Inside the Characters Studio (Day 2)

I know I know it is late…again. I am sorry and I hope you forgive me.

Welcome to “Inside the Character Studio” please give a warm welcome to our host; Mr. Jim Brisk!


Thank you… thank you. Today we continue our in depth look of Zander Bearach. Yesterday (this morning really) we learned a lot of “interesting” bits of Zanders life.

Hey what’s with the air quotes? I’m interesting!

Of course you are. Today we are going to delve deeper.

We are?

We are. We will also be taking a question or two from our audience today, but only after we delve deeper into your past.

We will?

Yes, we will. So without any further dawdling lets get on with the show.


So, Zander, what was your family like growing up?

My family…

Yes, your family. You know the people who raised you.

I know who my family is you prick.

Okay, so what’s the problem?

You’re a dick.

And you are avoiding the question. Tell us about your family Zander.

I don’t wanna!

You have to!

No I don’t!

Yes you do, it is in your contract.

What? No it’s not. *reads contract* son of a….

So, Zander tell us about your mother and father.

I guess I have no choice.

Not really, no.

Well, it is…complicated.

Go on, we are all ears.

*grumble* I was born in a small farming village to the south of Bruma after the Aldmeri invasion of the Imperial city.

You told us that part already. Tell us about your childhood. What were your mother and father like?

I was getting to it, stop being so impatient.

Okay, sorry.


It’s okay, you are in a safe place.

God, just shut up…


I was born the only son of Anluan and Bryanna Bearach. My father, Anluan, was  he was a soldier in the Imperial army. He was killed in the Battle of the Red Ring helping to take back the Imperial City from the Aldmeri Dominion a year after my birth. To hear my uncle tell the story, my father and his platoon, were the first wave sent to take back the Imperial city. While being out numbered and cornered by 1000 Thalmor soldiers, though the number seemed to grow with every telling, following my fathers lead they stood their ground fighting to their deaths and allowing the whole of the Imperial Army to take back the city.  But that is all I ever had of my father, stories, kind words, hand shakes and condolences from strangers.

Once the Imperial City was once again back under Imperial rule my mother moved us to my uncles home right outside of the city in a little town called Weye. Where she re-opened and ran my uncles book store while he was deployed serving in the Imperial Army. I remember playing in my room when I was about five years old, I over heard my mother and a tall man in hooded robes arguing about the selling of illegal magic tomes and Talos worship. I snuck out of my room and I hid at the top of the stairs looking down. I watched as the man slapped my mother across the face staggering her back a few steps, I remember being petrified with fear, I couldn‘t move or scream or do much of anything. I looked on in fear as she fought back, I had never seen my mom use magic before then. She let off a lightening spell followed by a fire ball, hitting the man square in the chest, but he didn’t even flinch he just chuckled, saying she was “Feisty” as he rushed her knocking her to the floor. I couldn’t see what was going on, it was probably for the best, but I could hear her screams and cries as he laughed. Moments later everything was silent and I heard the man leave. Moments later our neighbor, Sheanna, walks into the store and screamed. She must have seen me sitting at the top of the stairs because she rushed to me picking me up and rushing me out of the store. She tried to shield my face but I saw…I saw my mothers body, her torn cloths, her dress pushed up, her bruised and battered face, her typically well groomed black hair matted and tangled now. She was dead, at the time I didn’t know that, I kept asking when she would be home from the healers, until they finally explained it to me; I think I cried for a month after that. I stayed with Sheanna and her family, which probably wasn’t easy, I was so…angry all the time. They treated me kindly, even when I was being distant and hard to be around, they were never anything but understanding, especially their daughter, Syndahl, she was always trying to cheer me up.

About a year later my uncle Gilchryst, my fathers brother came home from his tour of duty for the Imperial Army. The last time I actually saw him was for mothers funeral, he told me he would be back for me, and true to his word he came back for me. We moved inside the Imperial City for a time. I remember before moving into the city he brought me by the old store, we stood in front of it for what seemed like forever to me before he took a torch to the building. As we watched it burn he told me that from its ashes something new would be born and promised he would find the man who hurt us so badly. I didn’t understand what he meant then but a few months later he had built a bigger book store on top of where the old one stood. As we opened the door to the new store he took my hand and told me my mother would be at peace now, it wasn’t until much later that I found out what he had done.

