Clean Save! Really?

This is a rant about mods, this is only a rant. It has no real bearing on anything other than to vent my frustrations to the world. Read this only if you really want to, other than that please move along, and have a super wounderific nice day/night.

Apparently, everyone and their mother who mods Skyrim decided to update their mods. Now, normally this isn’t a big deal, it is as simple as clicking a button and overwriting the previous version of the mod with the newer version. Well, not today it wasn’t! I guess I missed the memo but today was, “Let’s all update our mods and make it a pain in the ass day.” For anyone who does not know a clean save update is a pain in the ass. What it entails is going into your saved game, uninstalling, either from the MCM menu, most preferred, if there is one or if you are cursed with crap luck, like me, using freaking console commands that are so convoluted and repetitive it would make Sheldon Cooper’s head explode. (If you don’t know who Sheldon Cooper is you just made me a sad panda.) Once the mod is uninstalled properly, and I do mean properly because if you missed one damn thing or skipped something or in my case forget a letter or a number or a space in the console command your day gets fubar and you have to spend an unknown amount of time fixing the issues that arise and god forbid it to be a script problem.

Anyway, after uninstalling the mod, properly, you then need to wait in the game a few moments then save a new save file that has the mod not installed on it and exit the game. Then install the update, properly, then go back into the game let the mod run on the recently saved game file. Wait another few moments then save on another new save file, then exit the game and restart the game loading the new save file and test it to make sure you didn’t mess up somewhere along the way.

Now, normally this is a piece of cake, bitter cake but still cake. The problem is now instead of this being a rare thing to have to do only for big updates or massive changes to the mod it is starting to be done for every damn update they come out with. I’m sorry, but if a mod author feels adding a tree in the middle of bum fuck nowhere, or adjusting some stat on some item that no one ever really finds or crafts is a valid reason for making me do a clean save update than kiss my ass and go fuck yourself with a red-hot poker because it isn’t! Now, if that same tree housed an entire civilization of miniature snow elves bent on destroying the Thalmor and that stat somehow fixed the Empire from being a complete Thalmor cock sucking tools, then yeah, of course, a clean save is needed and I appreciate all your hard work. But if a mod author is doing clean save updates just for the sake of clean save updates than we have an issue.

Granted this wasn’t the case today, all the clean save updates I did today were, in fact, vital and required. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some douche bag mod author out there cranking out some awesome mod laughing evilly in a dark corner as they get off on making people do clean save updates for no good reason. Okay, so maybe that’s unlikely and I am overreacting. Or am I? Yeah, I probably am, but still, it pisses me off that I had to spend the better part of 4 hours today doing clean save updates and losing time I could be spending playing Skyrim. 

This concludes the rant. Once again, this was only a rant. Had this been an actual emergency, the emergency broadcast system would have imploded, the water around the world turned to fire and molten lava melting the polar ice caps and drowning mankind in a tidal wave of fiery, molten-y, watery death, knocking out the interwebs, thus making it unlikely you are reading this now. Unless you are an advanced civilization from the future excavating the remnants of the interwebs trying to find out what civilization was like in the past, in which case. Hi! I bet you’re glad this isn’t porn.


17 thoughts on “Clean Save! Really?

  1. So much agree with this post. So much agree. I’ve only made one mod that requires a clean install, however it’s not for public consumption yet. I want to release it where people DON’T have to do a clean save to update it. I don’t like making people do a bunch of things just to use something I create.

    1. And for that I salute you…and thank you profusely. =) I don’t suppose you could make a mod that gives blacksmiths and/or other trade skill merchants quest lines to help increase your skills maybe send you to look for a book they lost or herb er something? hehe Just thought I would put that out there lol

      1. I was thinking about inquiring about that. I’m about to get raving myself about the lack of mod authors out there using their imaginations a little more and putting things into the game that should be there. I might be able to whip something up like that though once I help a friend finish their mod. I’ve been working on the scripting and the code that he got from somewhere is just butchered beyond belief. No matter how many times you try to fix the logs, more logs pop up. I told him if he really wants to keep that in there, to have the least amount of errors and let people know about them rather than just playing them off like he didn’t know about it. An honest author is a good author.

      2. Yikes, dare I ask what mod? Also from what I have gathered from talking to some mod authors who no longer play or work on Skyrim if a code is so messed up that fixing it causes more breaks its better to scrap it and start over. But what do I know I cant code for crap lol.

      3. It’s a mod that displays things when you put it in a chest. Takes the references and throws them where you tell it to show it at. It’s an innovative script. It works still even with the errors. It just piles up every time you use the chest. It hasn’t been released yet though so there’s still time to clean it up. I can’t code all that well either, but most of them are simple fixes. They just pop up everywhere.

      4. Very promising. What I hope is for that when the mod is released people will take notice that it was a group effort to get it all to work and other authors take a note and branch off with some of their mods that they no longer support. Build Your Own Home had huge potential, but we all see how that went.

      5. Yeah, well there is another build your own home type thing out there now that seems even more polished. I have noticed that most of the time the only time modders seem to group up and bang something great out is on armor mods, which don’t get me wrong I love but that shouldn’t be the only time. I know Antiscamp ( has been working on a completely new world like Falskaar but it looks so much more detailed, I am sure he wouldn’t mind some more help.

  2. I’ve had to perform a clean save a few times and I actually missed a vital file which then completely fucked up my character and I had to delete them. This is why I now avoid manually installing/uninstalling mods and use Steam, which updates automatically, or the Nexus Mod Manager.

    1. Yeah I enjoy those mods but even when using NMM there are still some mods that require an elaborate clean save process. And it is those specifically that will trip me up and ruin my night.

  3. I feel your pain, dude. I feel your pain. I have one mod that does a very elaborate overhaul to Breezehome. It just happens to be the best house mod I’ve ever seen, so I use it. However, whnever he updates, not only do you have to do a clean save, you have to remove EVERYTHING from the house before doing a clean save. At level 62 with my current character, I have everything under the sun in that house and I’m thinking no frickin’ way. I don’t even bother updating it anymore. I’m happy with it just the way it is.

    1. Oh I think I remember that house! Was it like the hideout or something like that? I remember having to do that for a house mod and then I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble and just uninstalled it and never looked back. But yes, it is that crap that was annoying, I think on that particular mod I had to do an update and clean save and remove items from my house and all this crap because he added a fireplace with a cooking spit or something retarded.

      1. I’m not sure if that’s the one. This is Berts Breezehome Remodeled. It’s definitely worth getting, just not updating. I usually do the updates when I start a new character. He has a whole bunch of supersorters and all these bells and whistles that just make it fantastic. Except for the whole removing all the stuff and clean save thing.

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