Creepy is as creepy does…

Sundas, 31st of Last Seed, 4E


After a restless night on what I can only describe as the most uncomfortable bed in the world; it almost reminded me of the night I spent in the supply closet at the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar. If my night is any indication of what my time in Riverwood is going to be like I am in trouble. I get out of bed and get ready for the day ahead and the first thing I need is food; as I head out of my room I am greeted by my stalker as she sweeps the floor and stares at my door.

I think that spot has been sufficently swept you can move on….please stop staring at me….please…

Ignoring the creepy stalker eyes of the inn keeper I make my way over to the bar and order some bread for breakfast; Orgnar nods asks if I need anything else and I ask for a refill on my water. As he hands me my water I hear Delphine yelling at him again; something about the ale going bad. He doesn’t seem to be all that worried about the ale going bad; either that or he is just trying to annoy Delphine with his attitude. I sit down as far away from my stalker as possible but I can still feel her eyes on me as I eat my breakfast.

You hiding from Delphines’ stalker eyes too?

I finish what can only be described as a disturbingly awkward breakfast and leave the Sleeping Giant Inn; walking out onto the porch of the inn it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. I check the position of the sun and it is later in the morning than I had hoped; I was hoping to meet with Alvor earlier and make a better impression than I did yesterday but I am not sure that will happen now.

Ah, smell that fresh mountain air….what the hell is that smell?

As I make my way down the road and I can see that same strange guy I saw the other day continuing to walk back and forth on the road. As I make my way to meet Alvor I stay as far away from that man as possible; I already have one stalker and he looks unstable as well and I don’t need another person trying to rub their crazy off on me.

You’re the reason for the “Stranger danger” campaign aren’t you?

I walk up to the smithing area where I find Alvor hard at work; I stand there a moment not wanting to disturb him. He glances up at me and stops working; he tells me that he isn’t a master blacksmith and that he mostly works for Gerdur and Hod repairing their sawmill and doing basic smithing for people around town. Alvor tells me he can not have me as an apprentice because he already has an apprentice; this sounds like news he could have given me yesterday.

Ah, rejection, I know ye well…perhaps too well…

He goes on to say that since he has an apprentice he can not give me materials for free as he does for his apprentice but he will be glad to teach me what he knows. Oh, I see, well thanks for not wasting my time like…wait did you just say I could be your apprentice as long as I paid for my materials? So I am officially a blacksmiths apprentice? He tells me he wants me to make something so he can gauge my skill level so he can start to mentor me.

I think for a moment and I walk over to the forge and start to make one of the only things I really know how to make an Iron Dagger. I manage to finish it with relative ease and show my work to Alvor who looks it over closely; he strokes his beard a moment as he gives the dagger a once over. He nods as he hands it back to me; he tells me it is of a good quality, and teaching me might not be as hard as he originally thought it might be. I don’t know if that was meant as a compliment or as a insult.

He smirks and tosses me a book full of schematics and patterns; he tells me he will be teaching me all the schematics and patterns in the book. He points to the first pattern and tells me we will be starting with that one; I look it over and it is an armored hood. Alvor tells me it is the perfect thing to start with and it makes for a nice hood that any hunter worth his salt would love to own. This is excellent news for me because I still plan on becoming a hunter myself; who knows maybe I can use it to persuade Faendal to teach me to use my bow better.

Alvor tells me the pattern requires some iron ingots and leather strips and asks me if I need any materials; I tell him I have some I can use and he smiles and points to the leather rack. He stands over me as I work the rack making some leather strips; he nods and tells me my technique needs work and shows me a better way to work the rack. I already feel he is a much better teacher than Adrianne ever was; he must have sensed my lack of focus because he smacks the back of my head and tells me that losing focus while working is a good way to lose a limb. I nod and he gives me further instruction showing me how to complete the piece; after a bit of time I finish the piece and show it to Alvor. He takes the hood from me and brings it to his work bench looking it over closely he smiles and tells me it is a nicely made piece and hands it back.

As I admire my work my stomach screams for food so loudly that Alvor laughs and tells me to take a break for lunch; I thank him and tell him I will be back after lunch. I turn the corner and bump into a woman; I beg her pardon and she tells me not to try anything funny because she is taken. Oh crap, the crazy from Delphine and that guy pacing back and forth has rubbed off on me and now I look like a creeper. I assure her that I am not a creeper or anything and that I am Alvors’ new unofficial official assistant.

What the hell? Is there something about me that screams creeper? Is it my hair?

She smiles and tells me her name is Sigrid; she tells me she is Alvors’ wife and she is glad to meet me. She tells me not to take her previous comment to heart but she had a run in with bard who couldn’t take no for an answer and wanted to be direct and up front with new men in town. I have a feeling I know who she is talking about and I can’t really blame her for the way she reacted.

