It was just a tiny tap I sware!

Tirdas, 26th of Last Seed, 4E

I wake up early, not because I want to mind you; no, I wake up early because I am freezing my tender bits off. This gives a whole new meaning to blue balls. I quickly get the fire lit and sit down by the fire to warm up; pulling provisions from my pack for breakfast I sit by the fire enjoying the warmth. As much as I complained about the room I rented at the Windpeak Inn it had something my campsite lacked, warmth. Reluctantly I pack up my campsite; pushing the thoughts of heading back to Dawnstar out of my mind as I put the camp fire out with some snow.

I think my nuts are frozen to my armor….not comfortable.

Despite nearly freezing my giblets off, I feel good, maybe even stronger than I was when I went to bed. I finish packing up the campsite; making sure all my gear is in my bag before making my way down the path to the road sign.

Windhelm, Whiterun, Winterhold, Riften…one of these things is not like the other…

I stare at the sign a moment, Four new locations but only two paths; is this some sort of trick? I can head East towards what looks to be someplace called Windhelm and Winterhold or continue heading South to either Whiterun or Riften. Well, I started this journey by choosing to go South so I think I will stay the course and continue South on this path. To be completely honest; WINDhelm just sounds cold and windy a weather combination that is too similar to Dawnstar and WINTERHOLD, well, no part of that sounds warm at all.

Walking down the path I am taken a back by the scenery; frigid weather aside this really is a beautiful land. What makes it better is I have been walking for a while and nothing has attacked me yet, I think Skyrim has finally given up. I continue down the path a bit and I notice something crossing the road, what the hell was that thing; a dog?

Awe, who’s a cute puppy….wait thats no puppy! AHHH!

I stop in my tracks and strain my eyes trying to figure out just what in Oblivion that thing is; it turns and I see something flying at my face. What the crap? Is that thing a frostbite spider? Nah, it is too large to be a spider the cold is just playing tricks on me.

I pull my bow from my shoulder and take aim at it firing off a few arrows; whatever it is, it is now pissed off and rushing at me. I back away and continue to fire at it, my arrows don’t seem to be slowing it down; dare I say I think my arrows are just pissing this thing off even more. It has gotten close enough now that I can see it clearly. Yes that is in fact a big ass frostbite spider. And it is scurrying right at me, CRAAAAP. I continue to back away as fast as I can and plug it with arrows but this thing is on a mission to make me its brunch!

I drop my bow and draw my sword as the large arachnid lunges at me; I don’t have time to get my shield up in time to stop its attack. The spider continues its assault; thank the nine I am able to get my shield up to absorb some of the damage. I swing at the beast hoping to land some blows as I hide behind my shield. My arrows didn’t seem to do anything to the beast and why should they this spider is freaking huge! I probably just made it even more angry with my arrows. I can’t help but wonder what the hell happened to this thing to make it so damn big? Was it bullied as a young spider and decided to join an arachnid gym or did some mage experiment on this thing; if so I will have to find that mage and kick him in the nuts…repeatedly.

H-heeeyy you…we can talk about this can’t we? No? You sure? Oh gods please don’t eat me!

I am snapped out of my thoughts as the spider rears up showing its hideous underbelly…wait this is my chance! I lunge for the underbelly; shoving my sword through its soft under carriage. HA! Take that spider; you’re no match for me… crap this thing is heavy. I pull my sword from it and it flops to the ground with a loud thud. I stand over it and drive my sword through its head just for good measure, can’t be too sure so I take a few more whacks at it, you know …just in case. I gather my arrows from the beast along with some of its venom and continue down the road.

While walking down the road I notice off in the distance a bit seems to be a large fire; which in my experience means one of two things bandits or giants. I hope it is giants, at least with them if I give them some space they leave me alone; bandits on the other hand will go out of their way to try and put holes in me. I don’t want holes in me…holes hurt…a lot. As I get closer I see some mammoths, well that’s good it is giants. Hmmm, that giant must be special, he has two mammoths; I wonder what they do with the mammoths….wait, nope, on second thought I don’t want to know.

