Inside the Characters Studio (Day 18)

Welcome to “Inside the Character Studio” please give a warm welcome to our host; Oliver Clozeoff!


Ladies and gentlemen please, would yah bring yer attention to me. Welcome to tha show, please come inside! Today we will continue our in depth look into tha life and mind of Zander Bearach, on: “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am your host Oliver Clozeoff, and lets get to it shall we?

Like I have a choice but sure let’s get to it.

Sarcasm noted Zander mi’boy. We do have an interesting question for today, maybe that will snap you out of yer funky mood.

I doubt it, but who knows. Let’s hear it.

Okay, Mr. Cranky McCrankerton…

*laughs* Did you just call me Cranky McCrankerton?

No lad, I called yah MR. Cranky McCrankerton.

Okay then, continue.*snicker*

If you could travel through time, what era would you visit and why?

You mean like Dr. Who?

Aye, exactly. When would you go in your Tardis?

Do the rules of time travel apply?

What rules would those be lad?

You know, don’t touch anything or change anything or risk changing the world in unknown ways. That sort of thing.

Ah. Okay, lets do one with tha rules and one without. Let’s start with tha rules not applyin.

Okay. Than my answer would be I would travel back in time to 4E 175, before the Battle of Red Ring. I would warn my father and beg him to take more precautions to come home alive, and tell him about the day mother dies and how so he might stop it from happening, and I could live a normal life and grow up with both my parents.

I sorta figured you would do that, and no one could blame yah for it. Now that we know what yah would do if tha rules of time travel didn’t apply. What would yah do if they did apply?

If the rules did apply and I could only observe, I think I would like to go back to the beginning.

What beginning lad?

THE beginning. Specifically the final day of the non linear timeline or Dawn Era and the beginning of the linear timeline or the Merethic Era 2500.

And why would yah go so far back lad?

Simple. To see what really happened in the creating of Nirn. I would be able to see for myself what happened and then know for a fact who is right in their beliefs, the Altmer or just about everyone else on Nirn.

And what would yah do with that knowledge.

Well, I suppose I could write a book. I couldn’t do anything else, but it would still be nice to know.

Would yah do anything else?

I would find out what the hell happened to the Dwemer, and where they are now. I might go watch as the many mythical events of Nirn happened, like the creation of the Orsimer from the Chimer followers of Trinimac. The possibilities are endless really.

It seems that way. Let me throw a curve ball of sorts.


What if yah couldn’t go back and change the happenings of the Battle of Red Ring like yah said earlier. Would there be another point in time yah would venture tah go?

No rules still?

Aye, no rules.

Okay, I would go back to 3E 432.

A year before the Oblivion Crisis?

Yep. I would make it my goal to wipe out the entirety of the Mythic Dawn before they can begin their plans to bring Mehrunes Dagon into this realm. Thus stopping the Oblivion Crisis before it began, thus preventing the Altmer from getting the idea in their head to take over the freaking world again, and generally stopping all the bad shit from happening.

That is quite ambitious, but what makes yah certain things would turn out okay if yah did that?

I am not certain of anything, but I firmly believe that the Altmer are petrified of the Septim bloodline. It would be that fear that would keep them from becoming major douche bags and destroying the lives of countless people.

I see. Well I guess I shouldn’t try to argue with that logic.


Okay, well are yah up for some audience questions?

You know, you managed to turn my frown upside down earlier so yes lets do some questions.

Glad tah hear it boyo. Let’s see here how about *points* the fella with the large teeth and the “Bards do it for all the world to see” t-shirt. Do yah have a question for Zander?

I do. If Zander could only accomplish one more thing in his life, and would fail everything else – what would he choose to accomplish?

That is a very interesting question. What do yah say lad?

If I could accomplish just one thing and fail everything else. That is a toughie. I don’t know really.

Don’t leave the man hangin boyo.

I won’t I am just thinking. Okay, well I guess the one thing I would like to accomplish…I guess maybe have and raise a loving, caring, understanding, comfortable, and successful family of my own.

I see what yah did there lad, some might say that was cheating.

I didn’t cheat I just made clever use of adjectives to answer the question.

I will let it pass, hopefully that answered the nice mans question. We have time for another question. Let’s see here *scans the audience and points* The excitable looking lass in the third row with the “I do it “Redguard” style” t-shirt on. Do yah have a question for Zander?

I sure do! Would Zander have a favorite TV Show/Movie if such things existed in Skyrim?

Good question lass.

I would probably have a bunch honestly. Lets start with TV shows, there is : Walking Dead, Suits, Psych, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, White Collar, The Mentalist, Lost Girl, Being Human, Dr. Who, Person of Interest, Elementary, Spartacus, Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Necessary Roughness, and The Following just to name a few. For movies: all of the Bourn movies, all the Marvel and DC Comic movies, Princess Bride, almost all Adam Sandler movies, the entire Die Hard Franchise, The Expendables both of them and the next one, The Sherlock Holmes movies classic and recent….you know action adventure and comedy in general you cant really go too wrong…Though I guess if they were in Skyrim the premise of a lot of these movies and shows would be really very different.

That is a lot tah digest there Zander.

I know…

Well I hope that answers your question. Unfortunately that’s all the time we have for today. I hope yah will join us again tomorrow when we continue with our 28 Days of Character Development, where we will have another intriguing question for Zander, right here on “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am yer host Oliver Clozeoff saying, “Be good, if yah can’t be good, be naughty, but be good at it.” Good night everybody!

I could still use some questions for Zander, so please, don’t hesitate to ask. If you are shy you can use the form below to send me questions or if you are not shy you can just ask them in the comments section of the blog along with any comments you might have. Thanks again all. See you for the next installment.


10 thoughts on “Inside the Characters Studio (Day 18)

  1. I imagine that question was more difficult to answer, given the amount of secrets that Zander has piling up too. I like Zander’s quest for knowledge about all the big questions in life. And it may be somewhat predictable that Zander would try and warn his father, but it just reinforces what kind of a man Zander is.

  2. I’m so glad we got this Oliver Closeoff to host. He’s so much better at drawing Zander out. I’m glad you did both, one instance where everything is hands-off and another where things are hands-on. Also, Zander has (mostly) good taste in television. And I’m chuckling at the thought of how some movie premises would differ in the context of Skyrim/Tamriel. Nice.

      1. I once had an idea for Real World: Solitide and the house would be filled a representative of each race. The Nord would have to be Siddgeir because he’s a giant man baby. He would always be running of to the Blue Palace to cry in Elisif’s lap because no one likes him.

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