I didn’t see that coming

I would like to thank everyone who still comes to check in on the blog, I do appreciate it. I would also like to say I am sorry for not posting the past few years. I am also sorry but I had forgotten that I changed the Screenshot hotkey to something different so while I thought I was taking some good screenshots for a snarky comment, I really wasn’t and did not notice until I finished playing and went and checked the folder. So, sorry about that. Let’s keep those great comments going, they have helped so much. Remember to follow, comment, like or all three. Now, without further adieu, on with the post! I hope you enjoy. Thanks again all, you’re the bestest.

Enjoy the latest entry: Loredas, 6th Hearthfire, 4th Era



10 thoughts on “I didn’t see that coming

      1. Ummmmm…around back, maybe? I would run away right now but we all saw how well that worked for Zander… I feel that might have been too soon.

    1. I won’t see Infinity War for a few more months did the Thalmor do something to the Avengers? *hugs* Don’t hate me, hate them they did it not me.

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