I continue on my way down the road and notice the snowy ground is turning into not so snowy ground. I look around and see some wild horses, oh and some mine-able rocks; I pull out my trusty pick ax and get to work. I manage to score some more iron ore and a rough gem, not too shabby.

Making my way back to the road I hear a familiar sound; the sound of a wolf rings out. Just what I need more wolves; I pull my sword from its sheath and stand ready. I know it is coming I just don’t know from where. I hear movement in the brush and turn just in time to catch the wolf with my shield and scramble its tiny brain before dispatching it with a quick slice of my sword.

I lose more wolves that way…we’re gonna need another Timmy…

I stand ready; waiting a moment to see if it had friends or not. I don’t hear anything for a few moments, which is odd wolves rarely hunt alone, but I guess it isn’t unheard of; it just strikes me as odd. I put away my sword and shield and grab my hunting knife, time to get the most out of this exchange. I skin the wolf, and attempt to butcher it with no luck; I did however find eight septim in its stomach. I don’t even want to think about who the wolf ate to also have eaten eight septim; I wipe the septims clean and put them in my money pouch, every little bit helps.

Now I know Skyrim is awake and has in fact not given up its quest to see to my death. This makes finding some place safe to sleep more of a priority than it had previously been. Carrying on down the road I look into the distance and see what looks like a massive building.

What could possibly go wrong between here and there?

I wonder if that is Riften or Whiterun, or just some random massive building; either way, that is where I am heading. It is nice to be able to look out into the distance and see my destination; it makes me want to get there even faster. As I am walking towards my new destination I can’t help but remember the last city I found; they were none too pleased to see me, I wonder if I will get the same reception. I stop and look at the giant building in the distance again; I guess I will find out when I get there.

Walking down the road I see an odd looking person who seems to be talking to a horse drawn wagon. I can’t help but feel I should leave him alone; he seems to be some what… off.

Hmmm…why do I get the feeling Skyrim is trying to set me up?

As I get closer I can hear him talking to the wagon; yeah, he is definately unstable. No wait, he isn’t talking to the wagon; no no no, he is talking to the large crate in the back of the wagon. Well then, that makes perfect sense…n-no it really doesn’t; I just need to keep walking. Getting closer to the odd little man I notice he is dressed as a court jester; well that could explain some things. Jesters aren’t really known for being the most normal people, at least not in Cyrodiil. I want to keep walking I really do but I can not help myself, damn you curiosity, I am lucky I am not a Kahjiit or this could be deadly.

I approach the jester and introduce myself; he turns and looks at me a moment and says his name is Cicero. I ask Cicero what the problem is and he exuberantly tells me the situation. He tells me he came here from Cyrodiil to bring his mother to a new crypt here in Skyrim, but his wagon wheel broke. He asked the farmer for help fixing the wagon wheel but the farmer refused. Cicero walks around the wagon continuing to talk, not to me but to the crate which contains his mother; he calls me stranger as he motions me to come to him.

You ate paint chips as a child didn’t you?

He asks if I could talk to the farmer for him, he says he has lots of shiny pretty coins for me if I can help him. I probably would have helped regardless of being offered coin but coin certainly helps. I tell him my name again and agree to speak with the farmer; he dances happily, saying I am a nice stranger; I remind him of my name again and make my way up to the farm. I can hear Cicero speaking to the crate…err his mother as I walk up the hill to the farm.

Having made my way up to the farm I see a young woman and a slightly older man, Cicero mentioned the farmer didn’t like him so I will have to figure out how to get him to assist Cicero. I approached the farmer and introduced myself, he greeted me and told me his name was Vantus Loreius, and welcomed me to his farm. I ask Vantus why he won’t help Cicero. Vantus explains he won’t help Cicero because of his odd behavior, and honestly I can’t really blame him; Cicero is one really messed up guy. He goes on to tell me he doesn’t believe Cicero has his mother in that crate and it is probably something illegal like Skooma and he wanted no part of anything illegal. That would be a whole lot of Skooma if it were in the crate, and Skooma would explain Cicero’s …well everything. However I don’t think Cicero is smart enough to smuggle something as evil as Skooma across the boarders undetected.

