Pretty women and a dashing of a dream…

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27 thoughts on “Pretty women and a dashing of a dream…

  1. lo zin

    Poor Zander–his apprentice dream sure got squished quickly. I’m interested in who this person and daughter are at Arcane though.

    Also, Zander better be careful with all his woman ogling before he ends up in league with Mikael!

    1. HA I somehow don’t think Zander has the skills for flirting. As for who those people are I think I did fairly well in pointing out who they were… >=D

      1. lo zin

        If only someone would write a story about them, too. Hm…

        Sorry. I do like seeing Elspeth squee. 🙂

      2. Hehe who knows maybe you’ll be in a squee type mood if I find a way to hide your chars in my misadventures as well =D

  2. LOVE!

    I am sitting here with figurative hears and flowers coming out of my ears. ::squee:: Erica put a little easter egg for me in her Epilogue and I told her that was one of the things that would see me to the end of my story. It made me feel so literary and cultural and all that good junk, to have references to something I made show up elsewhere.

    And I love that Jon and Zander are becoming BFFs. And the interaction with Uthgerd. Great chapter.

    1. =) Glad uyou approve of the easter egg and the chapter. I had a heck of a time fleshing this day out lol. We shall see if I have it in me to hide more in the future.

      1. I think it’s a fair comparison given what I’ve said about her so far. Xeri’s a tough Dumner woman with a bit of a dark side. There will be more details about her later so you can decide if you’d stick with that comparison or not.

      2. Origionally I was going to make the comparison between her a Irileth but I dont like her so she can go suck an egg instead of being one hehe

  3. Well, Irileth is probably a closer comparison. Xeri was Elspeth’s father’s mentor (turned housecarl) before she was Elspeth’s mentor (which is similar to Balgruuf and Irileth). And based on what we know of Xeri so far, she’s not particularly likeable. BUT, I do believe that someone like Jenassa would remind Zander of Xeri, particularly if Zander is meeting Xeri in his family’s store. He’s not seeing her militant drill sergeant side.

    1. I just never like Irileth at all tried killing her a few times during the dragon attack at the watch tower >=) then i realized she couldn’t die and i was sad. lol Everything I have read about Xeri I liked so Irileth was not worthy.

      1. She’s interesting, I’ll say that much. I’m having a lot of fun writing her character. Xeri was my very first Elder Scrolls character ever, Nerevar Reincarnate. This Xeri is not Nerevar Reincarnate although I toyed with the idea of including her but I couldn’t really make it work.

      2. I bet you could have done it eventually heck you might still be able to do it hehe. I was going to add Runa in there too somehow just didn’t know how though I have an idea on how to do it right now though I dont know if i will or not =)

      3. Tease! Whatever, you do, I am just happy with this one.

        At best, I could manage a nod to the old Xeri. I’ve got plenty of back story/lore to work in. Based on another comment you made someplace else, I think you’ll get a kick out of where my story goes.

      4. Well color me intrigued. I am working on my next post on and off while I start to cook dinner. I think I might have some insperation going for me today so fingers crossed.

      5. That sounds good. Right now I am approximately three sentences away from the end of this chapter. I need to be really careful with how I handle this so it will probably take be about six hours to write these three sentences. Today I also finished about a quarter of chapter following that.

      6. Hehe; at least you are being productive. I finished cooking and I got side tracked by this evony game. My attention span is that of a child I sware.

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  5. “Well I can see that considering it seems to be stalking me like a mentally unstable ex-girlfriend.”

    Quite the hilarious analogy. You did a good job of turning an ordinary day in Whiterun to an interesting one by Zander’s interactions with other characters. I never like to stay in towns long because I’m not good at fleshing out the days like you did in this post.

    I too loved the Elspeth Easter egg. I kept wondering when I was going to come upon it. Very clever stuff indeed.

    1. I am glad you are enjoying it, I do my best to make the days interesting for everyone to read. It gets hard but it is worth it when I read everyone’s comments.

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