It’s Defective, take it back!

This is an impromptu post. So, apparently, WordPress’ stat page is broken? According to my WordPress stats page, I am receiving a hell of a lot of traffic.  1022 hourly views of my page over the last 7 hours? This can’t be true, like at all. WordPress is broken. I would love for this to be true but how can it be? I only post this now because it took me by complete shock when I just logged on and saw my page had something like 2000 views today. (Edit: correction as of this post the views for today are over 6000. I feel this to be a Dragon Ball Z moment.)

Anyone else having weird WordPress glitches?

In conclusion….it’s defective, take it back! LOL


13 thoughts on “It’s Defective, take it back!

  1. Weird. Most of my wordpress sites have remained rather flat (Practically no blips at all on the bar) rather consistently. Although “Entering Skyrim”, while it hasn’t reached that high of numbers, today has seen a considerable increase in consistent traffic over the last few hours. Maybe we’ve got some Skyrim-folks binging on our blogs? *shrugs* It’d be interesting to compare different site stats for today and see what’s up.

      1. Ripples on a pond!

        Now that the system has had a chance to process, I’m noticing that a lot of my recent roller coaster traffic is being referred to from this site! 😀 Eight referrals yesterday, six today (so far!)… With however many views you’ve gotten, I think at least a small portion of them are checking out your side bar links.

        The scientist in me thinks it would be pretty interesting to compare among those sites on the side and see how often they’re getting views now. XD

    1. Yeah the stat page finally loaded correctly for me to see where the views were coming from. Still 6k in a day for me was quite the shock.

    1. LOL yep! Dang just one view? I was really hoping everyone would get more views from this once I realized what had happened. Everyone deserves more views.

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