Date of the Up, part duex: Revenge of Something or Other

Well, looky, looky I got Hooky… er  I mean another update. To let everyone know I will be closing down the poll from the previous post next week, probably Monday so I can take your feedback into account when I remake Zander. At which time I might have yet another poll for everyone to help with. Yay, doesn’t that sound super duper funrific? Yeah, I know it really doesn’t but thems the breaks. Anyway onto the update.

I have been working on my mod page and I am glad to say, it very well could be up by the end of the middle of the start of the week following the next week. Yeah…yeah that’s the ticket. Just kidding it will be up soon for all the world to see and laugh at and ridicule. Now having said all that, I want you all to know as hard as I tried to keep the mod list tight, things have gone kind of pear-shaped. I have significantly more mods than I did before however, they are all playing nicely with one another, for the moment at least. So I will be looking to further narrow the list down again. To do this I have to decide what is really needed. I will be looking to remove things like retexture packs, armor packs, weapon packs etc…However, if you have any mods you would like to see added or have me look at for Zander just let me know there is still a little bit of time left before the final cut.


4 thoughts on “Date of the Up, part duex: Revenge of Something or Other

  1. One of the core overhauls. I use SkyRe really like it, expands the Perk Trees and makes quite a few nice changes to the game in my oppinion (I only recommend the combat edits if you aren’t sticking with the survive on one life style) Also Realistic Needs and Diseases instead of TRO. RND is configurable and makes survival a more fun that TRO to me.

  2. Narrowing down a mod list is, in my humble opinion, more difficult than balancing the national budget. Every time I take one out, I find two more that I just have to have.

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