Inside the Characters…Studio…? (Day 8)

I know it is late but I have a good reason…it was really hard…forgive me? Good. So without further delay, let’s get on with the show! YAY!

Welcome to “Inside the Character Studio” please give a warm welcome to our host; Mr. Jim Brisk!


Thank you… thank you. Today we will press on with our investigation into the mind of Zander Bearach. *static*

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a special presentation….

Uh…what the hell is going on here?

Welcome tah our show.

What show? Who the hell are you? Where did Jim go? What is going on?

This show. I’m yer host, Oliver Clozeoff, and we are gonna get down n dirty, today on…

“Inside the Characters Libido”


…Oliver Clozeoff?


Inside the Characters Libido?

There ahn echo inhere?

Oh god….this…this can’t be good.

Today on “Inside the Characters Libido” We’re goin tah answer tha questions that everyone wants tah here.

We are?

We are going tah dive trough tah wet n wild, slip n slide known as yer sexual past.

Whoa, whoa, we are going to do what now?

Buckle up lads n lasses cause things could get a wee bit bumpy!

No…no this is not happening!

Too late mate, there’s no goin back. So settle down, strap in and lets go for ah ride on tha wild side.

This is not happening…this…is… not… happening…

Yah can say it all yah like but it is happenin, and it is goin tah be great so don’t stress out mate.

Stop calling me mate!

Okay, hows about chum? Comrade? Amigo? Fellah?

N-no that is even worse. J-just call me Zander.

Okay, Zander my man, let’s get this show on tha road.

*sigh* This is just a bad dream. That’s all, a bad, bad dream

Bad dream? Nah, this is ah wet dream, so just go with the flow.

Ah, no! Don’t ever say that again.

Say what?

You know what! You nasty bastard! That is it, I am not doing this.

Aye, yah are and yah will do it with a smile on yer face. Yah know,… yah act as though you have never…wait… you’re not a…

What?… No!… No!

Okay, than what’s the problem?

What’s the problem?

Yeah. Why are yah so tense? I know, why don’t we take a little break and I will get you a nice “Masseuse” to help “Massage” tha tension away.

Wh-what? No! What the hell is wrong with you?

Relax, it was only ah joke. Yah need tah lighten up some.

I am plenty lightened up.

Oh yeah, than what’s the problem? What d’yah have against talkin bout sex?

I just think…

What is it lad?

I just think that, well some things should remain private.


Yes, private.

That is a nice notion lad.

It is?

Aye, t’is.

So… I don’t have to do this? We can call it a day?

I didn’t say all that. I said it was a nice notion, but we are still goin tah have this little chat.

*sigh* I knew I wasn’t going to get out of this so easily.

It is nothing tah be shy about lad…

Shy? I am not shy, I just feel that things like that should be private…

Yah know what I think?

The Nine only know…

I think you are making any excuse yah can not to talk about this because yah are a…

Whoa! Hold it right there. I already told you, that is definitely not the case.

Okay, fine, than tell me about it.

I don’t wanna…

Why not?


Because, isn’t ah answer.

You aren’t going to quit are you?

Not likely, no.

Didn’t think so. Okay, I guess I have no choice…

None whatsoever lad.

Okay, what do you want to know?

Me? No, no, no lad, I don’t wanna know anything.

You don’t?

No lad, yer audience wants tah know.

You mean?

Aye lad, you will be takin questions from the audience on this subject.

Perfect…just perfect…

I thought ye might like that.


Yer welcome lad. Now lets get at our first question. *scans audience* ah, you there *points* Lass, the delightful looking Breton wit the short brown hair in the third row, do yah have a question for Zander?

Well, yes, sort of. I want to hear about Zander’s first sexual experience.

Bang right out tha gate! Can I pick em or can I pick em!

But…that wasn’t even a question. That was more of a statement.

Aye, it was but so what. Get tah talkin.

I….don’t want to talk about my first time…

What? Why not?

It’s …embarrassing…

What? Yer gonna have tah speak up lad. I can’t hear you.

…it’s embarrassing…

What? Speak up lad! The pretty lady wants an answer.

I said…It’s embarrassing!

News flash lad, no ones first time is not embarrassing.


That’s tha spirit.

My first time was with Syndahl when we were sixteen years old. We had been seeing one another ever since the night she kissed me four years earlier. We spent all of our free time together, which wasn’t as much as we would have liked with having classes, chores, training and other such things, but we always managed to find time for each other. It was the first day of Rain’s Hand, and we found ourselves having a rare day all to ourselves. I decided to surprise her with a picnic.

