What is a plethora? Why, El Guapo?

Ok, so there isn’t a plethora of things I want to discuss but I enjoyed the title of the post and decided to keep it.

I would like to talk about creativity and inspiration. Two words that should mean a lot to an author, artist, or anyone trying to do anything really. Two little words with so much power and influence. With them anything is possible, but without them, nothing gets done.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

Lately, I am having a difficult time finding my creativity and inspiration. I remember there being a time when I could write short stories, poetry, or funny philosophical quotes like it was nothing. Sometimes it would keep me up all night just to finish something that was stuck in my head. But now, it is like my creativity has been shut off and it only comes out in drips. I have all these ideas but no creativity or inspiration to flesh them out into reality.

A prime example is with the design aspects of this blog; for nearly a damn year I have had the idea for a logo for a home page but when I go to flesh it out nothing happens. Hell, it has taken me how long to do banners for the different pages? I won’t even get into writing and  I don’t mean the Misadventures either, that’s a whole other tale, those are easy for me to write out. I am talking about my original stories and fan-fiction those just trickle out so slowly it is infuriating sometimes. 

So, having vented that out, I was wondering, what inspires you? What sparks that creative burst to get you going? Is it music, reading, art, silly cat videos, a good nap? What gets your creative juices flowing?

“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of.” – Joss Whedon

I look forward to reading what inspires you and helps your creativity blossom.



5 thoughts on “What is a plethora? Why, El Guapo?

  1. I’m with Mr. Whedon on this one, which should surprise no one since he’s pretty much driving my creative-train. Otherwise, any sort of comment or encouragement from people inspires and motivates me. I need to write about this.

  2. I mused about the same thing just recently. As you’ve said – several years ago I could have stayed up almost all night long drawing or writing (“for the drawer” mostly,or for a very limited people to see it but that’s not the point :D). Anyway, it was almost as easy as breathing and all I needed was – literally – a cup of good coffee or honey/apricot tea, depending on the mood. Now my lazy Muse became waaaay too lazy and won’t bite at something that trivial 😀 And I still haven’t found the right up-to-date combination of things that can boost the inspiration. So for now I’m left with daydreaming (even without any support from tea or music :D) that doesn’t find it’s way on the paper.

  3. My creative spark always (yes, ALWAYS) flares into an inferno during the last 20 seconds before I fall asleep.
    Apart from that, it comes while writing. Reliably. It may take some time, but while shuffling around words on a blank sheet, suddenly they arrange them nearly all on their own and fall into place. I just have to get my ass moving (or, respectively, not) and sit down and start.
    And sometimes a good run (or an extended biking round) with stuff like Trivium or Dropkick Murphys hammering my brain into mush helps too.

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