Inside the Characters Studio (Day 15)

Welcome to “Inside the Character Studio” please give a warm welcome to our host; Oliver Clozeoff!


Ladies and gentlemen please, would yah bring yer attention to me. Welcome to tha show, please come inside! Today we will continue our in depth look into tha life and mind of Zander Bearach, on: “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am your host Oliver Clozeoff, and let the fun begin!

So Zander, yesterday was a tad…


I was going tah heavy but aye bleak works as well. So, we are gonna lighten the mood a little and keep tha show simple. Sound good?

Sure. What did you have in mind?

Well, I know you like music.

I do, as long as it isn’t being sung by an obnoxious no talent bard.

If you had your own personal theme music, what do yah suppose it might be?

Like just walking down the street or what?

Lets start with travel music and expand from there.

Okay, well, what kind of music are we talking about? Can I use modern or must I stick with music found in Tamriel?

No lad any music at all.

Hmmm, I guess for walking around I might use something like an acoustical version of “Bonny Portmore” but it would have to be traditional acoustics, bagpipes and such none of this synthesized stuff.

Good song lad. Ok what about music for when you get attacked by something?

Well I guess that depends on what is attacking.

Okay, fair enough, how about a regular bandit attack?

Oh…that’s super simple. “Bodies” by Drowning Pool

Ah, aye another good song.

Thank you.

And say you were attacked by a Giant?

That is easy too. “Yakety Sax” by James Q. “Spider” Rich and Homer “Boots” Randolph III. Because that isn’t a fight, that is me running away as fast as possible.

*laughs* Than that is rather fitting. Okay, what about entrance music?

What do you mean like how pro wrestlers have?

Sure let’s go with that.

I would have to say “Bleed it out” by Linkin Park.

What song makes you happy when you are sad?

“Billionaire” by Travie McCoy, “99 Red Balloons” by Goldfinger, and “All the Small Things” by Blink 182, “19-2000 Soulchild Remix“ by The Gorillaz, and well anything by the Gorillaz actually.

All fine choices. What about when you are feeling contemplative?

Like if I just want to stare off into the void and just ponder life?


Hmmm. I like “Crash Into Me” by The Dave Mathews Band, “Wake Me Up Inside” By Evanescence, “It’s My Life” By Bon Jovi, “Photograph” By Nickleback, and other such things.

Also a pretty good list. I know this is a sensitive but how about romance?

It’s Okay… Songs like “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane usually tugs on me a lot more than I would like, then there is “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder…and a number of depressing songs that remind me of such things.

Aye. Well it seems you have a pretty eclectic taste in music.

I guess I do.

Well, we still have some time for a question or two from the audience. What do yah say lad, ready?

Sure why not.

Okay, how about you. The pretty lass with the raven hair wearing the “Carry your own damn burdens” T-shirt? Do yah have a question for Zander?

Yes. I was just wondering. Do you see yourself as a forgiving person?

That seems like a decent question. What say yah Zander, are yah a forgiving person?

I suppose it would depend on the situation. There are certain things… I can never forgive not entirely at least.

Let’s get one more question. Ummm ….Okay, you, in the front row. *points*

Yes. I would like to know why Zander chose to flee to Skyrim as opposed to any of the other beautiful regions of Tamriel. Does it perhaps have anything to do with the current civil war??

Excellent question. Zander?

It actually had nothing to do with the Civil War and everything to do with the stories my uncle would tell me about his time in Skyrim. The way he described it, and how strongly he felt about it, I just figured I might be able to start a new life there. Who knew that Skyrim itself would be trying to kill me.

Well, I hope that answered your questions. That seems to be all the time we have for today. I hope yah will join us again tomorrow when we carry on with our 28 Days of Character Development, where we will have another thought-provokingly good time with Zander, right here on “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am yer host Oliver Clozeoff saying, “Be good, if yah can’t be good, be naughty, but be good at it.” Good night everybody!

I know it is a rather short installment but I hope you all enjoy it. I could still use some questions for Zander, so please, don’t hesitate to ask. If you are shy you can use the form below to send me questions or if you are not shy you can just ask them in the comments section of the blog along with any comments you might have. Thanks again all. See you for the next installment.


10 thoughts on “Inside the Characters Studio (Day 15)

  1. Well, I accidentally put a comment in the form, so out of posterity: the original comment:

    Eclectic is a good word for it, and there are definitely some good songs in there. Man, there needs to be a mod called Magic Ipod. And you can make playlists in it, like the “Getting attacked by a giant” playlist. I liked how you thought of different scenarios for songs to be played. I’m curious what Elspeth’s approach will be. This was a fun topic today.

  2. I agree, this is a nice eclectic mix–some of which I’ve never heard so I’ll take a listen later and see if I have any opinions on specific songs.

    “I’m curious what Elspeth’s approach will be.”

    Yeah, no pressure or anything.

  3. “That is easy too. “Yakety Sax” by James Q. “Spider” Rich and Homer “Boots” Randolph III. Because that isn’t a fight, that is me running away as fast as possible.”

    I cracked up at this. The whole scene + music played out in my head and I died. I refuse to read anymore of your posts until I’m alone so people don’t stare at me like I have three heads.LOL

    1. If you did have three heads you would never be alone…or of a single mind on anything so it isn’t all bad. I guess the question is do they all have the same name?

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