I managed to convince the local stable keeper to let me borrow one of the horses he cared for. I was going to take her to a secluded little meadow that was hidden within the Great Forest to the North of Weye. She was so happy when I told her we were going for a picnic. She wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled against my back as we rode. It was just after noon when we arrived and set up the picnic, we laughed and talked for a bit enjoying each others company, I remember I always delighted in seeing her smile.

We were having so much fun that neither of us noticed the clouds growing darker. It didn’t dawn on us until a loud clap of thunder spooked the horse and it ran off. A few moments later the skies opened and it started raining. We would have to walk back home. I held the blanket over our heads as we walked. The rain got heavier and it wasn’t long before I knew we might be lost, but she couldn’t seem happier. It got darker and the rain continued steadily I was getting worried we would be stuck in the rain all night. We were really glad when we stumbled upon a small farm with a barn we could wait out the storm in before trying to get back home.

I managed to light a fire to warm us up but we were drenched from head to toe so we were still cold, wet, and the fire wasn’t really helping us. I remember she shyly suggesting we take our cloths off and hang them so they can dry. We both stripped down to our under linens and hung our cloths. It was the first time we saw each other with so little clothing. I remember how the soft orange light flickering over her bare skin, accenting her every curve in just the right way. My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to burst through my chest. As I was so enamored with her I didn’t even notice that she was looking at me as well. Our eyes met and she timidly looked away, I took her hand and pulled her close to hold her. We sat by the fire and snuggled with each other getting warm, our bodies pressed closely together.

We kissed passionately, I felt her hands start to wander my body and mine followed her lead. We caressed one another, exploring each others body with gentle touches of our fingers and hands as we kissed. We didn’t know what we were doing, but we knew it felt so very good. Before either of us knew it, we were both naked, and fervently kissing. As the fire died down we stumbled and fumbled around in the darkness of the barn exploring every inch of each others body. Our bodies awkwardly finding a way to meld together until they, or at least mine, expended everything and we found ourselves intertwined as one person. Our bodies craving for each other kept us awake as we gave in to our desires all through out the night. When we finally fell asleep, it was wrapped in the warmth of each others arms.

We woke up the next morning holding one another and smiling, until we both realized that we were going to be in a storm of trouble when we got home. We laughed about it as we reluctantly left the warmth of our embrace, to get dressed. We made it out into the now bright sunshine of the mid morning. We walked hand in hand, with the biggest smiles on our faces, to the near by farm house where the owner was surprised to see us, but was more than happy to give us a lift back to Weye. We continued to hold hands and cuddle as we traveled down the Black Road in the back of the farmers carriage. When we arrived at Weye my uncle and Syndahl’s mother were waiting for us. They were glad to see us but not so glad as to not punish us for being gone for an entire day.

So,… does that answer your question?

It bloody well should! *stands and claps* That was a hell of a story mate.


That was marvelous, now aren’t cha glad you were able tah share that wit us?

You know…I kind of am.

Now, yah see, it wasn’t that embarrassin now was it?

Not as much as I thought it would be. It was actually a really nice memory. Thank you.

That’s tha spirit lad. Thank yah for sharin. Well that is all tha time we have for now, but I have a feel’n we will be seeing yah real soon. Good night everybody, I was your host, Oliver Clozeoff, saying “Be good, if you can’t be good, be naughty but be good at it.” *wink* See you next time on “Inside the Characters Libido!”


Ok what the hell just happened? Where the heck did you go?


Don’t play stupid with me! You were gone for the entire show!

I was?



What do you mean weird? Where did you go?

No time to tell you, the show is ending.

What? Crap, fine but I want some answers off Camera.

I’ll try to explain it but it is all very technical.

All very technical? Are you calling me stupid?

Well not directly but yes.

Why I ought to…

Just end the show Jim.

Fine… I hope you all will join us again tomorrow when we continue our 28 Days of Character Development where we will take another curious look at Zander, right here on “Inside the Characters Studio”. I am you host Jim Brisk saying, “Keep your friends close and don’t pick their nose.”. Good night every body!

I hope you all enjoyed the show. I am still looking for more questions, any and all questions are welcome, there are no stupid or trivial questions. Please use the form below to send me any questions for Zander. If you are not shy or have any comments about what you read please share them by using  the comments section below the form. Thanks, and I look forward to the questions and comments.


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I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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14 Responses to Inside the Characters…Studio…? (Day 8)

  1. Awesome! “Oliver Clozeoff” — I thought I was going to pass out! But the story was romantic and so sweet.

  2. That wasn’t embarrassing at all, that was really, really sweet.

  3. kitdoctor says:

    That’s a nice memory. As I’ve said before, I enjoy when Zander has nice memories so they can counteract the bad ones. I look forward to more of these more candid moments.

  4. Lulzy says:

    Oh, you. How did you know puns are the best form of humor to me? ❤

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