That’s Not Mead!

Finally! Got this entry posted. I really hope everyone enjoys it and finds it a little bit funny. It took me forever because I just kept re-writing the last page over and over again. I was never happy with it. I just decided to say screw it and post it. I just hope it is good enough not to completely suck. Now at least I can work on the next entry some, and hope my OCD, perfectionist ways don’t rear their ugly heads again. As always I look forward to your comments, remember to follow, comment, like or all three. Until next time, which hopefully won’t take forever, be good, if you can’t be good be bad, just be good at it. Thanks again all.

Enjoy the latest entry: Fredas, 5th Hearthfire, 4th Era



11 thoughts on “That’s Not Mead!

  1. *makes noises only dogs can hear*
    Aieeeee! You posted! You posted! YAY!
    I think my favorite part of many was the whole “Jarl” thing. L.O.L.

  2. It was a juvenile prank but Seddgeir deserved it. Stupid prick. This was so much fun to read and Im wondering who this Isobel is. Are we going to be seeing more of her? More important, is Zander going to be seeing more of her.

    1. Almost pretty sure I thought of this prank while i was reading one of your chapters. So I am giving you credit for it so it is an Easter egg that is not an Easter egg, so the Easter egg is a lie…wait no the cake is a lie…wait no…now I’m confused…

      Anyway I am glad you enjoyed it. I would say seeing more of Isobel is likely to happen since she is Lod’s apprentice and Zander is still trying to be his apprentice, so she may become Lod’s student teacher so to speak. Or I might just go a different way with it. We shall see.

      As, for Zander seeing more of her, I would say that is unavoidable if Lod takes him on as a second apprentice. Or did you mean romantically?

      1. Romantic or not, I look forward to you bringing in an OC, unless she’s a from a mod. Still, looking forward to it. It didn’t involve pee, but yes, Balgruuf delighted in replacing Siddgeir’s fancy mead with crappy dungeon home brew.

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