A Dark Day in Skyrim

Bad News Everybody…

It is a sad day in Skyrim as my very first character, Dax, is gone. He went out, not by the hand of a foe, or in the glory of battle, no he didn’t go out with a bang but with a, “WTF?!? NOOO!!!!!”. He has suffered from a horrible case of save game corruption.

Dax, will be missed by many. Though he never married, or had any children, he was a mighty warrior. He will be forever be remembered to those whose lives he touched. Dax was a man of many…many hats, helmets, and/or hoods.

Dax was known throughout Skyrim for many things. He rebuilt the Blades only to tell them to fuck off when they wanted him to kill Paarthunax. He became the leader the Thieves Guild and one of three members of the legendary Nightingales. He was not only the leader of the Dark Brotherhood but also the Listener of the Nightmother and the assassin who slayed Emperor Titus Mede II. An honorary member of the Orc clans in Skyrim. He was the Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold, even though he was only adept at healing spells at best. Earned the name of Stormblade as he led the Stormcloak army to victory over the rotted, postulating, festering, Thalmore infected Empire. He was known by many as the Dragonborn.

Holding all those titles and all those accomplishments meant nothing to Dax though. No, the one title he loved more than anything else was a title he had earned after his retirement from adventuring. 

He was and forever will be SantaBorn.

 But, weep not for SantaBorn, like many mythical beings of lore, and legend, he too might return one day…

On a different note.

Good News Everybody!

Even though I installed a new mod, which is probably the reason Dax’s saved file got corrupted, Zander is fine! He is still on track for Falkreath and even put in his first full day with Alvor. So there ya go…silver lining….*sniffle*


About Pyrelle

I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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5 Responses to A Dark Day in Skyrim

  1. Oh no! I’ve had that happen to my sims 3 families. Not fun 😦

  2. calumtravler says:

    I’m afraid to open Calliope’s save game after the last TARDIS update… since I foolishly did such with her still inside which I forgot the mod-author warned not to do… 0_0 At the very least, I can still continue on with new events that the game doesn’t provide, but…. Still. I feel for ya. Save game corruption is not fun at all. >_<;

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