A bard, a bandit, a fork too many

WOO! Finally finished this entry. Sorry it took longer than I thought it would but I hope it will be worth it for everyone. As I mentioned in an earlier post this will be the last Zander entry for a while. I have a lot of work to do to get the next part of Zander up and running and I want the game to be as stable as possible so as not to have another incident. I will be starting a new Zander file once I get the mods all sorted and stable. Hopefully, I can get him back to Falkreath and on the same timeline as he is now. At least that is my hope but we shall see if it works out that way or not. I will keep everyone updated as to the progress being made. Again, I hope everyone enjoys this entry and I look forward to all your comments and feedback. Remember to follow, comment, like or all three. Thanks again all.

Enjoy the latest entry: Turdas, 4th Hearthfire, 4th Era



20 thoughts on “A bard, a bandit, a fork too many

    1. I honestly stood there and watched the bard and the bandit as they struggled to over come their pathing. Talsgar overcame his obsticle but i had to put the bandit down lol

      1. Hehe. It is transfixing some times, just to watch them sort of running in place… That is unless of course they have ranged attacks, in which case KILL IT! KILL IT FAST!!!

  1. Zander, oh how I’ve missed you!!! This was a good entry, funny, with his humorous observations and all, but then it got a little serious and emotional there. I think Zander needs a hug.

    1. To be clear you liked it though right? Zander needs many things a hug definetly being one of them, as well as a psycological evaluation. =)

  2. Zander, I will give you a big orcy hug. Because you need one. Glad you’re back though! Just remember, what scars you for life only makes you… um… more vulnerable to bouts of psychotic rage… never mind. Hugs for Zander!

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