Will work for Ingots!

Morndas, 1st of Hearthfire, 4E

I wake up refreshed, I feel stronger than I did yesterday, and I feel good. The things Alvor is teaching me are sinking in quicker than I thought they would; maybe I truly have found my calling. I get out of bed and stretch; as I stretch, I notice the large dresser I put in front of my door has been put back. Is there a secret way into my room I should know about? I try not to think about someone sneaking into my room and moving a heavy piece of furniture without me even knowing but it is hard not to think of such things. Especially when I open my door and am greeted by my stalker looking smug as she drinks from her tankard; she just stands there mocking my attempts at privacy.

Yeah…because standing outside someones room staring at their door is completely normal….

I quickly walk past Delphine, hoping to keep my contact with her to the bare minimum, and make my way to the bar. Orgnar looks at me and grunts waiting for my order; for some reason I don’t think he likes me, or maybe it is just working for Delphine which makes him have a sour attitude. I can understand that; no one wants to work for a paranoid stalker. I ask Orgnar what he has cooking and he asks if I like Skeever liver. Skeever liver? The thought of it makes my stomach turn and I tell him no; he shakes his head smirking and says “Tough luck.” Tough luck? Really Orgnar? Really? Look I understand you don’t like Delphine but please for the love of the nine don’t take it out on me.

You know if you would get better tips you you had a better personality…or breasts…either or…

I make my order for breakfast and ask him to refill my water bottles; he rolls his eyes and grumbles as he fills my order. I take my apple and head to an empty table in the far back of the inn hoping I can enjoy my breakfast without the prying eyes of my stalker making me uncomfortable. It seems to have worked; I will have to remember this trick. Hiding behind a pillar and eating may not be physically comfortable but it has kept me from being eye candy for Delphine. My belly full from my apple, well not full but damn it I am poor and I will have to make due for now, I head out of the inn to make my way to Alvors’. I walk down the road and pacing guy is pacing back and forth the way he has the past few days. I can’t help but wonder if maybe he is waiting on a currier or something; if he is I wonder if no one told him they will deliver right to him and he can go about his daily routine, a job maybe?

Is he crazy or is he waiting on a package? Or has waiting on a package made him crazy? The world may never know…

I walk up to Alvor and he tells me to study the book and then work on my technique. He tells me if my work looks good enough he will teach me to further improve my work. Alvor hands me a work order and tells me he was so impressed by my work that he wants me to fill what ever I can from the order and he will buy it from me. This excites me and I get right to work; I pull all my materials out of my bag and I look them over. I see I don’t have a lot of material to work with but I make due with what I have and if I run out maybe Alvor will take pity on his unofficial official apprentice and give me some more materials. Probably not but a guy can hope can‘t he? I get to work and before I know it I have gone through all of my materials.

Alvor sees my frustration in my lack of materials and he tells me he has some but I will need to buy them; reminding me again that I am not his official apprentice. I look at his materials and even though he brought his prices down significantly from yesterday they are still a tad on the expensive side, even after I sell him what I had already made. I tell Alvor I really can not afford to buy anything right now, not if I plan to stay at the Sleeping Giant Inn tonight. Alvor strokes his beard a moment and tells me he would offer me a bed to sleep in but his nephew, Hadvar, and his Imperial friend, Adrian, are staying with him for a while and he has no more room available. He then tells me I should go ask Hod over at the mill for work but he couldn’t promise anything since he had just hired Adrian to work there not too long ago.

That’s right I remember Gerdur telling me about going to the mill for work; I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask. What is the worst Hod could say? No? Pfft! Like I haven’t heard that recently. I thank Alvor for his offer and the reminder about the lumber mill. Before I walk away Alvor tells me to keep some of the wood for myself, that it will come in handy while smithing, and is definitely needed when I am ready to smith steel; I thank Alvor again and start to make my way to the lumber mill. I really hope sending people to chop wood isn’t an on going gag the people of Skyrim have for immigrants; if so it is a very hurtful one and I will be forced to back track to Dawnstar just to slap Abelone upside her head for being the first one to make me look stupid; like I really needed her help for that.

