It’s Cold Out There

I thought I would give everyone a small update as to the progress of Zander.

I have officially restarted the game and he is still in Dawnstar. I was hoping to keep pace with the original play through to Falkreath, alas that is easier said than done. It seems the new Zander is rather accident prone, or rather I suck at playing. As of this moment Zander has died multiple times. Hell he died within moments of leaving the sunken ship, and like 4 times immediately after while trying to swim to shore. Which is my fault, I should have known better than to turn on Frostfall before reaching a town. So, Zander has had a rough go of it so far. Not counting the 5 deaths  in the sea of ghosts he has also died several times while trying to hunt, at which he sucks. I can recall dying 3 times to hypothermia while hunting. And he is not the wolf hunter he used to be either, having died from wolves ripping him apart 4 times; SkyRe is a lot harder than what I was using before and has given me a real challenge.

Needless to say he is still stuck in Dawnstar since I will have to figure out how to play with the new system. I will have to be even more cautious once he arrives at Falkreath as well, with any luck I will be more adapt at running away by then. I am really glad deaths don’t count till Falkreath, cause if they did this would be one sucky experience for everyone.

Death total: 22 deaths

Frostfall: 8 (Hypothermia is a bitch!)

Wolves: 4 (Used as a chew toy.)

Giants: 1 (One hit, is the penalty for cheese theft…)

Mammoths: 1 (There was no sneaking past Stampy this time.)

Frost Troll: 1 (Frost Trolls hit hard and run fast.)

Bandits: 3 (Arrows hurt…a lot.)

Slaughterfish: 4 (So embarrassing.)


About Pyrelle

I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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9 Responses to It’s Cold Out There

  1. calumtravler says:

    Those pesky slaughterfish. XD

  2. This is so keeping with the theme that Skyrim is trying to kill him. I miss Zander and I can’t wait to see him again.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Yeah but now its like Skyrim is on steroids and is on a roid rage directed at him. I died another 4 times today LOL. I am slowly figuring it out though so with any luck Zander won’t end up dead one day into Falkreath.

  3. Wow, Skyrim really IS trying to kill him! And doing a bang-up job.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Yeah, Skyrim is definitely playing for keeps now. Died 3 more times today, it feels like I take 2 steps forward and die 3 steps back lol

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