All the world loves a clown. Except for that guy…

I nodded as I listened, though I still had no idea how I was going to get this man to help that nutter butter down there. Then it hits me, play on his paranoia; I tell Vantus he should help, not only was it the right thing to do but if their was illegal contraband in the crate, than more than likely Cicero was a dangerous man and might harm Vantus or, divines forbid, his lovely wife over there. It was a bold faced lie on my part; I doubt Cicero could hurt a fly. He is just some poor crazy jester looking to bury his mom, but Vantus didn’t know that. Vantus’ eyes widened, and right away I could tell he hadn’t thought of that. He changed his tune rather quickly; telling me to let Cicero know he would be down soon with his tools to help fix the wheel.

I make my way back down to the wagon and I can hear Cicero talking to his mother as I approach. I tell Cicero the farmer will be right down to help fix the wagon. Cicero is so happy he breaks into a goofy dance and happily tells me I am the nicest stranger. My name is Zander, remember? I told you this like three times… forget it just forget it. Cicero just looks at me with a strangely creepy smile on his face and hands me two hundred fifty septims. He wasn’t joking when he said he had pretty shinnies for me; the jester business must pay very well.

I tell Cicero good-bye but he is no longer paying any attention to me, he is continuing his conversation with his mother and dancing around the wagon. All in all; Cicero was a nice guy, insane, but nice. I hope he can get to that crypt he mentioned. Maybe then he can get some help, and make some friends to help him with his obvious abandonment issues; then again no one likes a mommas’ boy. Oh well, good luck you crazy bastard; you’ll need it.

I come across a traveling merchant not too far from Cicero’s’ wagon; it’s a good thing too I have some stuff I need to sell, my bag is getting heavy. I show the merchant my goods and he makes me an offer, not a good offer but still it will help lighten my load so I accept. I thank him for the assistance and continue my hike up hill.

Half way up the hill I can see what looks like an outpost of some sort. I cautiously get closer; the last time I came to something like this it turned out to be the home to a band of marauders. I definitely do not want to go through that again.

It looks safe but looks can be decieving, especially with my luck.

Looking at the outpost I can make out a man who looks like a guard; guards are good they tend not to try and kill me, well with the exception of that one guard outside that other city but who knows why he hated me. These guards have no reason to hate me, I hope. I approach the guard and he greets me, and welcomes me to the Whitewatch Tower; he continues to ask me if I plan on settling down in town, and that there is a nice home just available on the market. I tell him I hadn’t given it much thought since I have only been in Skyrim for a little over a week. The guard seems nice enough, kind of weird though; maybe he is a real estate agent on the side or something. That would explain the push to buy a house I have never seen in a town I have never been to.

My stomach growls and the guard looks at me oddly, what like you have never been hungry? He tells me I can sit inside the tower to rest and get something to eat if I have it. I thank him for the offer and head inside; I turn and head through the gate and notice a dead bandit right in the middle of the archway. Lovely, what is this a warning to all the other bandits? I step over the body and head inside the tower; looking around I notice something is really wrong with this “Tower”.

Clean up main doorway!

Another guard approaches me and I ask him if he knows that the “Tower” has no walls or a ceiling, or anything that would remotely be defined as being a tower. He just looks at me and tells me to stay out of trouble. OK then, so I am in a tower that is not a tower and I notice some more dead bandits just lying around. Nah, there is nothing suspicious going on here, not at all.

I take a seat and grab some lunch from my bag; aside from the dead bodies littering the ground, it turns out to be a nice little spot to enjoy the scenery and my lunch. I finish my lunch and head out carefully stepping over the dead bodies. I thank the guard and before I can leave he tells me that I look tired, and I should stop in to the Bannered Mare to rent a room in Whiterun. I thank the guard for his wonderful insight and information and start on my way down the road; at least now I know where I am heading, Whiterun.