Uncle Gilchryst raised me as his own son, but always telling me stories of my father and mother, never letting me forget them, I think it was his way of honoring them. I wasn’t always the easiest child to raise, whenever I got into trouble my uncle would be there to help me out but in private he would let me have it. Lectures and punishments, he even threatened to send me to Morrowind to train under his Dunmer friend when I would interrupt his work. We were like father and son, and things were routine for us, he may have been strict about things but I knew he loved me and would protect me. I guess I was about thirteen when I learned about the double life my uncle was living…

Why did you stop there? You can’t stop there!

I just did.

What happened next? You can’t just tell everyone your uncle had a double life and not continue!

According to my contract yes I can.

What? Let me see that. *reads contract* Son of a….you win this time….

Bout time…

Quiet you. We have just enough time to take a question from the audience.

We do??

Yes, we do…You *points* you in the back you have a question for Zander?

Yeah, my name is…

Whoa, whoa no names are needed here, okay?

Okay, well, Zander what would you do, if a dragon swooped down out of the sky and tried to eat you? (Let’s just pretend to ignore their incredible ‘fakeness’ attribute for a moment, shall we?)

That’s a very imaginative question.


Well Zander what would you do?

Before or after I shit my pants?

Ummm… lets say after.

After I dropped a load in my pants, I would probably scream like a little girl while I tried to run for my life striping every piece of armor and equipment I have and carry off so I can run faster. Then probably spend a night in jail for indecent exposure.

Well…isn’t that just a pretty picture you painted.

I try.

I hope that answered your question. Unfortunately that is all the time we have for today’s show. Tune in tomorrow, when we continue the 28 Days of Character Development. Good night everybody!

Can I go now?

Yeah, but be back here tomorrow.

Fine whatever….ass.

Again I know this is late and I tried hard to get this in on time, I just ran into a lot of issues and delays. I hope you all are enjoying them, and please keep the questions coming by using the form below or leave the question in the comments if you are not shy. I will do my best to get day three out on day three.


19 thoughts on “Inside the Characters Studio (Day 2)

  1. oh my gods. oh Zander! This is really good but so traumatic. First, you have me all cracking up and then I have rage tears. I want to find Zander now and give him a hug.

  2. You best get those mods fixed so we can hear about this double life malarky!

    Great post again but I feel so sorry for poor Zander, it’s bad enough his mother died but to hear it happen!

    I think we owe Elspeth a nice post or two now, Grawnk, Zander and Adrian could form a band and win X Factor with their combined sob stories!

    1. Alas, I have never tried for sob story before so it’ll have to remain a boy band until I think up something more traumatizing for Zahra. *grumble* I could bring in her manic glee at slaughtering bandits! Surely there’s a reason for that…

      1. Manic glee over the slaughter of bandits….it sounds like there is a tragic story in there somewhere…we all crack in different ways….

    2. D-Did you just say Malarkey? Yeah that damn loophole took me by surprise too. I should have known that teenage years didn’t fall under the childhood category. my bad…but hey maybe one of the prompts will cover it….

  3. Well, we know why Zander was dodging this now. I must say, I was not expecting that, for I too was laughing right up to that point. Any child who goes through a tragedy at such a young age, can’t help but come out a different person. I have a feeling it will only act as inspiration for Zander to accomplish all he sets out to do. And I feel sorry for any Thalmor he meets along the way.

  4. Oh dear you do love your emotional rollercoasters! Giggle, laugh, choke, cry, injure oneself rolling around on the floor… Cry some more when thinking about poor Zander.

      1. A stubbed toe. Just needs careful handling and walking with an exaggerated limp for an hour.

        My methods are mad, yes. ❤

      2. Of course. Insanity can be surprisingly effective when done right in a wild, uncontrolled environment with no adult supervision.

      3. Sooo my blog is like the perfect place for you. awesome I have an insane stalker move over Delphine you got competition!

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