I tell Sigrid I will see her later as I make my way back to the Sleeping Giant Inn for lunch; I walk down the steps and notice a man across the street leaning against the building staring at Sigrid.

It’s guys like you who make all men look like creeps. Thanks….jerk ass….

Wow, no wonder Sigrid has to be so direct with guys like that hanging around the town; I can’t help but wonder if the level of creepiness in this town is rising by the hour. I head into the inn and sit down at the table digging through my bags for some lunch; I seem to be getting low on food and from the feel of my coin pouch I am getting low on coin as well. I am going to have to find some way to make money while Alvor mentors me especially since I have to buy the materials I will need to learn from him. I try to put my money troubles out of my mind and enjoy my lunch when I notice Delphine is working at an alchemy table; I guess that is an avenue I could explore while I am here, but that also means having to talk to Delphine more and I really don’t want to encourage her stalker behavior. I finish my lunch and head back out to Alvors’; that creepy guy is still staring at poor Sigrid and I know she knows he is staring at her because I can see the discomfort in her face.

Really? You’re still standing there being creepy? Don’t you have a job?

Someone should let Alvor know of creepy mc creeperton over there but that person isn’t going to be me; I walk by and notice the crazy pacer is still well pacing, this town is just weird. I head back to the smithing area and talk with Alvor and he instructs me that he wants to see me improve a weapon so he can see my technique. I pull my bow out and begin working on it and Alvor stands over my shoulder; he points out that I am doing something wrong and then shows me the proper way to enhance an item. He tells me I am learning quickly and I might not need his guidance soon; I think he was just being nice because I don’t think a few lessons in one day makes me as good a blacksmith as him.

I look through the book Alvor gave me and I notice that if I want to continue making anything I am going to need more supplies. I ask Alvor if he would be willing to sell me some iron ingots; he shakes his head and tells me I need to learn to make them myself and points to the smelter. He tells me the procedure is not too complicated and walks me through the process then walks away telling me to see him when I am done. I rummage through my bags and I find some of the iron ore I managed to collect during my trip to Whiterun from Dawnstar; it isn’t much so I head back to Alvor who is shocked I am back so soon but very pleased when I tell him I need more ore. He shows me what he has and his price is steep but I need the ore so I purchase what he has and head back to the smelter.

I don’t know what is scarier the smelter or that guy pacing back and forth. One can burn me and I think the other is waiting to rub his crazy off on me….

I look at the smelter as if it were the first time I have ever seen one but it is not it is just the first time I will really be using one; I hesitantly place the ore in the furnace of the smelter hoping to the divines that I don’t burst into flames because I did something wrong, and it is not like I am wearing a nifty smithing apron like I should. I smelt my ore into ingots just as Alvor had instructed and bring them back to him for inspection; he gives them a once over and hands them back telling me they look good. He then points to the forge and instructs me on how to make a full suit of iron armor; he again walks me through the procedure, showing me little tricks on how to forge the armor.

You just make it look so easy…

He explains that learning how to forge this basic set of armor would give me the knowledge and foundation to forge more complicated armors. I get to work on the armor hoping I have enough of the materials I need to complete the lesson Alvor is teaching me; if I am forced to buy any more materials I don’t think I will have enough money to rent a room tonight. After a few hours I barely manage to finish the lesson Alvor gave to me; I show him the finished armor and he places it on his work bench. Stroking his beard and looking it over he hands it back to me and tells me it is fine work and grins evilly. I really don’t like the look on his face when he grins like that and with good reason because he tells me I have two options I can sell him all the armor I just made or get some of the materials I spent making it back. This is a tough choice; I know I will need the materials but I also need the money but given the circumstances I opt to get the materials I used back.

He smiles and points over to the smelter again; he couldn’t just give me the material and use the smelter himself, no that would be too easy. He tells me it is often that someone commissions a piece of armor but never comes to claim the item; so he takes me over to the smelter and tells me when someone fails to pick up a commissioned item you can sell it or you can get some of your materials back and he tosses one of the pieces of iron armor into the smelter showing me how to reclaim the ingot. He slaps my back and walks away leaving me to smelt down the armor I just made.

I finish the process and head back up to Alvor and he smiles telling me we are done for the day but I am more than welcome to stay and work on my technique a bit; I thank him and I take him up on the offer. I look at the hood pattern he gave me and decide I should make another one; one for me and one for Faendal as a bribe to take me on as a student. I get to work on the hood and after a while it is done; just in time for my stomach to remind me that it is dinner time.

