Well as you can tell by the makeshift progress bar up there the next installment of Zander is nearly complete. I have written the next part out completely, the only thing left to do is add in the images, write funny tags for the images and edit the written content in a last attempt to make it funnier. I appreciate your patience in this process it is taking more time than I had anticipated but it is coming along nicely.

As a reminder after this the next entry there will be what I hope to be a short halt in content. I must install new mods, update old mods, and delete obsolete mods; I will also have to start Zander over from the beginning as well as update his look some, maybe mutton chops…OW! Okay, fine, no mutton chops yah big baby…OW! Quit hitting me!

Sorry, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? Oh, yes, I will be updating his look, I might even update the look of the site as well. I am also still toying with the idea of turning Zander from a non-hero play through, into a fan-fiction. So as you can see before I can continue further I have a lot to do.

As always I am grateful for any feedback, suggestions, criticisms anyone has to offer so don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Thanks again for your continued patience. What? You want me to say what? Really? I’m not saying that. What? No! Because it is stupid! Fine, then you say it! You can’t strike, we are just getting started! Don’t you walk away…FINE, I’ll say it…

Zander says hi and, “WHERE ALL MY DOVAHKIN AT!” There happy?

Anyway, thanks again for being patient, I need to go make someone suffer now, don’t forget to like and comment. See you all again soon!

Where you going?

Don’t you run from me!
You’re only making it worse!

14 thoughts on “Processing…Processing…

    1. I am on the fence with it in all honesty. I could probably do it with a seamless transition incorporating what I have done so far into the fan-fiction, or I could just start completely from scratch. I just don’t know which way I would prefer to do if I chose to go down the fan-fiction path. And I am not even mentioning the possibility no one would read it. LOL

  1. I am bursting. with anticipation from this. which ever way you go i will loyally follow zander to in his anti-heroic tales. Also maybe mutton chops made from actual mutton? Or is that to grisly for zanders taste?

    1. LOL. I’m working on it as quickly as possible =) till then beware the frying pan of …. pan fried chicken goodness…? doesn’t sound so menacing hmmm I’ll have to work on my naming skills.

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