I know it doesn’t make up for the lack of Zander but I promise I am working on it as fast as I can. I had to take a break and do something creative or I was gonna explode so I made a nifty new contact page and updated the blog with it. Again sorry for the none Zander post. 


8 thoughts on “Updated

  1. Frenya has a road trip in the near future, maybe she will run into Zander and they can battle a group if draugr as Marc shoots lightening from his wolf paws. Yea.. It’s time for me to go to bed haha

    1. Sounds like fun, though you’ll have to drag Zander kicking and screaming into a draugr infested cave…or peek his curiosity that seems to get him in trouble a lot.

      1. Well its true! How would you react if you saw a werewolf approaching you with lightening shooting from its hands? You would run and scream like a lil girl too hehe

  2. I haven’t posted anything story-like for ages. Posts happen when they happen, and nobody has anything to complain about that. It’s Free Stuff! Much appreciated when it appears.

    Right. Got a panda to traumatise. New stuff may be along in a few more weeks.

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