It’s Not Broken… It’s Cracked!


So, once the stat page loaded properly, I was able to see that the majority of the views to my page were coming from an article on It was a total shock to me yesterday and rather weird/scary to have so many people reading my page. Then I realized this could be a great thing for all the other blogs/journals/fan-fictions I have listed on my page. This could get everyone some much-needed exposure because everyone deserves more views!

So, with any luck, this has created a surge of viewers and new readers for everyone else as well, at least that is my hope.

I was not feeling well last night so I went to bed early and missed how many views I ended up with. I can definitely say it was a major Dragon Ball Z moment when I checked this afternoon. So, to quote Vegeta…


10,856 views to be exact, and over 4k today so the traffic continues.

So, I would like to thank Mark Hill, the author of the article for sending so many people my way and welcome to all the new people to my page. I hope I can bring a small amount of entertainment to you through Zander. If Zander is not your cup of tea, or even if he is, please check out one or all of the other links to the other very talented writers/artists I have listed.

As always I look forward to your comments. And thank you for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “It’s Not Broken… It’s Cracked!

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  2. I came here from cracked… Read pretty much every post on Zander going back to the first one. There was some good stuff in there but i guess you have tapered off, maybe you don’t want to do it anymore? I has been hard to read some of the newer posts (the ones in blue font), I would encourage you to get back to the original idea of playing an NPC even if you have to restart, use fewer mods ect.. Also take advantage that a big site like cracked has given you page views! Pump out some content! See if you can retain some of those eyeballs and people like myself that want something fun to read 😛 GL on this thing…

    1. First let me say thank you for commenting, welcome to the blog, and I am glad you found it entertaining. I am sorry if the blue text hurt your eyes, it’s just a thing I do to separate stuff, maybe I will change it to a deeper blue in the future.

      It’s not that I don’t want to keep doing it. If that were the case I would come out and say it and turn this blog into a hub for people to find good TES writing/art. It has basically come down to RL issues and personal physical limitations. I haven’t stopped writing, I have tons of outlines for future Misadventures, it is just taking me way longer than I had ever imagined to get the words to come out properly and keep it entertaining.

      Basically, if I can not make it entertaining for me there is no way I can fake it and make it entertaining for you the reader, and I try my hardest to make things entertaining.

      Again thank you for your comment, and though the Misadventures are not any where near as frequent as anyone else would like, I hope you stick around for when they do come out.

  3. Terry Rogers

    I came from the Cracked article, as well. I’ve bookmarked you, as well as more than a few of the similar pages you linked on the sidebar.

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