I head to the mill, avoiding Mr. Pacer man the best I could; as I walk across the bridge to the lumber mill I see someone approach me with a bundle of wood in his arms. It is safe to assume he works at the mill; as he gets closer I notice he is a Bosmer. I wonder if he is Faendal but before I have a chance to ask him he interrupts asking me if he saw me speaking to Sven. How the hell should I know what you saw, but to answer your question unless Alvors’ nickname is Sven, and I really don’t think that it is, no I have not spoken to anyone named Sven. He smiles a little and tells me I should stay away from Sven if I can, and before I can even ask why he walks away. I hope there is another Bosmer in this town because if that rude and some what flakey individual is going to be my Archery instructor I fear I am doomed.

Did you actually pay someone for that hair cut? You did….it looks…..so thats a nice bundle of wood you got there, what is that cedar?

I continue to the mill where I see a large man lifting lumber and throwing it down to be cut in half; there is no doubt in my mind that this rather large man has to be Hod, mainly because he looks like a Hod. I approach the man and tell him my name; he turns around and looks me up and down then nods saying I will do nicely and then asks if I am looking for work. I tell him I am and before I can say anything else he tells me he needs as much help as possible. He tells me it is very hard work and if I am as lazy as Sven I need not bother him and he is only looking for hard workers like Faendal and Adrian. I assure him I am a hard worker and he tells me to go and chop as much wood and when I am ready to bring it back to him for payment.

That is one magnificent mustache sir!

I walk down the ramp to the lumber mill and I see the wood elf hard at work; I can only assume he is Faendal since he is a Bosmer and not an Imperial, that seems like a good logic to follow. Great, so he is after all Faendal; well I can only hope he was in a hurry to do his job earlier and not rude and flakey the way he came off. I stand and I debate a moment on whether or not to properly introduce myself to him when Hod yells out to me to stop day dreaming and get to work there is wood to be chopped. I look up at Hod and he smirks at me as I head over to the next chopping station; I chop wood for a few hours before my stomach informs me of its need for food and drink. I look up at the suns position and as usual my stomach is a great judge of time; I gather my chords of wood and bring them to Hod; he counts them up and tosses me a rather heavy bag of coin. I thank Hod and tell him I am going to lunch but I will return after; he smiles and tells me not to get sick off of Orgnars’ special stew.

I decide to take the back way to the Sleeping Giant Inn; mainly to avoid Mr. Pacer man from infecting me with his special brand of crazy. As I am making my way to the inn I see Gerdur and we talk for a moment; she tells me that she wished everyone would stop saying she owns the town. She goes on to tell me that she doesn’t own the town but “The Jarl” does and she just pays the taxes. Even way out here you all have to call Jarl, “The Jarl”? That mans ego is out of control; I wonder if he actually thinks he is the only person in all of Nirn named Jarl. Now I understand why she didn’t seem all that concerned about the Riverwood Trader being robed; I think someone should talk to “The Jarl” about getting some guards around here. I thank Gerdur for the job reference and we part ways.

As I cross the river I notice Alvor’s creepy friend being creepy and staring at Sigrid again. If someone were ogling my wife in a creepy way I think me and my friends, the Fist brothers, would have to have strong words with that person. I seriously don’t know what Alvor’s friend has on him that allows him to be creepy McCreeperson with Alvors’ wife but it must be something bad. This just enforces my belief that someone really should have a chat with “The Jarl” about getting some guards around here; I know they would take care of that lollygagging creeper. Hmmm I wonder if that is the Sven guy that Faendal warned me to stay away from; it would make complete sense if he is Sven.

Oh crap the creep is looking this way!

I stand there and ponder for a moment on whether or not McCreeperson is Sven; the more I think about it the more I think he has to be Sven. He is after all lazy like Hod mentioned; he does as he pleases, and apparently being creepy instead of working is what pleases him. With his complete dedication to being creepy I can totally understand why Faendal would warn people to stay away from him. Then again there is also Mr. Pacer man down the road could also be Sven; with his constant pacing back and forth and his obvious lack of ambition to do little else he meets Hods’ description of Sven. Though I don’t know why Faendal would warn me to stay away from him; unless he is as I have suspected contagious.

