Writers Block

So, I have writers’ block! Well, not really; I have just been too busy with other things and have been too scattered to focus on just Zander since the hurricane. So I am afraid there might not be a misadventure this week or maybe even next week; I just don’t know at this point. I have had the outline for the next entry done I just have not had the time to flesh it out and try to make it funny. One thing is clear I am not ending Zander or canceling his journey through Skyrim; there will definitely be more Zander in the future. For now, or at least with how I feel today at this moment, I am taking a break for a little while…maybe. Even as I write this I still do not know if I am actually going to take a small hiatus or not…Who knows? Well, besides Zander and The Shadow?

Hope you all understand and I am sorry for the lack of a real entry this week….maybe I haven’t decided …. see totally scatterbrained…argh…


22 thoughts on “Writers Block

    1. Thanks, I really have no idea what is wrong. I have written and re-written the first paragraph at least a dozen times; it just doesn’t flow like it should.

      1. It happens. That’s why I try to keep a comfortable buffer of chapters, because I’m either in a mood to write several chapters in a row, or none at all! Inspiration ebbs and flows.

      2. I used to have a buffer…then it took an arrow to the knee. My buffer slowly deteriated until there was no more buffer.

      3. You’ll be ok. There is no such thing as the big bad bufferman, so he can’t come and eat your buffer like he did mine…er I mean he doesn’t exist.

    1. Like, not just plant a little easter egg. I’m going to have to keep him busy while you figure out what you want to do with him. Maybe I’ll ship him with someone.

      1. I was only joking around. I am sure you would treat Zander like the delicate little flower he is…..yeah I couldn’t even type that without laughing. I am sure you would treat him better than I treat him LOL

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