Up Up and Aw…er Update

So it has been a very, VERY, long time since a real update or news as to what has been going on so I will attempt to bring everyone, if anyone is left, up to date. So, I have finally managed to fix, I use that term loosely, the game a while ago, I won’t say how long because people will flog me. It turns out that one very naughty mod, which shall remain nameless, was the cause of my headache. Since fixing said problem another has arisen which further delayed the return of Zander. What problem you may ask, well I doubt anyone really asked but I am going to tell you anyway.

Zanders save file(s) is/are completely and without a doubt dead. I can play him for a maximum of 8 minutes and a minimum of 1, it depends on the luck of the draw. That is just one reason there have been no updates or any sign of Zander. Another is all on me, after painfully moving Zander from point A ( a sign post) to point B (Falkreath), I got so frustrated that I couldn’t even look at Skyrim, let alone write about it, that and until very recently I only had the base game. Thanks to steams summer sale, I now possess all the official game content. Which has sorta gotten me in a better mood to write. I am still fighting my other personal reasons for not writing but I feel I am in more of a mood to be creative.

I do have all I need for another installment of Zanders Misadventures, however tat is where it stops. There is a lot I will need to do before I can continue any further with his tale. I will have to start from scratch and get him back to Falkreath, which shouldn’t be too hard to do. The challenge will be keeping up the time scale I have already and getting him back to Falkreath at the same time as his broken file now is.

With a new Zander comes new responsibilities. Creating a new game for Zander gives me the ability to add new mods, upgrade old mods, and delete old or broken mods, so I will have to think long and hard about which mods to add and which to get rid of in order to bring Zander back to life. 

I have also been toying with Zander and his background. I have come up with some interesting ideas for his past, present and possibly a future. I have thought about making his very own original story or maybe even tying his story into his misadventures as a NPC. I have some options but some of them would definitely be breaking my original rules and I am not certain I want to do that or not.

I hope to have a new entry of Zander up and ready soon. And after that there will be a lot of changes I will have to make possibly even a new site design….if I am feeling creative and not lazy but no promises on that.

If you have any suggestions for mods, or what direction you would like to see me take Zander just leave me a comment with your idea or link to a mod and reason to use said mod. I really am sorry for taking so damn long.  


18 thoughts on “Up Up and Aw…er Update

  1. Actually, I may be able to help you get the look of Zander again if you need his face. 😮 It would require a console command, which being in the game and in the console shouldn’t make you crash, at least for the amount of time needed to do what’s needed. 😀 That’s if it’s necessary. I was wondering what happened to you!

    1. Yeah sorry, been dealing with health issues and such, I am going to try harder to be around more and write more.

      I think i might have enough time to use the consoul command or even the race creation mod to get his face but i still might change it slightly maybe give him more hair or something.

      1. Aw. I’m sorry to hear about your health! D: I’ve been modding myself since things aren’t coming out that I want, so I haven’t been able to play much of the game other than testing when I do get time off from the events that’s been transpiring since my leave. It’s funny that we come back semi-sort of around the same time! 😀

      2. =) I check the nexus every once in awhile I really need to find someone to make the mod i want, but i doubt anyone will. How hard would it be to make the player have to do a quest for the blacksmith of every village town and city in order to learn to smith? I mean thats how smithing worked back in the day. you became a smiths apprentice and learned from them and when yuo could no longer learn from that smith you either became their partner or left to find a better smith to apprentice under.

      3. I’d think it’d be simple enough, though it’d need some voice actors. Or the muted voice dub. I haven’t been good at dialogue yet. Though I know your frustration. I’ve seen some good potential player homes, but nothing extensive in terms of a mage’s abode! D: Or large enough to house quite a few followers. It makes me sad. D: I think that the modding community has dwindled with quality and has switched it with quantity. I have a few on Steam for aesthetic touches, but it’s the same over there too. =/

      4. I am going to have to break down and probably contact Gopher since when ever he mentions wanting a mod the mod he mentions appears on nexus in the matter of a few weeks.

  2. Hi darlin! Glad to see you’re not dead (well, I had an inkling you weren’t since you’ve been favoriting my stuff for a while, but you could get a bot to do that…) and have worked out at least some tech issues. Take your time dear, it’ll make me look better by comparison. =D

    1. I can’t even program the clock on my car stereo and you think I managed to create a bot to like stuff? You sure you are talking tto the right guy? Don’t think I didn’t notice that little jab at my writing ability cause i did, i just don’t have a witty come back for you just yet but I’ll think of something…might take me a few years but you’ll never see it coming. You’ll be sitting around someplace and BAM verbal smack down…just wait…just wait….>=)

      1. No, I meant that your (justified) months-long absence may make my (unjustified, but they don’t know that) laziness look better. I’m inclined to think that all else being equal, you’ve got me beat at actual writing (plot, characterization, etcetera). Alas, youth is wasted on the young.


      2. Oh, okay, I see what you are saying…wait did you just call me old?! I will have you know I am not old! I am broken, there is a difference…I think.

  3. …. YAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYYYA! Maybe more Zander soon! I could do the dance of 1001 fire’s with my joy at this news. May Zander reign for time eternal as the greatest non-hero in Tamriels history!

    1. I am glad you are happy. the writing is comming along slowly but steadily about 3k more words and a new entry will be out. As for the greatest non-hero in Tamriel, not sure about that, what about the origionals like Nordrick and nondrick and Grawnk you can’t forget about Grawnk =)

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