My stomach grumbles loudly at me; admonishing me for stopping to contemplate the situation. I continue to the Sleeping Giant Inn and head inside for lunch; as I walk in I look around and Delphine is behind the bar. I bet she thinks she has won and I will have to talk to her now; well jokes on her I still have some salted beef and water I can have for lunch. Take that creepy stalker lady, the only time I need to speak to you is when I need to rent a room. I head over to the table hidden behind the pillar for lunch as I did for breakfast; giving up physical comfort for ease of mind so I can enjoy my food is priceless. I finish my lunch and head out to go back to work and just in time; I can hear Delphine picking on Orgnar again, this time about the corn stores getting low. I would feel bad for Orgnar but he seems to keep Delphine in check as I hear him giving her one of his nonchalant responses.

I walk outside and head back to the lumber mill to let Hod know I am back on the clock so to speak. Chopping wood is hard work, and I have a new respect for Sigurd back in Whiterun; though something tells me that Belethor doesn’t pay as well as Hod does. I made enough coin this morning from chopping wood to be able to pay for a room at the inn for a good long while; whatever coin I get now will help fund my blacksmithing. I make my way to the mill and I see Faendal hard at work still; he seems to be a hard worker so maybe learning archery and hunting from him won’t make me as doomed as I had previously thought.

I head up the ramp to the mill and I see Hod leaning against a pole waiting for a tree to be split in two by the mechanical saw. He looks at me and smiles telling me he is glad to see me and he could use some help working the mill since Sven never showed up for his shift. Seriously? Ok, let me get this straight, Sven works here but doesn’t show up and he is still under your employ? That doesn’t seem like a very good business plan. I tell Hod I will do my best and he tells me it is a lot harder than chopping wood but it will also pay more. This is good news; maybe by the end of the day not only will I have enough money to stay at the inn but I will be able to afford food as well, not to mention materials for my blacksmithing lessons.

No…no thats ok you just stand there. I got this…

I help Hod at the mill; he was right working the mill is harder but after a few logs I get the hang of it and I can’t help but wonder more about this Sven guy. He is creepy towards Sigrid and Alvor buys him drinks. He never shows up for work and Hod still lets him have a job. Seriously what kind of leverage does he have on those two? Well one thing is for sure, the more I hear about this guy the less I like him and the more inclined I am to take Faendal’s advice and stay away from that guy.

I take a small break from lifting logs long enough to notice it is getting late. I wanted to get back to the forge to continue my lessons and maybe even some more commission work for Alvor. I don’t see that happening because there isn’t a lot of day light left. I head over to Hod and he grins as he tosses me another heavy bag of coins for working the mill with him. He tells me I did a good job and asked if I would be back tomorrow; I tell him I will definitely be back but maybe part time because of my apprenticeship. He nods and tells me part time is fine and Alvor is a good man and a good blacksmith and he won’t teach me wrong. I thank Hod for the job and make my way down the ramp; I notice Faendal is still hard at work and I decide I could still head to the smithy and try and squeeze in some more smithing time before night falls.

I cross the river and before I can move out of his way Mr. Pacer man nearly runs into me; just what I need now I am going to have to burn these cloths and wander around naked, I hope you’re happy. Before I can even say anything he apologizes and tells me his name is Sven. Wait you’re Sven? Than whom the hell is that creepy guy staring at Sigrid all the damn time? He ignores my inquires and asks if I am Zander; I tell him I am and he nods with a devilish smirk across his face and tells me that a lovely young woman in a peculiar black cape name Lo Zin or something like that was looking for me earlier. Wait the girls name was Lo Zin or the capes name was Lo Zin? I am confused but before I could ask for clarification he starts ranting about how Faendal thinks he can woo Camilla Valerius away from him, and how he keeps telling Faendal that she is already his. He then proceeds to continue to pace back and forth.

Ok, good news, you’re not technically crazy and I can’t catch your crazy. Bad news, you’re a complete asshat.

Well at least now I know why Faendal told me to stay away from you, and it’s not because you are crazy, which you are; it is because you are a selfish, egotistical, pretty boy who thinks a woman can be owned. You should talk to Mikael in Whiterun and see how well that path in life works out for you; as I walk away I hear Sven tell me I should go hear him sing at the Sleeping Giant Inn. He is a bard? Really? Is it a prerequisite to be a complete tool if you are a male bard? I shake my head restraining myself from punching him square in the mouth for being….well for being a complete tool, and make my way to Alvors’.