Continuing on the road I notice a pair of large elk and I can’t help myself I have to try to kill them. I draw my bow and quietly make my way closer to them. Hiding behind a rock, I have a clear shot at one of them; I draw my arrow back steady my aim and let it loose. Direct hit! Crap they both took off so fast it made my head spin. When am I ever going to learn, I suck at hunting; I need to find someone to train me, this is just embarrassing.

I put my bow away and notice the elk were standing next to some exposed mine-able rocks. Well at least I know I can do this right; I pull my trusted pick ax from my pack and get to work. I manage to get a few pieces of silver ore and some iron ore as well. Way to turn a fail into a victory; I can sell this stuff for a nice bit of coin, well if I can find someone to buy it from me.

Despite my epic failure of a hunt I am feeling rather good about how the day is turning out. I know better than to let Skyrim see that I am feeling good about anything unless I want to get the pointy end of the stick. I get back onto the path and start walking again; as I round the corner of the road I see what has to be the biggest mountain in the entire world. I stare at it in awe for a while; I have never seen such a sight in all my life. It reminds me of one of those mountains in a fairy tale that houses a secret order of monks that are protecting some gigantic mythical beast of some kind.

I bet I could see my house from up there.

After admiring the huge arse mountain for a good while I again set myself upon the path. I stop once in a while to pick some flowers and lavender, you never know when you might meet a pretty woman. Standing up from picking some flowers I see someone running at me. It’s an Orc, a female orc… I know I said you never know when you’ll meet a woman but this is kind of fast don’t you think? Oh wait she seems angry at me; I wonder why? I don’t recall ever upsetting an orc, killing one yes, upsetting one no.

What the hell? What did I do? I know we didn’t date…er not to say you’re not attractive…I am not helping matters am I?

She gets closer and starts taking swings at me. I back away trying to avoid her blows, and talking some sense into her; nothing is helping here she is mighty peeved at me for some reason. Listen lady I don’t know, ow, stop hitting me would yo..ow, damn it quit it, ow! That’s it! I get my shield up and give her a quick thump.

Ha..ha…ha.. jokes over you can get up now…Hey c’mon stop playin get up this isn’t funny…I said GET UP damn it! ….This….isn’t good….

She falls to the ground. Lady?? Hey lady? You ok? Crap crap crappity crap crap! I think I killed her, I didn’t mean to kill her, she was just hitting me for no reason and, crap I killed her. I try not to panic but inside I am screaming like a little baby. I check her body for some form of Identification, nothing. I check her pack and it is filled with raw meat, a ton of alcohol and Skooma; this could explain some things.

Apparently high on Skooma and drunk she went into a berserker rage and attacked me. I’m the victim here, not her. It was self defense; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I relive the drug head of the raw meats and alcohol, after all she won’t be needing them. She can however keep the Skooma, I still have nightmares from the first time I experimented with that stuff…never again. I can’t help but feel bad now; maybe I should say something before I hide her body in the bushes where no one will ever find her lifeless corpse…

Rest In Peace nameless drug addled crazy female orc we hardly knew ye. May the bush I bury you under never be found….

After the impromptu funeral service I continue along the road; getting as far away from that bush as possible. It feels like I have been walking all day, mainly because I have been. I thought I was making a decent pace and could reach the town before sun down; that doesn’t seem like it will happen. When I spotted the town it seemed closer for some reason; I guess I wasn’t expecting I would have to circle around the damn thing to get to it.

I continue to pick odd flowers as I walk along the road; I know it is kind of slowing me down, but it is relaxing, and after the incodent I need to relax, so I am going to continue to do it. I come to a lovely farm along the road, much bigger than Vantus’ farm; from here I can catch a glimpse of just about the entire city. It appears to be a rather large city, not as large as the Imperial city in Cyrodiil mind you but large in its own right.

