Inside the Characters Studio (Day 4)

Just a quick little message. I have been getting comments sent to me through the form I post, a lot of comments which is fine I enjoy them, but I think others might enjoy them as well, so please if you have a comment please use the comment section of the blog which is below the form. I have the form set up so you can send me questions about Zander if you are too shy to ask them in the comments section. Thanks again and now onto the show. 

Welcome to “Inside the Character Studio” please give a warm welcome to our host; Mr. Jim Brisk!


Thank you… thank you. Today we continue to probe into the mind of Zander Bearach. Yesterday we explored Zanders thoughts and views on marriage and children, not that any woman would have him…


It’s true and you know it.

I know nothing…

That’s for sure.

Hey! You didn’t let me finish.

Today we have a bit of fun planned.

Don’t ignore me I was talking….wait…what do you mean you have fun planned? I-I don’t like the sound of this fun you speak of.

On today’s show, we thought we would take a break from the past and focus on something different.

*narrows eyes* I don’t think I like your idea of different.

Today we talk about a hypothetical.

This can’t end well…

What would change about Zander in an alternate universe where he was the hero?

Wait…that’s the hypothetical? What if I were a superhero?

Well I didn’t say superhero.

But that’s the hypothetical? Nothing weird? No surprises?

Not to my knowledge.

Huh…maybe this won’t be so bad. I guess if I were a hero I would need a hero name like Super Zander, or The Dark Zander. You know something heroic.

Oh, I am sorry you misunderstood.

I did?

Yes, see we were not asking you. God know, we were asking him.

Him? Who is him? *looks around*

Him, you know him. The man behind the man so to speak.

Oh god. God no. You don’t mean?

Please give a warm welcome to Pyrelle.

Are you serious?

Yes, why wouldn’t I be?

Well for one, you are Pyrelle, Pyrelle is you.

That is a ridiculous notion. I am Jim Brisk.

No, you are Pyrelle dressed in a bad suit with a horrible wig and fake beard.

How dare you sir!

How dare I? You are about to interview yourself!

I am going to do no such thing!

Oh really?


So you want me to believe that Pyrelle is just going to waltz on out here, sit in this empty chair next to me and answer your hypothetical question?


Okay, fine. Bring him on out. Where is he?

I am sitting right next to you, you shmuck.

GAH! Where the…how the…but you’re here…he’s…What the hell is going on here?

Ah, welcome to the show Pyrelle.

Thank you, it is a pleasure to be here.

This….this can not end well for me.

I thought you would be happy not to have to deal with Mr. Brisk for today.

You mean I don’t have to answer any questions?

Oh, no. You still have to answer an audience question if we have time.

Crap. Ok, but can I take a nap?

Sure if you really want to, but wouldn’t you like to hear what I have to say?

Not particularly.

Ok, than take a nap.

I will.





I am going to sleep then.


Okay….You are really ok with me napping?


Ummm….Alright then.

So, Pyrelle, I imagine you heard the hypothetical back stage.

I did. It is a very interesting topic really. One that I have actually been thinking a lot about.

You have?

Certainly I have. To be honest I have been pondering this for months. The real question isn’t what would Zander be like as a hero.

It’s not?

No. The real question is, what would need to change in his life to make him a hero.

And what did you come up with?

Well, to be honest nothing really needs to change. I mean I could change him into a woman, or make it so his parents never died, he never knew his uncle, and never became a prisoner at the Thalmor arena. I could do all of this but it wouldn’t make him a hero. What defines a hero is adversity, and Zander has had a lot of adversity in his life he has had to deal with already. You would think that, going through everything he has, he would already be a hero, yet he shies away from that kind of life. You almost have to wonder why.

So what you are saying, nothing you do could make Zander a hero?

No, not at all. I am saying that in order for Zander to become a hero, his personality would have to change. Don’t get me wrong, he would probably still be a smart ass, and be the Zander everyone enjoys but something would be different. Maybe he would be more brooding and dark, who knows.

So, what would change?

Well, instead of looking for a new life in Skyrim, he would be coming here to join the rebellion. Not because he thinks the Stormcloaks are right, no he would be in it strictly to kill Thalmor and the Empire. In his eyes the Empire is no longer noble. He feels the Empire has failed the people of Tamriel by ignoring the atrocities committed by the Thalmor and bending knee to their tyrannical demands. He would be very bitter and driven, so much so that he would rise in the ranks of the Stormcloaks very quickly, becoming a hero of the rebellion.