As I walk up the steps I almost trip over a little girl; I tell her I am sorry and she smiles at me telling me her name is Dorthe. She then tells me her father says she is too friendly to strangers. Well considering I have only just met you and you have given me your name and a friendly smile without knowing whether or not I am going to kidnap or murder you, I would have to agree with your father on that one. She then tells me her papa is Alvor the blacksmith; before I can introduce myself she continues, and tells me that she is his apprentice.

Keep smiling; I am going to give every receipt for smithing materials I get.

Well that is nice little one…wait you are his what now? You mean to tell me you are his apprentice? You? You are the reason I am not Alvors’ apprentice? A small child, who is just begging to be kidnapped and or murdered because you didn‘t listen to your father about stranger danger, is in fact Alvors‘ apprentice? Yeah, that seems fair! Are you even tall enough to see over the work bench? Can you even lift a damn smithing hammer? She then tells me that one day she will forge her own sword; I am sure you will since you are such a good student and listen to everything your father says…wait no you don’t. Isn’t there some sort of law against nepotism or child endangerment? No? Well then there damn well should be!

I approach Alvor and he must have over heard his daughter because he apologizes straight off. He tells me that he had hoped to pass his knowledge down to his son but he never had a son and so his daughter became his apprentice instead. Well… damn it I can’t be mad at you for wanting to keep a family tradition going; I guess I can respect his decision and to be honest I probably would do the same thing in his position. I ask to see his price list for materials and after careful calculations I determine it would be best if I waited on buying them until after my next shift at the mill. Besides it is getting darker and my stomach is growling loudly; it is definitely time for dinner. At this point I am glad I made enough money today at the mill for a room and some food; I take my leave of Alvor and head to the inn for dinner and to get some sleep.

I walk to the Sleeping Giant Inn and when I enter I notice Delphine sitting at a table with her back to me. I quietly close the door and sneak up to the bar to order my dinner; Orgnar notices my attempt to be silent and he just nods handing me the plate of food. I sit at a table far away from Delphine and eat my dinner; I am quite enjoying the fact I was able to sneak a meal without her watchful gaze upon me, and despite Sven telling me he was a bard and played at the inn I have not seen him once while I have been here so maybe just maybe he was lying. Which is a good thing because I was starting to believe that they had no rules for admission at the bard college.

Once I finish my meal I hear the broom brushing back and forth on the floor behind me and I can sense Delphine staring at me. I really wish there was another inn in this little town because she is really starting to worry me with her hungry eyes. I walk up to her and ask for a room and she again notes that I am “that stranger poking around town”, well I don’t think you can call working at the lumber mill “poking around” and if that is some sort of innuendo for something I will sleep outside. She finally hands me the key to the room and I head in my room, close and lock the door; I would put the dresser in front of the door like I did last night but that didn’t seem to work so why bother if won’t keep her out of my room.

Well the day was very productive; I managed to work on my smithing technique some, and I got a job at the mill to help pay for my smithing. I also managed to learn who Faendal was, which was easy seeing as he is the only Bosmer in the town; I also learned the Mr. Pacer man was Sven the lazy good for nothing that is a real tool. The only thing that still eludes me at this point is figuring out who Creepy McCreeperson is and what he has on the townsfolk. But I suppose that can wait for another day.

Well, good night Riverwood, thank you for keeping Skyrim from killing me and doing horrible things with my body…

{Sorry for week long delay in releasing this entry and I hope it will be worth the wait. If not I am sorry.}


About Pyrelle

I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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30 Responses to Will work for Ingots!

  1. Adrian! Lo Zin!
    “Keep smiling; I am going to give every receipt for smithing materials I get.”
    I got to this caption and I lost it completely. I was laughing so hard it hurt.

    • Pyrelle says:

      =) That was one of my favorite captions to write. I had like 4 different captions for that picture but went with that one because the others wouldn’t really make any sense yet.

  2. Well worth the wait! I was starting to wonder when you would post again 🙂

    • Pyrelle says:

      It has been hectic, I have actually written this post 4 times. I lost the post 3 times because my pc decided to crash and i hadn’t saved. I actually finished this post on friday but since I havn’t had time to work on the follow up yet I decided it would wait till monday. So hopefully I can get back on track.