It is getting darker, the sun is hanging low in the sky as I make my way down the road and over a bridge. I can hear a ringing in my ears; it is familiar, I know this sound, it almost sounds like nirnroot. I look towards the small shore of the river and sure enough there it is nirnroot; I know for a fact nirnroot is used in alchemy and I can sell it so in my pack it goes. As I put the nirnroot into my pack I can hear a commotion; I look at the two guards standing at the bridge, they don’t seem bothered by the sounds. I wonder if they are deaf because it sounds like someone is getting a beat down.

My curiosity is peaked; I hear the fighting getting closer as I walk along the path. I try to keep an eye out for what the commotion is but it is difficult as the sun is slowly getting lower in the sky. The sounds of battle get louder as I can finally see it; a giant in a field being beat down by three individuals. I only get to see a moment of the fight as the giant collapses into a heap at the three individuals feet. I didn’t think that was even possible, even three on one I would have put money on the giant winning but these three did it, they slew a giant.

I hurry over to them to congratulate them on their victory over such a monstrous foe but before I can utter a word one of the women proclaims that the task was done no thanks to me. I look around for whom this woman speaks of and realize it was addressed to me. Me? Are you referring to me? What the hell was I supposed to do? Annoy the giant with an arrow? Tickle it with my sword? Knock the dust off its shin with my shield? That would the equivalent of tossing paper at someone’s head; its annoying sure but not at all effective. Besides I just got here, I didn’t even have time to draw my bow let alone fire a damn arrow. Jeeze lady! I was going to congratulate you on the victory but you’re just being… I would call you a bitch but that is just insulting female dogs everywhere.

Oh don’t you look at me with those puppy dog eyes!

As I finish my tirade I notice the bewildered look on her face; the other two stand there in shock for a moment. I turn to the other woman and the man and congratulate them on defeating the giant; this breaks them of their stupor; they thank me for their praise but tell me they were only doing their job.

Ria Giant Slayer, coming to the WB this fall.

The woman introduced herself as Ria. She quietly apologized for the way her friend, Aela, spoke to me and tried to make an excuse for her but I tell her not to worry about it. I chat with Ria for a bit getting to know her and she introduces me to her other friend Farkas. Farkas didn’t talk much just a hello and that was about all.

Ria mentions they are shield siblings in the Companions; I tell her I know of the companions but I thought they were just made up for the stories. She assures me they are as real as can be; we continue to talk for a while until I notice that the sun is nearly completely gone from the sky. I politely excuse myself, but before I can take a few steps Farkas tells me that I seem like I would make a good addition to the Companions, and that if I want to join to stop by Jorrvaskr.

You mean if I sign up with the companions right now I can get 200 septims back? Nice sales pitch but I am going to have to think about it.

I nod and carry on my way down the road; as I am leaving I can hear Aela asking questions to both Ria and Farkas; I can only imagine the conversation.

Join the companions; now there’s an interesting thought, but from what I gathered from Ria and Farkas they are just a little better than sell swords. Though I am sure there is more to it than that, they are after all the Companions from the books, they are supposed to be great and honorable warriors. I can’t help but wonder if maybe I should join them; the way Ria spoke of them it sounds like it would be nice, and they seem like a tight knit group. It would be nice to have a family again, and besides Ria is kind of cute, so is Aela but she definitely has some rough edges, and she seems like she has a wild side to her.

The city is still a bit of a walk away, and I am beyond tired at this point; making camp here and getting into the city tomorrow wouldn’t be such a bad thing really. What am I saying, I am so close, and thanks to Cicero I think I have enough money to be able to stay at an Inn. Whiterun I will breach your walls tonight or so help me die trying.

I carry on with a renewed vigor. Every step getting me closer and closer to the city. I have the same feeling I did back on the ship…you know before it sank. I have a good feeling, like everything is going to change for me once I get to Whiterun. I make it to the massive gates of the city; the fires highlighting the gates as if inviting me to go inside. I look at the guards half expecting them to stop me from entering but they don’t; they don’t do anything. I could be hear to sack the city, kill half the guard and put a old guy in charge and they just let me waltz in. Security doesn’t seem to be the best but oh well.

