The more things change

As some of you have noticed by now I have changed the theme of the site. With the untimely loss of Zander, I felt it was time to change everything up. So, I will be focusing on that for a little while before I begin work on the next phase of the blog. While I did have fun writing about Zander living, and fearing for his life in Skyrim his unfortunate run-in with the Thalmor has opened up the site for something new.

It was fun while it lasted and though there were more hiatus’ than I ever wanted, good times were had. Zander lasted 21 days living the life of a non-hero, I think he did rather well considering who was playing him and writing about his journey.

I hope you all will eventually stop hating me for what happened to Zander and give the new direction a chance. Who knows you may like it even more.

I will get back to work fixing up the site to look good and getting it ready for what is to come. All I need now is you know, screenshots, and ideas but other than that everything is a go!

Heh, … I am not worried at all, who needs Zander? Not me that’s who… This is gonna be great you’ll see…maybe…


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