Inside the Characters Studio (Day 13)

Welcome to “Inside the Character Studio” please give a warm welcome to our host; Oliver Clozeoff!


Ladies and gentlemen please, would yah bring yer attention to me. Welcome to tha show, please come inside! Today we will continue our in depth look into tha life and mind of Zander Bearach, on: “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am your host Oliver Clozeoff, and lets get this party started!

Zander mi’boy how are yah feelin today, you ready tah have yer brain picked some more?

Not like I really have a choice. So, I am gonna go with, yes.

That’s good tah hear boyo.

Why do I get the feeling you are about to bring out a car battery and some jumper cables?

I am hurt lad, I would never hurt yah.

Okay…I just meant I had a bad feeling about this.

I know what yah meant lad, and it’s okay tah be nervous.

I’m not nervous…much…

Well don’t be, today I just have a couple of easy questions fer yah tah answer.


Zander mi’boy, what would you say yer biggest weakness is?

That it? That is the question?

That’s one of them, aye.

I really was worried for nothing, I guess.

Aye, I told yah lad I wouldn’t do anything to purposefully harm yah in any way.

Okay, well I am not too sure I know what my weakness is.

Are yah tryin tah tell me yah don’t have one?

Oh, no, not at all. I know I have a weakness, I just don’t know what it is, but if I had to guess, maybe it is not being able to walk away from a woman who needs help.

Ah, tha ol’ “Damsel in Distress” weakness. I know a lot of good men that have died from that weakness.

I tend to be careful about it.

How so?

Well, while I feel compelled for whatever reason to get involved when a woman is in trouble, I know my limits. For example; not too long ago I over heard a couple of douchbag Battle-Born asshats picking on an old lady in the Whiterun market place. Before I could shove my fist in their faces they left but the old lady told me what the altercation was about. She then asked me to gather information for her. I knew what she was asking had a high potential to get me thrown in jail or killed, and even though it eats me up that I didn’t help her, I just couldn’t help her, she was asking too much of me.

I think that some might say you acted cowardly.

Well, they wouldn’t be wrong, but they wouldn’t be right either. I am no hero by any meaning of the word and I know that.

I suppose that’s one way tah look at it. Let’s move onto tha next question shall we?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Okay Zander, what would yah say one of yer worst vices would be?

I honestly don’t know but if I had to pick one I guess it would be my enjoyment of Alcohol.

I could definitely see that being a bad vice tah have.

I don’t drink regularly, but I do so enjoy getting smashed on occasion.

Some would say, myself included, that drinking in Skyrim is not a vice but ah way of life.

That is a popular opinion but an opinion none the less.

Fair enough lad, fair enough. So, last question, What is your worst habit?

That one is easy. I have a horrible habit of being way too curious for my own good.

How can curiosity be a bad habit?

Well, the old saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.”, well that is especially true in Skyrim. It has almost gotten me killed more than once in my time in Skyrim. Not only is it a bad habit, it is a damn deadly one.

Okay, I can see yer point. Well hows about we get some questions from tha audience?

Why not.

Let’s see, hows bout you sir. The lanky green fellow wearin tha “Malakath said knock you out!” T-shirt.



Do yah have ah question fer Zander?

I do, I was just wondering. Is there anything in Zander’s background that makes him the womanizer that he is?


He wants tah know why you are a womanizer mate.

I heard the question, I find it insulting!


What do you mean why? You know the definition of a womanizer don’t you?

Well yeah, it means to pursue casual sexual relationships with multiple women. Or as I like tah call it being single.

Don’t get me wrong; I love women; I love the way they look, the way they smell, the way they feel, everything, but I have not pursued anything with anyone. I may have had some inner thoughts about the attractiveness of the different women I have met but I never mentioned it out loud, let alone follow through with those thoughts.

If that’s tha case it sounds tah me like yer being too shy with the ladies. Have some confidence lad!

Yeah, easier said than done.

Well, yah still haven’t answered the mans question.

Nor will I. I am not a womanizer!

Okay lad, fair enough. I won’t push the subject any further. And on that note, that is all tha time we have for today.

We are done for the day?

Aye lad, we are. I know when you’ve had yer fill of questions.

Thank you.

Yer welcome lad. I hope yah will join us again tomorrow when we carry on with our 28 Days of Character Development, where we will have another thought-provokingly good time with Zander, right here on “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am yer host Oliver Clozeoff saying, “Be good, if yah can’t be good, be naughty, but be good at it.” Good night everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed it. I would still like some questions for Zander, so please, don’t hesitate to ask. If you are shy you can use the form below to send me questions or if you are not shy you can just ask them in the comments section of the blog along with any comments you might have. Thanks again all. See you for the next installment.


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I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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7 Responses to Inside the Characters Studio (Day 13)

  1. bwahahahahahahahahahaha…this is great. I’ll try to think of some more questions.

  2. kitdoctor says:

    Curiosity could definitely kill you in Skyrim. Especially if paired with booze. It’s nice to see Zander isn’t a womanizer. Before the challenge started I didn’t know him too well, but now I have a better understanding of what makes him tick.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Damn right curiosity can kill in Skyrim, just ask all those dead Kahjiit you find in Skyrim. It was a great question, I can see how someone might think he was one with his inner monologue, he is a pervert sometimes but he tends to keep it to himself lol

  3. Not a womanizer? Methings the Zander doth protest too much.

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