So I can just go in? No one wants to put holes in me? Sweet thanks guys!

I step through the gates and I am taken a back at the sight, granted it will be better in the morning when I can actually see things. I walk over a small bridge and notice a man and a woman talking. As I get closer I over hear a portion of the conversation. He seems to want to place and order for weapons for the Imperial Army, and she seems upset for some reason by this request. I only really pay attention long enough to learn that there are two blacksmiths here in the city. This is great news maybe one of them would be my mentor; now is not the time to find out though, that is a task for the morning.

Sorry I don’t mean to interupt this lovers spat but I need directions….Hello? Directions please?…

I go to ask them where I might find the Inn but before I can say anything they both leave in a rush. I have to wonder if I just walked into some sort of cloak and dagger thing, if so I want no part in it, but that’s no excuse for being rude. I look around and I notice a sign across the way and go to check it out. The Drunken Huntsman; I wonder if it is a private hunting lodge, or just a den of drunken fools. Either way I will have to check it out…after I find an Inn to sleep at. I turn around and manage to catch a patrolling guard and ask him for directions. He looks at me as if I am daft in the head and points down the road as he gives me directions very slowly. Ummm thanks jack ass I am new to town not slow.

What? Don’t look at me like I am the village idiot!

I wander down the road until I come to the Inn; The Bannered Mare. This is the same place the guard at the Whitewatch Tower told me about, well in a town this size there is bound to be more than one Inn; I wonder where the other one might be. This one looks nice enough; I really do not feel up to searching the town in the dark of night for the other Inn and with the money I got from Cicero I know I can afford to stay here even if the price is outrageous…well within reason; I might have some extra coin but I am no fool, dispite what that guard thinks.

The Bannered Mare…I wonder if they have doors…

I remove my hood and make my way inside the Inn. I am greeted warmly by the bartender as I look around; this seems to be where everyone comes at night. I head over to the bar and the bartender introduces herself as Hulda bartender and owner of the Bannered Mare, she sighs heavily and then tells me she is getting told old to run this place and is thinking of selling it to someone named Ysolda. Good to know…I think; I ask her if she has any rooms available and she assures me she does. She then tells me the only room she has is the master suite for thirty-five septim. A master suite for thirty-five septim, now that sounds like a fair price, it has to be better than a room with no door, right?

I tell Hulda I will take the room and give her the money; she smiles and motions for me to follow her to the room. Just as courteous as Thoring ever was and way better to look at; we get to the top of the stairs and I begin to tear up as I see her open the doors.


Just with the doors, this room is already way better than the room at the Windpeak Inn. I walk into the room and I am stunned at the size of it; not only do I have doors but the bed is huge and looks comfortable, and I apparently have a balcony. This is the best room ever! I walk out to the balcony to check it out and apparently I am interrupting some sort of party. I wonder if they know this is my room. They politely leave my balcony after I stare them down.

I don’t know you, and I am sure you are nice people but GTFO!

I walk back into my room and close my doors before I get changed into some normal cloths. My stomach growls reminding me that I skipped dinner; I decide to sit on my balcony and enjoy the ambiance of the Inn. As I sit down I hear Hulda telling someone to wake up, nice she even has a wake up service. A few moments later there is a nock on my door; it is the waitress she came to see if I needed anything to eat or drink. I politely tell her I am ok for now and she tells me her name is Saadia and if I need anything at all to just call for her, immediately my mind goes to the gutter, and she must be able to tell what I am thinking because she begins to blush a little as she exit’s the room. This is great, Thoring would have a shit fit if Hulda opened up shop in Dawnstar.

I enjoy my meal and listen to the sound of the many people conversing downstairs; best thing of all no horrible music. I don’t know if the bard is late for work or if they even have a bard and I don’t care either. I finish my meal and head back into my room to test out the bed. I lay down and I can feel every muscle in my body sigh in relief as I relax. I have a good feeling about this city I really do.

