Inside the Characters Studio (Day 19)

Welcome to “Inside the Character Studio” please give a warm welcome to our host; Oliver Clozeoff!


Ladies and gentlemen please, would yah bring yer attention to me. Welcome to tha show, please come inside! Today we will continue our in depth look into tha life and mind of Zander Bearach, on: “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am your host Oliver Clozeoff, and *yawn* lets get to it!

You alright? You look tired.

Aye, that I am lad. I didn’t get ah lot of sleep.

That sucks. So…no show today right?

Wrong. We are still gonna have ah show.


Just not ah long one.


I thought that might make yah happy.

I am only looking out for your well being.

Sure yah are lad, sure yah are.

I am, now stop drawing this out, you need to get some rest.

I will accept your fake pity, just this once.

Good. I mean it’s not fake.

Sure lad, sure. So Zander mi’boy, what does someone have tah do tah become yer friend?

That’s easy enough. Not be a complete tool, douche bag, ass hat, moron, or bully.

Really, some how I would have thought yah had more pre-requisites.

Like what?

I don’t know lad. Like being smart, or funny, or loyal.

Oh, yeah, I like those. I will add those to the list. Thanks. So, is that all? Are we done now?

No lad, one more question, if yah don’t mind.

I don’t but you look like you’re about to crash.

I’ll be fine lad.

Okay than shoot.

What does someone have tah do tah be yer enemy?

See my previous answer and reverse it. Also add, being a craptastic, womanizing, bard, or crazy stalker with no personal boundaries, or a Thalmor.

Care to elaborate a little?

Not really, I feel it is pretty self explanatory. Don’t be a complete tool, douche bag, ass hat, moron, bully, craptastic, womanizing, bard, crazy stalker with no personal boundaries, or a Thalmor, and we will get along just fine.

Well, can’t argue with that.

Not even remotely.

*yawn* and on that….ZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZZ


*whispers*He fell asleep. I think he was going to say that’s all the time we have for today. I hope yah will join us again tomorrow when we carry on with our 28 Days of Character Development, where we will have another rousing good time with Zander, right here on “Inside the Characters Studio”. He was your host Oliver Clozeoff, and he usually says, “Be good, if yah can’t be good, be naughty, but be good at it.”

Good night everybody!

Huh? Wha? Where?

Nothin, go back to sleep.

I know this was a very short one but to be honest it was a very easy question really. That and I am actually very tired after having been awake for the past 30+ hours. I could still use some questions for Zander, so please, don’t hesitate to ask. If you are shy you can use the form below to send me questions or if you are not shy you can just ask them in the comments section of the blog along with any comments you might have. Thanks again all. See you for the next installment.


9 thoughts on “Inside the Characters Studio (Day 19)

  1. I have a question; why on earth have you been awake for so long?! I definitely read Zander’s closing lines for Oliver in a whisper. Additionally, I like Zander’s old school approach to friendship and enemies. Keep things simple.

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