Creepy is as creepy does…

Sorry for the delay in the entry. Things have been hectic this past week, but I have got power back and things are starting to get back to normal. I hope you will find this entry somewhat enjoyable because I realize this isn’t my best work and it might be relatively boring. I just felt compelled to get something up for this week and I hope to have the next entry up on its normal day, though I make no promises. Thanks for reading. Remember to follow, comment, like or all three. Thanks again all.

Enjoy the latest entry: Sundas, 31st Last Seed, 4th Era



18 thoughts on “Creepy is as creepy does…

      1. I agree with TQBH down there re. Alvor. I laughed when Alvor smacked the back of his head. It’s nice to read a description of Riverwood when it’s not the first (or really, second, but who counts Helgen) town described.

      2. =) Riverwood has always been one of my favorite villages. I always wanted a little house in the village, and with the new DLC I might actually get it! As for helgen I always wondered why no one ever bothered rebuilding it. I know there is a mod that does but it is something Bethesda really should have done. I am curious what will happen if and when Zander stumbles upon Helgen. I am glad you enjoyed it =)

    1. I am glad you liked it. I was in such a hurry to get something posted for this week I was having so many issues trying to make this day interesting and trying to come up with something interesting to say in the picture captions.

  1. Not every installment can be action-packed and I enjoyed it so I think your fears are un-founded. I like the way you linked the pervy bard Zander knocked seven bells out of and Sigrid, my character simply assumed she thought too much of herself but maybe he was a little too quick to judge…

    1. =) I cheated a little and remembered that the book Mikael wrote can be found in Alvor and Sigrids home and I used that knowlege to draw a conclusion but shhh dont tell anyone hehe

  2. Nice post,but more importantly,you survived the hurricane.Good job and i hope things get a bit less Frantic and distressing…I know what Natural disasters are like. believe me…

  3. lo zin

    “but I do see Alvor sitting with the creepy guy who was staring at his wife earlier. I guess they are friends or something; maybe he hired the creepy guy to keep an eye on his wife and protect her or something.”

    I love this explanation 🙂 And I’m really excited for Zander and Hearthfire. It’d be great if he could get a little place around here. No doubt his home would never lack for doors!

    It’s good to see you back! I’m glad you didn’t blow away.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Hearthfire will definately bring a new angle on the story and I can’t wait, I do have a mod that does the same thing but I am having an internal debate about useing it. I am glad I didn’t blow away either, I am told that it is fun but deadly.

  4. I like how you referred to the Windpeak Inn room as a supply closet. Made me laugh. From the amount of creeper talk, it sounds like Skyrim could use its own version of Chris Hansen.

    1. Skyrim really does have a lot of creepy fricking people. I am glad Zander wont meet the freaking cannibal in Markarth. I wouldn’t even know how to write that.

      1. Is he the guy at the stable? I don’t think I’ve ever even done that quest. God, there is so much content in Skyrim it still amazes me.

      2. no the quest actually starts when you are asked to check out the halls of the dead in Markarth. It is a deadric quest line and it changed my thoughts on Markarth.

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