Wait A Minute Mister Postman!

I know this is a late entry but better late than never right? I hope everyone enjoys the entry as always I look forward to your comments. I added some original content into this entry. I liked it a lot when I wrote it so I kept it in and to be honest, I feel like it should be in the game anyway. If you like what you read please remember to follow, comment, like or all three. Thanks again all.

Enjoy the latest entry: Tirdas, 2nd Hearthfire, 4th Era



36 thoughts on “Wait A Minute Mister Postman!

  1. “He asks if I have met Camilla yet and I tell him no and he shakes his head and grins before saying he wouldn’t mind getting his hands on her trunks then he laughs a bit.” Bahaha. What does that even mean?

    I also liked your little not-in-the-game addition. If you hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have thought it was out of place at all.

    Faendal’s awkwardness…so very true. But, nah, of course he wouldn’t want to follow you…nope, don’t be silly!

      1. Yes it can, you have to keep a ready stock of excuses as to why you are not talking to them and then there is learning the awkward walk away from them man thats a time crunch.

      2. It is the crying alone in your house the other thing probably only happens once a day for him and only last a max of like 2 min so not too time consuming…I fell I have said too much…oh well

      3. It is truely one of the lenghtiest past times anyone could have lasting seemingly forever…right up until you grow a pair and just speak! hehe.

    1. Well it is true he is so self absorbed I figure he doesn’t listen to anyone else but himself so why would he listen to me? That and it gave me a chance to rant…I do like a good rant.

  2. Hod said that to me too, he’s a lad that one! It’s a good job I’m heading out of Riverwood soon as we seem to be doing pretty much the same things ha. It’s nice to see a new twist on things though and I think Zander should just tell Faendal straight, “stop being such a goddamn pussy!”
    P.S. Your Camilla is far more attractive, in the original game she looks really old and skinny.

    1. I made a mod for that! LoL, I made changes to all the marriable women. I had to I just couldn’t see anyone in vanilla that I would remotely want to be married to so they had to be changed…I will work on males eventually too just to be fair maybe even make Farkas and Vilkas actual twins with matching attire as well.

      1. Ah well done it looks really good, I’ve never tried my hand at modding, which is a little odd considering I’m a aspiring game programmer. But then again I am far too lazy for anything extra like that, it’s hard enough for me to keep up with this blog and do uni work at the same time!

      2. I wouldn’t really call what i made a real mod since i only changed things like hair and makeup ect. The real modders out there make things like new cities or quests. What i did only took me like an hour. I wish I could do some real modding, I have a ton of ideas but no clue how to accomplish what I see in my head.

      3. =) my imagination isnt the problem it is learning the programs and technical stuff to make what I imagine into reality

  3. lo zin

    Argh! I commented on this ages ago but apparently it didn’t “work.” Internet! Bad!

    Anyway I love that you made the Riverwood love triangle interesting again… even if Faendal is well and truly not the elf for me, or anyone!

    1. Even if he were he is too much of a pansy to even do anything about it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy his archery lessons but I think Zander found someone who is worse with women than he is.

      1. lo zin

        On a completely unrelated note… I totally uploaded the wrong Skyrim video yesterday. Buahahaha! I didn’t mean to give you a three minute version of me whining about a tent! I’ve deleted it… you’ll be one of the unlucky few who saw it. I’ll upload a longer ep soon. 🙂

  4. Nice post,They should have put that bit with alvors book In-game,It would fit seamlessly.
    On a completely unrelated not,I have 2 weeks of holidays so im gonna do kadraan posts soon(when i tried a little while ago I accidentally deleted the save… Fail much :I)

      1. Its what happens when you do a mass save cleanout i guess,Geting hearthfire soon-ish,Wonder what kadraan will do with a Landplot to build on…

      2. I am having the same debate with Zander, in order to buy the land you have to be thane of the city I think and well that sort of goes against my rules lol

      3. if only there were a way to send in a Heavily armored person in to do the job for us…(also i kinda broke the NO ADVENTURING RULE when i shealtered in that nordic crypt… :I )

  5. “On my way there I pass Gerdur, and she tells me the town is small.” LOL!!! Also, I really love the term “asshat.” I can’t read it–and I especially can’t say it aloud–without cracking up.

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