It was just a tiny tap I sware!

I want to apologize for some of the pictures I posted in this entry. Normally I edit them and tweak them in some form or fashion, but this week, well, I just got lazy. Sorry, I hope you enjoy the entry anyway. As always, if you like what you read feel free to, like, share, comment, subscribe or all four. Thanks again all.

Enjoy the latest entry: Tirdas, 26th Last Seed, 4th Era



19 thoughts on “It was just a tiny tap I sware!

      1. lo zin

        True enough!

        I’ve caved and started playing this way too… Though being me I couldn’t help but add some Mad God into the mix:

        I mentioned you on the About page so you know I really do appreciate that you introduced me to this kind of playthrough.

    1. Thank you thank you *bows* be sure to catch the 7:30 show it is completely different than the 4:30 show in every way including how it doesn’t exist

      1. Wanna hear about a dream I had awhile back? Well, I have to wait for a system maintenance update at work so I’m going to tell you anyway. Some time back I had a dream that I was back in my college sophomore year dorm and my significant other from my Skyrim story/game was there. And we had an awkward moment together in that room while everyone looked in because there were no doors. Funny, no? No, I guess not. But sort of interesting. That’s why my College of Winterhold rooms have doors. Otherwise, kids would have to go down to The Midden for privacy. And that shit’s dangerous.

      2. LOL, that is kind of funny actually. then again who hasn’t had a dream involving a video game character? At least your video game dream didn’t end with you shooting lightening at a dragon hehe

      3. I had another dream in which I brought Ulfric to a faculty dinner and he was so bored and no one else was dressed like he was. And he kept looking at me as if to say, “You owe me for this.”

        Then I had a dream that Balgruuf got a job at a University I wanted to teach at.

        The last dream involved playing Asshole with Brynjolf, but it was set in a science fiction university, not Skyrim.


      4. Sounds to me like you have a vivid imagination, which is good for your writing. At least none of the dreams ended up with them doing a strip tease for your fellow faculty or anything like that. hehe

  1. “I want to keep walking I really do but I can not help myself, damn you curiosity, I am lucky I am not a Kahjiit or this could be deadly.” – Nice one.

    Whiterun: The city of new beginnings. Great post, dude. I think I’m going to follow Zander and crash into bed myself.

  2. I’m so moved that Zander finally has a door haha. So happy for him. Question though, were the inns always so expensive? In my playthrough most of them are 10 septims… am I doing something wrong? lol

    1. Well at first I made a mod to increase the cost of al the inns because 10 septims was and is on the low side if you think about it. Then I found a mod that changed all the prices for the inns and set them to different prices so for example the price of the bannered mare is about 100 septim if im not mistaken but the price of the sleeping giant inn in Riverwood is maybe half that. It is one of the best mods I have found honestly. it is called “Perseids Inns and Taverns – Realistic Room Rental Enhanced” I have it listed under the mods section of my page, check it out, it changes more than just the prices. I couldn’t see playing without it actually, but then again that is just my opinion. LOL

      1. That sounds pretty cool. I probably won’t use it for this character, I’m scared of installing/uninstalling mods will corrupt my save haha. I’ll keep that mod in mind for next time though!

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