ya were? This sounds like an interesting tale. Do ya mind sharing the story lad?

I guess not.


When I was fourteen my uncle decided to take me on a trip one summer. We made a long trip by carriage to Skingrad during which he told me about how he and my father had made this trip with their dad and him with his. He told me this tradition dated back to the time of the Oblivion crisis itself, and every child in the family had to make the pilgrimage that we were on during the summer of their fourteenth year. He said it was a tradition for the father to accompany the child on this journey but since my father has passed it was now his duty and a role he was more than proud to fill for me.

We spent a few days in Skingrad gathering supplies for our trip, uncle still wouldn’t tell me where we were going. As we went from shop to shop gathering our supplies I was taken by the city and its beauty. I had only ever been to the Imperial City before and Skingrad was just a beautiful but on a smaller scale. After a few days, we had all the supplies we needed, my uncle said we would have to carry on by foot to our next destination. He handed me a heavy pack full of supplies and we began walking, it took us all day but we finally came to a Priory of some kind. It was old and there were a few monks and knights wandering about the place. Uncle seemed happy to see them because he hugged them and called them brother when they greeted us. I remember waking in the middle of the night to the sound of stone moving on stone, when I went to see what the noise was I saw uncle and a knight going down into a basement. They were down there quite a while and I must have fallen asleep at the top of the stairs because I woke back in the bed. I asked uncle what was in the basement and he just smiled as he threw a hooded cloak at me and told me to put it on. I remember it being very hot and asking why I had to wear the cloak, he looked at me with a smirk and said, “Because, we don‘t want to be caught going into Valenwood.”

As we walked through the woods to the Valenwood border he told me that the Thalmor could never find out about our trip, when I asked him why he only told me he would tell me when we reached our destination. We traveled for almost two weeks camping every night in the jungles of Valenwood until we came to the city of Silvenar. We were greeted by a group of Bosmer just outside the city and my uncle seemed to know them all. We never went into the city, we camped outside the city for a few days until one of the Bosmer told my uncle we could proceed. We traveled another few days south, and my dad uncle told me that we were going to a sacred city hidden in the heart of Valenwood. We arrived at the city and were greeted and taken to a small hut to rest and clean up. It was then that my uncle told me why we were here and why we had to hide. He told me that the city had remained hidden from the Thalmor purges for centuries and if they ever found this place it would be razed to the ground and all the Bosmer here would be murdered along with their traditions. He told me that long ago the Aldmeri Dominion declared that the School of magic known as Mysticism was not a true school of magic, even though Mysticism had been around longer than most other magic’s. He told me they did this because it was created by the Psjic Order who call Mysticism “The Old Way”, and because the Aldmeri Dominion feared the order and their power they banned Mysticism spreading only a handful of the spells they understood to the other schools of magic.

Once he told me everything he took me to meet an elder Bosmer woman who took me into a small hut. She sat with me near a fire and we talked, and every few minutes or so someone would toss a red stone into the fire causing the fire to heat up more and more. Even though the temperatures were blazing I didn’t seem to mind, we just spoke for a long time. After a few hours we left the hut she placed her hand on my head and smiled then told me to rest and she would seek me out before we left. We stayed for a few days, and true to her word she came to see me and my uncle. She took my hands and told me that the cougar resides inside my soul. She then explained to me what it meant, she told me, “The cougar is very powerful, but a very difficult totem. Cougar medicine is the lesson of the use of power, how to be an effective, fair leader and not abuse power. This totem’s gift is how to balance power, intention, strength, and grace. It is the balance of body, mind, and spirit. The first responsibility of leadership is the truth. Remember: Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. The cougar can teach you how to bring out your power and fill your heart with it that will enable you to take charge of your life. You can use Cougar power to defend yourself or to attack.” And with that my uncle smiled at her, thanked her, and we left to make our journey back home.

We didn’t speak much on the trip back home, I didn’t really have many questions for him to answer. We just backtracked taking the same route home that we did to see the Mystic. When we got home my uncle told me I could tell people we went on a trip to Skingrad but not to Valenwood. I was sad because I wanted to share everything I saw with Syndahl but I understood why I couldn’t.

That was an excellent story, Zander, I am glad ya shared with us.


So, I guess my next question is, do ya believe in yer spirit animal?

To be honest. No, not really. I don’t think I share any of those qualities with the cougar.

That’s a shame ya feel that way lad.

Yeah well, it is what it is.

Aye, I suppose it is. With that, we are out of time for today. I hope ya will join us again tomorrow when we carry on with our 28 Days of Character Development, where we will have another informatively good time with Zander, right here on “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am yer host Oliver Clozeoff saying, “Be good, if ya can’t be good, be naughty, but be good at it.” Good night everybody!

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