Should he become a person of prophecy or touched by fate and was forced to walk a path, he would be reluctant and deny he was anything special, right up to the point the could no longer deny it; even then he would never flaunt it. He does not like the idea of anyone counting on him because he does not want to let anyone down. He would prefer to be alone just to avoid that. If that were not possible he would go out of his way to ensure the safety of those who join him. Given his past, having someone close to him die would destroy him; especially if he could have prevented it. He wouldn’t really be a noble hero either.

What do you mean he wouldn’t be noble? Would he out right murder innocent people?

Of course not. But he also just jaded enough to know that innocence is rare. Most heroes abide by certain codes, or rules and would rather die than break those codes. For example, a hero in the normal sense would be opposed of torture. Not Zander, he learned a lot in the arena and while it would slowly eat away at him, he would do what was needed to get the job done so to speak.

That doesn’t sound anything like the Zander we know.

What can I say. *smirks* He has layers.

That seems rather ominous.

Does it? In any case this interview is over.

What? No, we were just getting started!

Really? Because I was just leaving. *kicks Zanders chair* Wake up you have questions to answer.

What? I do? Damn it!

Well, that was …..right on with the show. We have just enough time for a question from the audience.

Do I gotta? I am tired.

How can you be tired? You slept through the whole show!


So, you should be well rested and able to answer a simple question.


You there, the fellow with dapper looking Imperial.


Yes sir you. Do you have a question for Zander?

Oh, yes I do. Hey Zander.

*Head bob* Sup?

I was just wondering, when you were a child, what did you aspire to be when you grew up and have you either achieved or got any closer to achieving said aspiration?

Oh, that is a good question. Zander?

That is a good question for sure. Lets see. Well growing up with my uncle was relatively boring, or so I thought at the time. Like any young boy I wanted to be a soldier, you know fighting for justice and such. I wanted to be like my uncle and join the Legion, but he seemed adamant about me not doing that and I learned when I got older why. So to answer the second part of your question, no, I did not, nor will I ever join the Legion.

Well, I hope that answered your question. And that is all the time we have for the show today. Be sure to join us tomorrow when we continue our 28 Days of Character Development, and have another revealing look at our friend, Zander, right here on Inside the Characters Studio! I am you host Jim Brisk saying, “Keep your friends close and don’t pick their nose.”. Good night every body!

Sorry this was late. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I will try to get the next one out on time but well we all know that I am having deadline issues lol. Anyway, don’t forget to send me your questions through the form provided below if you are shy. Or in the comments section below the form. I have not received a lot of questions so please send some in. Nothing is too trivial. Thanks again for reading and remember if you have a comment leave it in the comments section below the form. Thanks.


About Pyrelle

I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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10 Responses to Inside the Characters Studio (Day 4)

  1. kitdoctor says:

    Even though it wasn’t Zander himself admitting it, I still believe that that darker part of him could exist. I can only imagine what life in the arena was like. I’ve always enjoyed learning about what makes a person a hero, even if it’s just a hypothetical hero. Not hypothetically, I wonder if Zander will ever get around to hunting down Thalmor. I’m still really enjoying this format. It’s very funny to read.

    • Pyrelle says:

      I tried for hours writing day 4 and I have to say it was the hardest one to date, but it is still fun. I am not sure how he will react to seeing Thalmor yet, though I am almost certain they will cross paths eventually.

  2. adantur says:

    “Dapper looking Imperial” haha!

    Entertaining and enlightening post as usual, I can’t imagine Zander as a disiplined legionnaire. I must say that he is becoming more interesting by the post, I look forward to the eventuality of this dark side coming out in the story.

  3. So I was pretty much chuckling throughout the whole post but this

    *Head bob* Sup?

    had me spitting up some figurative coffee. I still haven’t had my morning coffee, my husband is bringing me an iced coffee for my birthday.

    I really, really enjoyed the discussion of how Zander would function as a hero and that he would be more of an angry, embittered rebel. I also liked the bit about torture and applying his Arena skills. That sort of brings everything together nicely.

    “Maybe he would be more brooding and dark, who knows.”

    Brain flashes to Angel. He would need a long, dark leather coat.

  4. Or maybe a Brown Coat? 😉

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