So… The News…sort of

So, I am sure you all have noticed a distinct lack of posts from me lately. Well it took me forever to get the last post out because of writers block. I have long since conquered that in fact I have a ton of ideas I am just itching to get done. The problem is I am hitting a really odd crash to desktop loop. On the road to Falkreath, all of them, there seems to be an area(s) that I will CTD each and every single time. I have done a clean install of everything and checked and double checked all my mods. Everything seems ok, but I just can’t get to Falkreath, I even CTD on my highest char when I fast travel to Falkreath. This has left me unable to complete Zanders next entry because he is basically stuck and I just can’t make standing in the road all that funny. Fear not I will get this figured out ASAP; as I type I am actually surfing the interwebs and I believe I just might have found the bread crumb trail to a solution I was looking for, and with any luck I can get Zander back on the road and running for his life in no time. I am sorry it has taken me so long to inform you all of what is going on. I hope to have a new post very soon…or a completely bald head from ripping my hair out. Either way I will keep you all informed.   


21 thoughts on “So… The News…sort of

  1. That sucks, and I certainly know the feeling. My favorite let’s play series was shut down because the author had that same problem around Falkreath. He called it the Bermuda Triangle. In fact, I’ll leave you the video where he talks about it. I’d find the part specifically, but I am at a hotel that is only getting 0.14 mbps and it would take too long. Basically though, it’s most likely going to be a corrupted save file, possibly caused by one of the mods that changes animals, possibly Skytest. I had that issue myself, which I even talked about I think. Well, best of luck.

    1. Yeah I actually saw this on my search for an answer. I am still plugging away at it, taking a break from it for the rest of tonight and will begin again tomorrow. Thanks for the support. =)

      1. Lucky break your problem not being a corrupted save. Are you using Tes Edit to clean your saves? I’ve been thinking about using it myself. Also, you should definitely add Gopher to your Let’s Play. Not only does he stand out above the rest, he’s now my favorite youtuber.

      2. I have looked at tes edit but have not used it. I tend to wait a bit for new programs to work out some bugs they might have and get more reviews on it. I just lucked out I made a new char as a test and the new char also CTD in the same spot, so the saves are not bad.

    1. Thanks, I refuse to let this be the end of Zander. He is destined to die in a hilarious fiery ball of stupidity….or old age one or the other.

      1. The odd thing is I can go anywhere else except for that area. So, if I wanted I suppose I could have Zander turn around and head else where but I would need a reason which I don’t so till I figure it out he is going to just stare at the ground. hehe

  2. That is madness. I hate Techy problems since they make no sense to me. When the unexplainable happens—I break stuff—HULK SMASH style. Don’t do that though, it is expensive.

    If you do opt for breaking stuff, I’d like to help with the carnage. You could also buy yourself some time by sending of your most addicted fans my way. Strumbul isn’t nearly as cool as Zander (or Elsepth) but beggers shouldn’t be choosers.

    1. Heh, you should get more traffic. Sorry it took so long for me to add you to my blog roll. I honestly thought I had done that a few weeks ago, maybe I just wanted to keep your work for myself, I can be selfish that way.

  3. Did you ever figure this out, Pyrelle? I’ve been having some weird crash issues on Steam lately, and not just Skyrim, but while playing The Witcher 2 as well. It was really bad in The Witcher. Every time I died, it would ask if I wanted to reload my last save. I would say yes and Steam would crash. Skyrim tends to do the same thing. If I try to load a save in-game, say I want to switch characters to play another game for awhile, Steam crashes completely and I have to reboot it. It’s a PitA, and actually nudged me away from gaming on Steam for awhile.

    1. I have yet to pin point the problem but I have a feeling mine stems from two mods clashing in the Falkreath cell area. As for your crashing from Steam I had a similar issue a long while back but it was because I had turned off auto updates from steam and once I turned it on and it was able to update it fixed itself. Not sure if that is the issue you might be having. =(

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