Update, that is, get your minds out of the gutter.

My playing has slowed down a bit as making the trip to Riverwood has been a tad bit more difficult. And by that I mean, so far, Zander has died an incredible 30 times on what is normally a very short and easy trip. I blame the mod Immersive Patrols but I will get him there. In the meantime, I just realized I have a lot of updates on mods to go through and since the majority of them require a “clean” save it is a minor pain in my ass, but it is a necessary evil I suppose. In other news, Zander has been leveling like a beast with the new mods and changes so that’s something.  

So, that completes the update.  Sorry for the slow process but when you die that much on a short trip it is time to slow down so as not to burn out and or do something rash like go god mode.


2 thoughts on “Quickie…

  1. I’m so glad for the update. I’ve missed you. I’m determined to finish my new chapter tonight or tomorrow. After that, I have the next one already written. It will just take some tweaking. : D

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