Epic Fail The Sequel: Not So Epic Fail

So, I have finally gotten Zander out of the snow and into Whiterun. His death count is still rising just not as fast as it did at first. However his timeline is completely out of sync, and I honestly don’t know how to get him back on track. Aside from that things are going well for him. He will have some different gear by the time he reaches Falkreath, including a nifty backpack he stole from a dead bandit, which he barely managed to escape alive from, along with a new awesome bow he got from that bandit’s dead friend, bandit number 2, so that’s nice, but he is sporting a giant hammer instead of his sword, which I personally hate, but you take what skyrim gives you I suppose, oh and an imperil shield he found on a dead imperial which he didn’t kill.

All in all, I  think things might be looking up, the new mods have both helped and hindered progress to a point but it is now not a drudge since he is not dying every five feet. I hope to get through Whiterun a little faster and onto Riverwood but I make no promises. So, there is an update of sorts, I look forward to any and all comments. Thank you, and have a nice night.

The preceding has been brought to you by the council for Skyrim Death tolls sending fools to Sovngard since before there were Eras. 


11 thoughts on “Epic Fail The Sequel: Not So Epic Fail

  1. Poor Zander. He’d probably fare better in Elspeth’s verse, where I have him doing litlte more than drinking at the Bannered Mare. And that won’t kill him. At least not for a while.

  2. Pyrelle, you always crack me up! You know how you could explain the differences: amnesia. Or the original story–or part of it–was a dream. Tehee, just tryin’ to help. 😉

    1. =) All fine ideas, of which I will probably use more than one, if not something I think might work as well. I just need to make sure he doesn’t fall way too far behind his timeline, that could be even more tricky.

  3. Rule 1 of surviving Skyrim. Find a cat and make it your friend. Rule 1.5, give said cat some armor and a sword. Rule 7 RUN! Glad to hear your adjusting to SkyRe and Praise be to Julianos that Zander is getting tougher or luckier not sure which.

    1. I wouldn’t say tougher as he is only level 4 atm as for luck I don’t think it applies, now if say some bandits ran up to him and flopped over dead just cause then I would say yeah that’s luck. I really do need to look into getting a spunky sidekick to keep Zander safe, but then I would have to do a quest to earn their trust or out right pay for protection and that is a lot of work so we will call that plan B, or maybe C or possibly D.

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