What is in the water?

I don’t really know why but this entry took me almost an entire week to complete. I usually have them ready and waiting to be posted but not this one. So, I hope everyone enjoys it because it was definitely the hardest entry I have written to date. If you like what you read don’t forget to comment, like, share, follow or all of the above. Thanks again for reading.

Enjoy the latest entry: Middas, 27th Last Seed, 4th Era



14 thoughts on “What is in the water?

  1. lo zin

    Yup I liked it, especially those two people… “You realize you are setting a horrible example for those kids down the road right?” and “Just because you don’t have the stones to stand up to your wife doesn’t mean you can drag innocent bystanders into your web of woes.” Ha 🙂 It’s tough in a city with so much going on, and some quests are reeeally hard to turn down, hey. Zander did well.

    1. Thank you, like I said this one was harder to write for some reason. I am glad I was able to pull it off. I really do think someone needs to check that little girl for performance enhancing Skooma.

  2. I think this is my favorite post yet. I laughed SO HARD, especially at the whole Battle Born-Braith thing. Fralia is one of my favorites. Sometimes I buy all her jewelery just because I can. I could make her just as wealthy as the Battle-Borns.

    1. Glad you liked it so much =) I can’t stand the Battle-Borns everytime I go to conqure Whiterun I try to kill them all with the exception of Jon he is cool.

  3. zander would be good at smithing.he is an imperial and all.Tips of advice,if the bard starts to sing,ask him to take a break,who knows.it might work

    1. Hehe, Karita just laft a bad taste in his mouth for bards; who knows if he will ever like another bard again. As for smithing, it is going to be a bit tougher with the mods I have but if it were easy I don’t think I would enjoy it at all. I think I have a rough plan of action for the direction I want to take Zander but that could change at any moment.

  4. This was enjoyable. I imagined Zander really savoring the look of a new town after having to endure the constant white bleakness of Dawnstar for so long. And then I laughed when he spotted a possible franchise. That woman in Dawnstar is indeed terrible.

    “I am sorry to ask this but are you sure Adrianne is your daughter? Because I really don’t see the resemblance…maybe the milk man made a special delivery?”

    Thank you for mentioning this. It’s an observation that definitely needed to be made. I lol-ed.

    So I noticed you mentioned this was the hardest post for you to get out. I also couldn’t help but notice it was your longest. I personally prefer to read shorter, more digestible entries, but I’m biased because I am a very, very slow reader. As a writer, though, I have published shorter posts on occasion when I have found myself stuck. It’s not always going to be an alternative, but if you find yourself stuck again, consider experimenting around with a shorter format. Again, I’m biased because I am not creative enough to write long posts, but anyway, hope you don’t mind the suggestion.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I don’t mind the suggestion at all. I don’t ever really intend for my posts to be long or short, I just try to get the entire day in; sometimes that means longer posts other times it is shorter ones, it all just depends on what happens in that day.

  5. Wonderful entry. You really described Whiterun very thoroughly and effectively! Good job (I never really notiiced but hey that place is full of bickering people).

    1. Yeah, and to be honest I thought there really should be more of a divide in the city. Since it is housing both Imperial and Stormcloak sympathizers you would think there would be more arguments and bickering but, other than an incident between the 2 Battle-Borns and Fralia Grey-Mane, there really isn’t.

      1. Definitely. She is the only character in the game that you can really see being pure evil just for the shits n giggles of it. Right up to the point you find out she likes the little boy lol.

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