I make my way to the Sleeping Giant Inn for dinner and to get some sleep and I am almost run over by a woman who seems to be in a hurry. She stops and tells me she is sorry and her name is Gerdur; she tells me she owns the sawmill and if I am in need of a job to see her husband Hod at the mill. I thank her for the information and we walk together down the road a bit; we both avoid the crazy pacing guy, and she tells me as we pass the Riverwood Trader that Lucan, the owner, was robed a few nights ago but they didn’t take much.

I’m sorry did you say there was a robbery? Was the towns supply of soap taken?

Who would steal from a small village? It’s not like this place has a hidden key to some super secret treasure or something; we continue down the road a bit and I tell her thank you for the job offer as we part ways.

I make my way back into the inn and I notice much like at lunch time this place isn’t really a social hub, but I do see Alvor sitting with the creepy guy who was staring at his wife earlier. I guess they are friends or something; maybe he hired the creepy guy to keep an eye on his wife and protect her or something. I know that is not likely but it could happen. I sit down and rifle through my bags for some dinner and I am joined by the awkward stare of my stalker. Yeah this isn’t getting old, not at all; I can’t even enjoy a meal without her staring at me like she wants to eat me, and I have to rent a room from her still so I act nice and wave at her and go about eating my dinner.

You’re hungry eyes scare me…

I finish my meal and approach Delphine and ask for a room key; she gladly obliges but still won’t show me which room is mine, so I assume it is the same as last night and thankfully I am right. I enter my room and close the door behind me making sure to lock it and slide the dresser in front of the door; I’ll be damned if I get murdered in my sleep.

I relax a bit in the chair and reflect on everything Alvor taught me today. I still can’t quite get over that I am unofficially someone’s apprentice; I just hope he doesn’t pull the rug out from under me like Adrianne. Working the forge all day has made me very tired so it is time to turn in for the night.

Good night Riverwood, if you happen to see Skyrim tell it I am not here; the last thing I need is Skyrim trying to kill me.

{Sorry for the delay in the entry. Things have been hectic this past week, but I have got power back and things are starting to get back to normal. I hope this entry was somewhat enjoyable because I realize this isn’t my best work and it was relatively boring. I just felt compelled to get something up for this week and I hope to have the next entry up on its normal day, though I make no promises. Thanks for reading.}


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I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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18 Responses to Creepy is as creepy does…

  1. Pyrelle! I’m so glad you’re alive. I’ll read this tonight.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Hehe, alive and kickin; I look forward to your review. =)

      • I agree with TQBH down there re. Alvor. I laughed when Alvor smacked the back of his head. It’s nice to read a description of Riverwood when it’s not the first (or really, second, but who counts Helgen) town described.

      • Pyrelle says:

        =) Riverwood has always been one of my favorite villages. I always wanted a little house in the village, and with the new DLC I might actually get it! As for helgen I always wondered why no one ever bothered rebuilding it. I know there is a mod that does but it is something Bethesda really should have done. I am curious what will happen if and when Zander stumbles upon Helgen. I am glad you enjoyed it =)

  2. I…I don’t think I’ve ever been so interested in reading about someone learning to do smithing.

    Don’t even worry. Your subtle characterization of Alvor is great.

    • Pyrelle says:

      I am glad you liked it. I was in such a hurry to get something posted for this week I was having so many issues trying to make this day interesting and trying to come up with something interesting to say in the picture captions.

  3. adantur says:

    Not every installment can be action-packed and I enjoyed it so I think your fears are un-founded. I like the way you linked the pervy bard Zander knocked seven bells out of and Sigrid, my character simply assumed she thought too much of herself but maybe he was a little too quick to judge…

    • Pyrelle says:

      =) I cheated a little and remembered that the book Mikael wrote can be found in Alvor and Sigrids home and I used that knowlege to draw a conclusion but shhh dont tell anyone hehe

  4. 201bones says:

    Nice post,but more importantly,you survived the hurricane.Good job and i hope things get a bit less Frantic and distressing…I know what Natural disasters are like. believe me…

  5. lo zin says:

    “but I do see Alvor sitting with the creepy guy who was staring at his wife earlier. I guess they are friends or something; maybe he hired the creepy guy to keep an eye on his wife and protect her or something.”

    I love this explanation 🙂 And I’m really excited for Zander and Hearthfire. It’d be great if he could get a little place around here. No doubt his home would never lack for doors!

    It’s good to see you back! I’m glad you didn’t blow away.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. Hearthfire will definately bring a new angle on the story and I can’t wait, I do have a mod that does the same thing but I am having an internal debate about useing it. I am glad I didn’t blow away either, I am told that it is fun but deadly.

  6. kitdoctor says:

    I like how you referred to the Windpeak Inn room as a supply closet. Made me laugh. From the amount of creeper talk, it sounds like Skyrim could use its own version of Chris Hansen.

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