After the Fall, Chapter 6

Greetings and salutations! The sixth chapter of “After the Fall” is up and ready for reading. I know I said it was long and it is. Which is why I decided to break the chapter up. I am still currently writing what I consider chapter 6 and it is over 8k words and almost 30 pages long. I don’t think anyone will read such a lengthy chapter hence why I decided to break it into separate chapters. I was lucky enough to have a natural break/cliffhanger for this portion. Finding a natural break in the next portion might be a touch harder so I might have to create one, but that is future me’s problem. I look forward to all your comments and feedback.

So, without further delay: Chapter 6 or Everyone is so untrue 

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{Edit: I have updated the story as it was brought to my attention that I didn’t proof the chapter to the best of my ability. I hope the changes I made helps the flow for everyone. Fair warning…it probably still sucks proofreading wise lol}


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