A fellow could get used to this.

Good night Skyrim…DID I MENTION I HAVE A DOOR!?!

{I want to apologize for some of the pictures I posted in this entry. Normally I edit them and tweak them in some form or fashion but this week well I just got lazy. Sorry, I hope you enojyed the entry anyway. As always if you liked what you read feel free to; like, share, comment, subscribe or all four.}


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  1. lo zin says:

    Yay, Whiterun! Well done Zander. I wonder what he’ll make of the Battle-Borns and Grey-Manes.

    • Pyrelle says:

      That would best be discussed in a backstory entry and i don’t know how i would do that hehe.

      • lo zin says:

        True enough!

        I’ve caved and started playing this way too… Though being me I couldn’t help but add some Mad God into the mix:

        I mentioned you on the About page so you know I really do appreciate that you introduced me to this kind of playthrough.

      • Pyrelle says:

        Sweet! Thanks, and I look forward to reading about your playthrough as well as your other story =)

  2. The pictures look good. This, made me choke on my coffee: DOORS!!!! *SQUEAL*
    Funny as always!

    • Pyrelle says:

      Thank you thank you *bows* be sure to catch the 7:30 show it is completely different than the 4:30 show in every way including how it doesn’t exist

      • Wanna hear about a dream I had awhile back? Well, I have to wait for a system maintenance update at work so I’m going to tell you anyway. Some time back I had a dream that I was back in my college sophomore year dorm and my significant other from my Skyrim story/game was there. And we had an awkward moment together in that room while everyone looked in because there were no doors. Funny, no? No, I guess not. But sort of interesting. That’s why my College of Winterhold rooms have doors. Otherwise, kids would have to go down to The Midden for privacy. And that shit’s dangerous.

      • Pyrelle says:

        LOL, that is kind of funny actually. then again who hasn’t had a dream involving a video game character? At least your video game dream didn’t end with you shooting lightening at a dragon hehe

      • I had another dream in which I brought Ulfric to a faculty dinner and he was so bored and no one else was dressed like he was. And he kept looking at me as if to say, “You owe me for this.”

        Then I had a dream that Balgruuf got a job at a University I wanted to teach at.

        The last dream involved playing Asshole with Brynjolf, but it was set in a science fiction university, not Skyrim.


      • Pyrelle says:

        Sounds to me like you have a vivid imagination, which is good for your writing. At least none of the dreams ended up with them doing a strip tease for your fellow faculty or anything like that. hehe

  3. 201bones says:

    Well he finally got a door for his room.good on you zander.

  4. kitdoctor says:

    “I want to keep walking I really do but I can not help myself, damn you curiosity, I am lucky I am not a Kahjiit or this could be deadly.” – Nice one.

    Whiterun: The city of new beginnings. Great post, dude. I think I’m going to follow Zander and crash into bed myself.

  5. Yay, a door!!! That, Cicero, and “looks like we’re gonna need another Timmy” just warmed my heart. Favorite chapter so far!

  6. exia021 says:

    I’m so moved that Zander finally has a door haha. So happy for him. Question though, were the inns always so expensive? In my playthrough most of them are 10 septims… am I doing something wrong? lol

    • Pyrelle says:

      Well at first I made a mod to increase the cost of al the inns because 10 septims was and is on the low side if you think about it. Then I found a mod that changed all the prices for the inns and set them to different prices so for example the price of the bannered mare is about 100 septim if im not mistaken but the price of the sleeping giant inn in Riverwood is maybe half that. It is one of the best mods I have found honestly. it is called “Perseids Inns and Taverns – Realistic Room Rental Enhanced” I have it listed under the mods section of my page, check it out, it changes more than just the prices. I couldn’t see playing without it actually, but then again that is just my opinion. LOL

      • exia021 says:

        That sounds pretty cool. I probably won’t use it for this character, I’m scared of installing/uninstalling mods will corrupt my save haha. I’ll keep that mod in mind for next time though!

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