Epic Fail

As hard as I have been working to get Zander back to Falkreath I feel like an epic failure to report he has just made it to the bandit fort by Dawnstar. SkyRe has really made this a difficult task, my death count has risen so swiftly that I have lost track at how many times he has died. I am thinking about lowering the difficulty to noob level and ROFLSTOMP my way to Falkreath, but then I know as soon as i turn the difficulty back up Zander will be toast and the blog will forever be dead. I was really hoping to have better news for everyone but there it is, the sad truth. To help me from going insane, from the mass deaths Skyrim has dealt me, I have been spreading my time out doing different things, like playing Sims 3. Zander lives in a 1 bedroom apartment and frequents dive bars on the weekends there while trying not to become vampire bait, it helps to break up the slaughter that Skyrim imposes on me. I hope you all understand and are not too mad that I have had to split my focus like that.

As always I look forward to and comments, feedback, questions and criticisms you all might have. Till next time, sleep with one eye open in skyrim because if you don’t you’ll die, especially with SkyRe installed.


About Pyrelle

I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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8 Responses to Epic Fail

  1. calumtravler says:

    Poor Zander….He can’t win, can he?

  2. I think I’m going to skip playing with SkyRe. I’m having enough trouble as it is.

  3. Grub the Orc says:

    At least it isn’t Requiem. That make SkyRe seem like a marshmallow park walk in a gumdrop forest.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Actually I tested Requiem and I didn’t find it as hard as others deem it, then again I didn’t have Frostfall installed at the time so didn’t have to worry about weather.

  4. Oh Zander! I definitely understand the need to split my focus. I am determined, however, to get my new chapter up this weekend.

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