So, I finally got Zander to Riverwood. All it took was weeks of trying, countless lives and the ability to outrun everything Skyrim threw at me. I guess Zander was lucky his first trip to Riverwood because little did I know there is a random encounter spawn on the road to Riverwood and his first trip he ran into a farmer walking a cow. This time he met with assassins, thieves, who didn’t believe Zander was poor, a giant and his cow, bandits, Thalmore, wolves, sabercats, and bears…oh my. He died many, many…many, many, many times. I learned that if I ever get ambushed by anything unless I am extremely lucky Zander will most likely die. He got one shot so many times it makes me worry about the future, but I will progress through Riverwood and to Falkreath and get back on track. Hopefully, by then I will be better at defense and survivability.

In other news, I am going to try to remember all the pages I lost from my original story and get it posted either here or on a new page. I have not decided which. It will be rough cause A lot of what I wrote and the ideas I had come at times of severe sleep deprivation, and for whatever reason, all the notes I kept were on the computer no hard copies so I am going to start from scratch.


6 thoughts on “Eureka!

    1. They do and once the blog starts up again the rules will apply, but since his original save file got completely unusable I had to restart him and get him back to Falkreath where his save file last had him. I could have sworn all this was covered in previous posts, or am I mistaken?

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