Spring Time Fresh!

Okay, you got me. It is not springtime nor is it very fresh. I did however just update my blogrolls, and no they are not warm, moist, flakey or buttery. They are, however, updated with new blogs so go check them out. This also means I removed some blogs that were for a lack of a better term dead. I did, however, leave some blogs that some would say are dead, but I like them so much I consider them on life support as I try to convince the authors to continue to write again, which is proving to be an exercise in futility but I will still persist.

In other news. I am working on some banners for the different pages of my blog to try to class up the joint a bit. I think the “Mod List” banner came out really nice, or maybe it didn’t and I am delusional. In any case, I am finding it harder to come up with good banners for the other pages. Though I have some weird ideas I could try but who knows where that will lead me.

Well, as a stuttering, pantsless pig once said,  “Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-… That’s all, folks.”


8 thoughts on “Spring Time Fresh!

  1. Erm…I’m sorry…I guess? Is that like saying Mufsah? Personally I thought it would have been a combination of warm and moist to get a reaction. Or in some cases, buttery.

  2. Oh yeah, and thanks. I’m writing right now, just needed to look up something so I logged in and viola! Reader page update. Now, back to the vampires! =D

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