All Good Things

I had a complete and utter blast with the free ESO last weekend.

I wish it didn’t have to end but, unfortunately, I just can’t afford the $60-$80 for the game, not right now at least. I was happy to see the changes they have made to the game. Coldharbour was still kinda annoying but, all in all, much improved. There were still a few minor glitches but nothing game breaking that I could see, just a few minor irritations. The one change they made from Beta to live that I didn’t really care for was where you started after leaving Coldharbour. In beta you started where you should start, waking up with the people who rescued you, and progressing from there to the bigger cities. But they changed that. Now when you wake up you are already in the bigger cities and told you were found someplace and moved here. Which means if you want a true beginning you gotta back track, which isn’t hard it is just aggravating, at least it was for me. Again that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

I made Garemon first. I got him out of Coldharbour fully geared, it only took 4 hours. Then had to back track him to Bleakrock Isle. I was able to explore the whole island, complete all but the last quest to get off the island, find a lot of hidden chests, still not a fan of the lock smithing mini game but I managed, and I even died to a slaughter fish which got me an achievement and made me laugh. I didn’t take any screenshots though and I kind of regret that, but in all honesty, nothing on Bleakrock really changed, except I did find a new quest that wasn’t there before. It involved saving people from spiders. It was pretty cool. Not much changed with crafting either I noticed. A big change that I was happy to see was the justice system, being able to steal stuff and get caught and have to pay a bounty or run away and find a fence was pretty cool. Though for future reference starting areas have no fences so pay the bounty, I learned that the hard way. Garemon got caught a lot, like a lot a lot, he is not stealthy at all, though by the end of the night playing him he was pretty damn good at lock picking, which earned him a skill in Legerdemain, no idea what it is but he has skill in it apparently.

The next day I made Xavier. And never looked at Garemon again for the rest of the weekend. Much like Garemon, I started Xavier in Coldharbour. But I had a plan for him. I would kit him out using Garemon to make stuff for him. That plan didn’t pan out too well, for…reasons. I had an absolute blast with Xavier. I spent more time in Coldharbour than Garemon but not by choice. I was stuck there by my nemesis, lock picking. I’ll explain, in order to progress in Coldharbour you have to pick the lock on a door. Garemon was able to do this with relative ease, only spending about 2 minutes and 4 picks to get through the door. Xavier on the other hand went hours. Literally hours and god knows how many lock picks. I could have forced the door open but my pride and Xavier’s pride was in question, so, every time I ran out of picks I would have to farm more. This process was hilarious and sad all at the same time. Xavier actually died in Coldharbour too. Not from a mob, hell no, Xavier was a bad ass in that place one shooting Daedra at times. No his death came from a jump off a crate. This was while farming lock picks I might add. I think it was a glitch because it was a small jump and while farming Xavier was doing parkour all over Coldharbour, including one very impressive jump from a bridge, which should have killed him but didn’t.

Hours of farming lock picks and failing at opening that damn door set me back quite a bit, but eventually I did make it out of Coldharbour. And like Garemon, Xavier woke up in Daggerfall the capital of Glenumbra the homeland of the Bretons. Again I had to back track and get Xavier to the true starting area of Stros M’kai. From there I spent the rest of the weekend doing quests leveling up crafts and having a blast with the quest line. I was able to guide Xavier through all of the Stros M’kai quests, I even found some hidden treasures from maps and such. I finally got Xavier back to the place he was in Beta, Betnikh, where he got because of all the broken quests. This go around though, all the quests were fixed and though I found a few glitches here and there the quest line in Betnikh was amazing, though also kind of sad at the end.

Xavier finally, officially, made it back to Daggerfall and Glenumbra, where he learned about crafting writs and helped thwart an attempted assassination plot on King Casimir. Unfortunately this is where Xavier was left as the free weekend came to an end. On a bright note, by the end of my time with Xavier this weekend he had also become quite the lock smith having gained the Legerdemain skill. Playing Xavier, and doing his quest lines was so much fun. I wish I had more time with the game and who knows maybe in the future I will have the money to buy it and play more, and even play with other people. But until then I can honestly say, that was the most fun I have had in a MMO in a very long time.

I did manage to take screen shots of my time with Xavier, and I might even post them or do something else with them. Who knows.


2 thoughts on “All Good Things

  1. I’m glad you had so much fun! I’m sorry I had to abandon you for the wedding, but it turned out beautifully. We didn’t even have any real trolls to mess up the roleplay.

    They did the thing where you come awake in the cities in case you want to bypass the opening islands. A good idea in theory, except that they made all the early city quests really low level, so if you do do the islands, you’re overpowered by the time you get to the city.

    I do hope you’ll be able to get the same soon so I’ll see you online again. Maybe we can even quest together.

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