    “My belly full from my apple, well not full but damn it I am poor and I will have to make due for now.” I’m pretty sure Zander is secretly a college student.

    “I think someone should talk to ‘The Jarl’ about getting some guards around here.” Yeah, man. Whose job is that, anyway?

    “No…no thats ok you just stand there. I got this…” The picture that went along with this caption is hilarious. Yep, you just stand there and lean against a pillar, don’t mind me! I’m just breaking my back, probably!

    “Well one thing is for sure, the more I hear about this guy the less I like him and the more inclined I am to take Faendal’s advice and stay away from that guy.” I read this and immediately saw the picture below with him talking to Sven and I squealed in anticipation.

    • “My belly full from my apple, well not full but damn it I am poor and I will have to make due for now.” I’m pretty sure Zander is secretly a college student.

      This cracks me up. One night I told my husband to describe Elspeth and he said, “She’s a grad student.”

      • Pyrelle says:

        I can totally see the comparision there. Just change the apple out for some ramen and bob is your uncle lol. And yeah I think I would have to agree with your Hubby Els is a grad student especially in the earlier chapters where she is studying a lot at the college hehe

    • Pyrelle says:

      LOL. I am glad you enojyed it so much. I was lucky that the playthrough went that way. I had previously walked by Sven and he says nothing but apparently I got too close and he just went to town on dialog lol. definately made my job easier.

  4. Also, I will never look at Delphine the same way again. Yikes.

  5. lo zin says:

    Eeeee! Me! That was me! I was looking for him! Yikes, Sven noticed my cape? I’ll have to be more careful in future. I don’t want everyone thinking I’m a skull-on-the-clothes kind of girl. Well, not all the time.

    I’m so glad to see a Zander update 🙂 I loved him calling out Hod’s “apprentice.”

    Faendal really is useless, isn’t he?

    • Pyrelle says:

      Nepetisim knows no limits apparently not in skyrim at least lol. As for Faendal I am still working on how I am going to get my training out of him, since i am poor. And dont mind Sven he is after all Mikaels protege and we all know what happened to Mikael dont we lol =) glad you enjoyed it. I was gonna do more with LoZin but you didn’t stay long in your you tube video so I didn’t has much to work with =)

      • lo zin says:

        Perhaps I’ll have to go back! Actually I’m sure I do in a video I haven’t posted yet.

        Faendal is great for free training, it’s true.

      • Pyrelle says:

        I am counting on it my archery skill is just so damn bad with Zander and i really have no idea why, well i do have a idea but i am not ready to uninstall my A.C.E. Mod lol

      • lo zin says:

        Ahhh, is that the one that separates bows into light, long, etc? Is it fun?

      • Pyrelle says:

        yeah it is, it also changes combat completely and tweeks armor and almost all of the perks. I like it alot they put a lot of work into it. I would suggest looking into trying it at least once. =)

  6. 201bones says:

    Nice to see how zander is going,and i have a new post coming 🙂

  7. adantur says:

    Hey Adrian’s in town! There was a lot of name-dropping in this post actually ha. It’s just a shame Adrian and Zander can never meet, I’m sure they’d have a lot to talk about both being Imperials and all. It did make me laugh when you were going on about Creepy McCreeperson and it turned out to be Embry, he sure is a character! Good post.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Thanks, and I only dropped two names lol. As for Embry he is a creeper just watch him for a while and you’ll agree that the nice old drunk has a dark side hehe

      • adantur says:

        Two real life names is a lot considering and I did and do regularly catch Embry chilling with the local children so in a modern context at least he is the definition of a creeper!

      • Pyrelle says:

        I think he has more than just alcohol problems.

  8. steel ingots says:

    your blog and pictures are so nice and also provide such a good knowledge. nice posting

  9. Jake Elliot says:

    I love the humor in your tale. I will periodically stop by to sample your fun spin.

  10. kitdoctor says:

    I liked the shout-outs. Clever to include Adrian in Riverwood since both of your blogs were taking place there at the time. It sounds like Zander has written off the entire town of Riverwood. I certainly agree about Sven though. Dude’s a royal ass-butt. I’ve always hated how expensive ingots were in Skyrim. I know they have to be so smithing isn’t more overpowered, but still annoying. I feel Zander’s pain.

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