Results an Update and A Poll Dance

I have closed the poll from last week. The results were very lopsided. With 70 percent of the vote going to leave Zander as he is. So, I will do my very best to keep him the same, I will, however, make just a few changes but, for the most part, he will look the same or as close as I can get him.

The update is as follows. I am still running tests on mods and working on updating the mod page. It is definitely taking a lot longer than I had anticipated but I hope it will be worth it to make sure I avoid a corrupt save file and broken game again.

Now for the next question. I have three options in the poll below and I am going to explain them here. Starting over is a foregone conclusion at this point. Which leaves a few options I would like everyone to vote on.  I will explain what they are and the pro’s and cons of the option so you are fully informed.

Option one: A complete starting over of the blog, I start writing from day one again. This could lead him in a new direction with different outcomes, or it could go the same way as the first run. Doing this could also very well get him killed on day one cutting the blog short.

Option two: Also a complete starting over but I will be doing everything the same and won’t be writing about it until Zander reaches Falkreath again. This would keep Zander alive long enough to get back to Falkreath because until then dying wouldn’t be permanent. I would pick up where I left off writing at which point death would once again be permanent.

Option three: Like option two but instead of only writing again after Falkreath I would write whenever something interesting happens and keep everyone informed and up to date. Death would not matter until Zander reached Falkreath.

Those are the three options and much like last weeks poll I will keep this one open for a week and let everyone know the results. Unlike last weeks poll, you can only choose one option so choose wisely.

As always, I look forward to any and all comments, suggestions, and feedback.


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